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    I'd say you're better off posting this in a Seattle forum. You know--where somebody might care.
  2. Feel sorry for the Twins?? They've won their last 7 games and had a 10-gamer or something before that sole loss. Because they haven't gained any ground on us?? Excuse me while veritable rivers pour helplessly from my misting peepers. Yeah, I can't think of anything I'd like more than for another team to vie realistically for a playoff spot in our division. Who wouldn't want the Tigers to play a competitive Twins team? Twins fans, I suppose, but it ain't sure as hell ain't me. I wish the Twins looked like KC cuz I don't like this 15-2 crap they pullin all the sudden. Not cool. But, yeah, I sure wouldn't mind if they became a playoff contender with the Sox and those two have to beat the hell out of each other to have a shot. Now THAT I'd definitely love!!
  3. >>I think Detroit is a Sports Town altogether and they love all their sports (except the Shocks but they don't count)<< I watch the Shock and they've won a championship already and are playing pretty good this season. If I can sit there and suffer through Lion embarrassment after Lion embarrassment, I can certainly suffer through watching the Shock get a victory. They certainly are more entertaining to watch than the Lions and they compete. As I said before, franchises that play with some heart and yet have to struggle to find a fan base while the Lions get all this adulation and fanatical devotion is just plain inexcusable. I openly proclaim that the Shock are far more watchable and far more of a real team than the Lions will likely ever be. At least as long as the Fords own them.
  4. >>The best record in Tigers history is 104-58 in 1984. To tie that record the Tigers would have to go 53 - 33 over the next 86 games.<< Short of a meltdown, I think we might be looking at a new record because by the time the Tigers win 53, we're going to be a long ways off from losing 33. If we keep that play up, there's no reason to assume we can't then play the second half as well as the first and we then WILL set a new franchise record. Let's keep out fingers crossed. It could easily happen--not at all far-fetched.
  5. That's what convinced me they are for real. Instead winning 5 and then dropping the next 7 as they have been doing these last 3 seasons, they now lose a game, maybe two, and jump back on the horse again and ride it even better. How many 5+ games streaks have we had this year?
  6. Being on their way to being 30 games over .500, 49-37 should be a piece of cake. From the looks of things, it will be even better than that. That's actually kind of scary. And it prompts another question that may have been asked already but I'll ask it anyway: Just how many games are the Tigers going to win this season? Second question: Could it be a franchise record?
  7. skwid


    And I say Kruk should cut off his other ball and be quiet.
  8. With the Lions, I have no explanation for their continued and very undeserved popularity with Detroit fans. Yes, I generally watch them but I don't go to the games and I don't buy Lions memorabilia. They're terrible and showing no particular commitment to improving. The Lions should be called the One-Trick Ponies because that is all they do--they find one outstanding player and then dangle him in front of screaming idiot jerks who'll pay anything to see him play no matter how meaningless the performance because the rest of the team blows chunks. How anyone can find that entertaining and worth laying out hard-earned cash for is beyond me. I seriously have to question people's intelligence at that point. I find it insulting that the Lions garner this attention while far better franchises have to struggle to maintain a fan base much less expand it. It is spitting in the face of teams truly playing their hearts out trying to get a trophy by which we can be proud. Instead we fawn on the Lions like disgusting leech-like sycophants, giving them all this stupid attention they have done nothing to earn. Paying huge amounts of attention to utterly stupid crap that means exactly nothing: Where will Joey go? WHO CARES!!!!! Shut up already! Then when one of the other teams wins a championship, we turn around and say, "Good job guys, that was great." Then we turn around and start fawning all over the ***** cats again (maybe I should just take "cats" out that sentence). I've bought Wings memorabilia and Pistons. If the Tigers win, I'll buy some of theirs too. The Lions? No chance. None. Forget it. You couldn't pay me to take it. I'd be too embarrassed and they still aren't worth it.
  9. He was called a loser after he proved himself to be one. Not because the Cavs lost tonight but because he shot his mouth off when he could clearly see how down Piston fans were after the last loss and now has to run off with his tail between his legs. He bucked for it, he got it. It was choice to act that way and there has to be payback or he will keep at it. Maybe his attitude didn't bother you but it bothered the hell out of me. When the Pistons lost, I didn't need his help feeling angry and frustrated. All he did, and quite deliberately I might add, is do his best to throw fuel on that fire. He succeeded and it burned him. I found nothing good-natured in it. So I return the favor. It's a harsh world, isn't it? His input on the game thread was actually quite good. If he'd conducted himself that way when he came in here, I'd have had no issue with him. For a guy who idolizes Lebron, he might want to start acting a little more like him.
  10. Had to be. I'm trying to picture Flip Saunders running out on the floor trying to tip-in Lebron's last shot. Picture him leaping over Chauncey in his black suit jabbing at the loose ball. Btw, kudos to Lebron tonight, he performed well, but I think he showed some weaknesses he needs to work on and, of course, he will. king can't sour my respect for Lebron. If basketball has to have a superstar, he's my choice.
  11. Isn't there a Flip on the other team? I heard his name a couple of times and it didn't seem they were talking about Saunders. If Sheed was referring to the HC then I agree with you--???
  12. Well, he pretty much put himself in the position where he HAD to eat humble pie. What choice did he have? I'm supposed to respect him for that?? I'd have respected him a lot more if he came in acting like someone truly interested in trading perspectives with Piston fans. Instead he came here to brag, ridicule and provoke response. I've been in forums where I'd be in constant communication with fans on rival teams and we were always totally respectful and civil as we traded posts on what was transpiring. I'll freely admit I am being obnoxious to him so he knows how it feels trying to rub it into people who are already bumming and don't need his help. I will give him credit for coming here to concede but he put himself in that position in the first place. So, anyway, my obnoxiousness is now done with. And I hope he learned something.
  13. My sentiments exactly! He came in here asking for this and now he's going to get it. He brought it on himself and I don't give a damn about his humble pie bs. Get out, king, you are indeed a loser!
  14. "I Am A Witness, You Are A Witness, We Are All Witnesses"
  15. And LOVING every second of it!!
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