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  1. I could have written this post myself. Well said.
  2. The curve for a strike is meant to be one that the batter thinks is going to smack him in the nog, and then it breaks back over the plate for a perfect strike- if the batter thinks a fastball is coming, it's called a "knee-buckler" (one of the most beautiful sights in all of baseball) and the batter goes back to the clubhouse to change his underpants. If, on the other hand, he's looking for a big bending curve and stays in there, the same pitch is called a "hanger" and usually ends up a long way from home plate... most of pitching is about deception, and because Zumaya has a good curve (I've seen him make guys look absolutely silly with it) and a good fastball, it's really fun to watch him pitch- or has been in years past when he's 'on'.
  3. Yeah- I do see your point, and I'll grant you your opinion (and I tend to agree- dude's done. If he fulfills the hypotheticals outlined in the remainder of this post, I'll be shocked). I'm looking at it more from a roster spot point of view. This roster spot is going to cost us that ridiculous number whether Sheffield is in it, or we're able to ship him off/release him. All things being equal, a hot Sheffield gets you farther than a hot Clete Thomas. Granted, if either is cold when the other is hot, it's a no-brain comparison, but each at the top of their ability, even at this point in their respective careers, Sheffield wins. Don't get me wrong- I'm no Sheffield fan- never have been, and I'd be glad to see him go away forever, but I'm just trying to look at the situation from Dombrowski's point of view. Here's an idea- put Sheff back on the juice. If he doesn't get caught, he's a producer like an abuser. If he does get caught, he goes on 'hiatus' for a long long time, and that fixes our problem too. It's a win/win. Somebody call Brian McNamee.
  4. It is possible that Sheff could be moved, but we'd still be eating a huge amount of the contract because a large amount of cash would change hands too- A team might be willing to take Sheff for 4 million rather than 14 million- hate paying guys who aren't here, but the could do it if they want the roster spot badly enough- I don't see it as very likely, but it is possible. We'd also get a schluff minor leaguer in the deal, but no-one of any note. This scenario indirectly turns Matt Joyce or Clete Thomas into a 10 million dollar player, since whatever we pay another team to take Sheff is the price to keep one of these guys on the team... is it worth it when we think about it in this way?
  5. I'm a little bit surprised that Leyland came out with such a decisive endorsement of Bonine this early. He must really be down on everybody else in the system. Once teams got film on the dude he's been rocked. The surprise is heightened by Fossum's performance last night- thought the ineffectiveness of Bonine combined with his relative success would get him a shot to at least see a start or two to see if he could be effective as a #5 guy. Disclaimer: I am not advocating Fossum as a savior (as some readers may infer) nor am I even suggesting that he would crack the rotation on 80% of all teams in the majors (which other readers may feel it necessary to point out). I am merely discussing the reality of a significant depth problem in regards to the filling of this 5th spot, and Fossum has demonstrated, at least a little, that he can get major league hitters out, and might be a better option than Bonine. How about that- the disclaimer is almost as long as the primary message, if not longer... that's it- I'm going to law school.
  6. Sorry- I never actually looked at the rosters- have been on a bit of a different planet lately while moving... just assumed that since the rest of the BoSox got voted in, he was too. Humble apologies for lack of research all around...
  7. I used to be on a "get rid of the fan voting phase" bandwagon, but I'm off it now, because I have a better idea. The internet fan voting is fun, and people like to do it, but since it's become more of a 'size of fan base' thing rather than actual merit in many cases, they should do away with the fan voting determining the starters. Varitek is only there because the fans voted him in, and would not be selected if not for the huge Red Sox fan base. He should go to the game, but maybe he's the catcher they keep on the bench in case of extra innings. True- 'a case may be made' for most of the All-Stars, but why not let the manager actually set the starting lineups instead of some schluff with an internet connection and a faint recollection of "Hey- David Ortiz... I've heard of him"
  8. Anybody know what Seattle is looking for in return for Bedard? I thought I heard that he is in the last year and is likely trade bait. On the Cabrera at 1B topic: The dude hasn't even gotten a spring training at the position. There's only so much you can do with extra infield practice during the season. I suspect he will come back next year and be a perfectly adequate 1B.
  9. Tigers fan first and foremost, of course, but I also root for the Red Sox because I lived in New England for a couple years about 10 years ago (pre-championship era) and watched a lot of Red Sox games. Hate...er... passionately dislike the Yankees- much of that comes from the New England stay as well. My likes of other teams really vary with their current players and situations. I am really enjoying the Rays run this year (as many on the board seem to be). I have at times in my past followed the Dodgers, Mets, A's, and even the Yankees to a certain extent in the 90's when Jeter and Mariano and Posada were young hungry whippersnappers (OK- I had a Yankee cap in college. Sue me) If using the word "Hate" will keep me young... I'm up for it
  10. Snotty response #1: at $8.5 billion, or whatever ridiculous number his contract is, I bet he gets about 1 1/2 seasons to prove he can hit major league pitching again... Snotty response #2: Hey, he's been poundin the pill pretty good the last couple days (no- not that kind of pill... well maybe). Anybody know if he was hurt or anything early in the season when he was sucking it up? That could explain it...
  11. Ultimately, I think this move is 95% about next year, and only 50% about this year (that's Yogi Berra math for those of you about to flame my calculator skilz). It's nice that it has worked out so far this year, with both guys producing better than they might have as 'the guy', but it is much more about the void at catcher next year, for which we have no solution outside of Inge, and they need to know if he can do it (and wants to).
  12. I'm in over my head as far as understanding the option system, but in the offseason before the '06 season, he was 'outrighted' by the Phillies to AAA, rather than optioned. I have no idea what the difference is, but perhaps this is how he may have an option left. Options taken in '05 (Phillies) and '07 (Tigers) per: http://www.sportsnet.ca/baseball/mlb/players/Aquilino_Lopez
  13. Oooh- don't go there Yoop- 1) Kid gets taken from parents who allegedly tried to suffocate him/her with bubble wrap. Parents argue that they were just trying to keep the kid safe from Hard Lemonade, suspecting that the bubble wrap cushion would effectively repel it, unless it was really really hard, and kind of sharp. 2) Mike's Hard Lemonade changed to Mike's Hard and Possibly Sharp Lemonade 3) Bubble Wrap company gets sued for lacking a warning label pointing out that bubble wrap should not be used to bubble wrap kids 4) warning label company gets sued for giving some moron the idea to bubble wrap their kid. Yoop is also named in the suit.
  14. I wish Fox would go to a double-header Saturday afternoon like on Football Sundays. Have one 'national' game at 4 that everybody gets after a 1pm 'regional' game. I know I'm kind of changing the subject a bit, and next year when I'm living in the corn belt, I'm sure I'll be ticked off when I have to watch Cubs/Cards rather than Tigers/Indians like I want to, but for the time being I figured this was as good a place as any to place my thoughts... (I do agree that if you have Extra Innings, you should get to get those other games... don't get me started on the ridiculous MLB blackout policy)
  15. if Kenny pitches well over the next month (yeah, it's a big if... but bear with me), he could be conceivable as a tradeable player especially to a team who is just looking to 'rent' somebody for the stretch run and playoffs. As far as Dontrelle goes- if he pitches poorly, nobody will want him. If he pitches well, then we keep the young man and write off the early part of the season as a bad adjustment period/injury or whatever... I don't remember what Nate's contract is- I do remember that he got a pretty nice one, but in this day and age of pitcher salaries being what they are, is whatever he's getting really going to be prohibitive? Teams that are trading for starting pitchers at the trade deadline aren't generally looking for #1 starters- they're 'buyers' because they have already had success, and just need extra pieces to separate- both Kenny and Nate make sense for a playoff-bound team with a need for a 4th or 5th starter, and/or a second lefty in the rotation (anybody else find this 'leak' uncharacteristic of a usually tight-lipped Dombrowski office?)
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