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  1. Lou Ferigno

    2018-19 Off-season Thread

    I disagree with your take on motivation, the family fortune is more reliant on team performance than almost any owner in pro sports. He KILLS his business if the Tigers (and Wings) aren't drawing with how much they've bet on "district Detroit". That is pretty unique....not the case in a KC.....or a Dallas....Cleveland......Minnesota....etc Even if he doesn't "care" like Mr. I, any objective CEO is going to have almost zero patience for long term failure due to how much it will kill the parallel businesses. I don't believe he's his dad (pretty darn unique himself) but I think the bet the family has on downtown motivates them certainly more than any other Detroit owner (Ford, Gores) but also more than majority of sports owners. None of this means they will be successful of course, but motivation won't be lacking IMO.
  2. Lou Ferigno

    2018-19 Off-season Thread

    Just weighing in and saying......boy, I can't wait till July/August! This off season is just depressing. I'll always follow the Tigers closely and am sure I will in the first half but I really think the "bottom" of this cycle for diehards is thru ~ the trade deadline. At least then maybe we start seeing a Daz or Castro play every day, a couple Burrows starts, etc.....the start of the watch of the "build" (whether it works it not which will be funner than the first half for sure).
  3. Lou Ferigno

    2019 Draft Pick Watch

    Yeah, next year I'm expecting them to be 90+ loss bad again (though the Central is going to be terrible again too which may inflate them a touch) however I also think the 2nd half of the year is more fun for the reason you mention. No doubt there will be some disappointments but I think some core players will come into focus too.
  4. It was interesting to me to see the reports on DD meeting with Wren a few weeks back while the Tigers were in Tampa plus the Ausmus quote after the game that his only surprise was that the Red Sox announcement didn't come sooner. Add those up and it smells more & more like this may have been the reason for the quick separation in Detroit with Ilitch's somewhat tepid press release.
  5. Just caught up on DD's comments as I'm on the road for work. In summary, WTF. I mean, this makes 0.0 sense. Lack of any explanation for someone who's done their job as well as him....wtf. Avila getting the job Saturday but DD not knowing until Tuesday...wtf. Just not the way a well run business in conducted; this is how we change the manager of a pizzeria location. I like AA, love the Tigers, and will continue to be all in rooting for their future. But I continue to be confused and lose confidence in the ownership. I'm just hoping they got a good lottery ticket in AA
  6. I think the thing that's not being talked about which is a primary, if not the primary, reason for the split is reporting structure. If you're an in demand executive such as DD you know you are going to get paid and he's also savvy enough to know what his going rate will be +/- 15% based on other market signings in front offices. So the choice comes down to working environment where the biggest factor is who you work for - DD is mostly likely looking at signing a contract for 5 years a and I wonder how much concern he had for what life would be like on that contract without Mr. I around. I have no doubt that Mr I is still in charge and I believe he has been a great owner for Detroit sports teams.. That's what worries me most though going forward; that those that are close to the inner workings of Olympia have concerns on leadership up top when the inevitable transition happens. I hope Mr I keeps running things for 10 years and things end up great even if it transitions to his family but leadership above the GM is also critical to what happens within a sports team. However, it's possible this isn't a good sign on confidence for that leadership within the executive branch. No matter what, I wake up this morning with less confidence moving forward than I did yesterday. I hope AA kicks butt and it is great to see a longtime exec get his chance thought.
  7. Lou Ferigno

    The July 31 Trade Deadline Thread

    Love it. 5 arms. 4 AA or above. 3 look like potential SP given high MiLB success which should give the Tigs enough cost control heading into next year to spend some resources on a 1/2 SP and a couple pen pieces. Other 2 acquired are potential pen pieces. Plus utility IF with pop (valuable asset and the org doesn't have another realistic one IMO at A+-AAA). In exchange they reduce 2015 playoff odds from ~15% to ~5% and gave up a late first round pick. I'll take that. A good week.
  8. Lou Ferigno

    David Price to Blue Jays

    Like the trade quite a bit.....2 SP candidates for next year and a dice roll arm in HiA. Exactly what they needed to turn Price into. Now onto Yo, Soria, Davis, and Avila If a mix of those being traded could add a potential corner OF'er in AA or above, another legit SP candidate for 2016, and a few bullpen pieces then I'm feeling awesome.
  9. Lou Ferigno

    The July 31 Trade Deadline Thread

    I would really love Wood. If they can get anything additional in the Urias/DeLeon/Seager camp I'd be fired up but Wood provides a top end starter (while not an ace) under team control for 3 additional years....perfect to add to JV/Anibal moving into next year along with a bumper crop of FA SP. Some wild scenarios I could see: * Cespedes included and Puig coming back......I really wonder if LAD is so done with Puig they'll sell low. For them they can just write a check anyways.... * Castellanos included and Seager coming back......I would love to see him at 3rd next year with his LH bat
  10. Lou Ferigno

    The July 31 Trade Deadline Thread

    I believe if they stand pat (or even add a bit) they have a 20-30% of getting into the post season given how flawed the teams that are ahead, and around, of them are. That said, as painful as it would be, I've come around over the past week to wanting to see them to sell for a handful of reasons - I believe the reports on Chris taking more control of the franchise means the payroll will come down over the coming few years as they focus on their real estate investments around, and including, the new Wings arena. Note that I don't think sky is falling on payroll.....it still should lead the division in dollars spent annually. - I believe Cespedes and Price will not resign (unless the Tigers are the high bidder) in the offseason and they have no reason to do so now - With the payroll coming off the books (Nathan, Price, Avila, Davis, Cespedes, Soria mainly) they can still have the payroll come down by $10M+ next year and sign a premium SP FA in the offseason plus a mid tier corner OF'er of Rajai's ilk to play LF. - I believe "the window" is there for them to compete for the next 2-3 years if they make good trades to add 2 SP candidates as well as a pen piece or 2 for next years rotations to go along with JV, Sanchez, and the awesome choices of Farmer, Greene, Lobstein, and Turley. - Trading Price/Cespedes plus potentially Simon, Rajai, and Soria should be able to net 3-4 potential arms for '16 and maybe even a LF candidate - The 8 in the field next year will be solid even with Cespedes and Avila leaving - 2016/17 contention is all about the arms.
  11. Lou Ferigno

    2014-15 Off-season Thread

    Agree for the most part with comments here. Assuming the Tigers have ~ $25M to spend I would prefer: * If Vmart get's 3 years than you need to let him walk and just take the draft pick - I believe this is what will happen (and the town will panic) * Assuming Vmart is gone, take the $20M that would have been needed for him and spend $18M to sign Martin (4/$48 is my guess) and Butler (2/$13). * Leaves $7M for the pen - either on 2 "chances" or signing a Luke G or Miller * Trade for a defensive first CF. Bradley is a fine target - leaving Dirks/Davis as back up if the "new" CF doesn't work out. Roster: C Martin 1B Miggy 2B Kinsler SS Iglesias 3B Nick LF Davis/Dirks CF Bradley?/Dirks RF JD DH Butler Bench: Dirks McCann Suarez Collins (may be Perez but I'd prefer another bench bat here) SP Price JV Sanchez Porcello Lobstein/Drew V/Ray/couple vet's Pen Nathan Soria Rondon AA Rendon Miller Hardy Overall, not all is lost for sure. I don't think a huge blow up is needed and I think the Tigers can & will go into 2015 as favorites in the Central with a good chance to compete for the WS crown again.
  12. Lou Ferigno

    Dombrowski the next MLB Commissioner?

    Best news for Tigers fans in a while. I can't see how anyone can argue DD isn't a Top 5 GM. Thrilled he's staying for a while.....hopefully a LONG while
  13. Lou Ferigno

    Tigers Release Statement on Max Scherzer

    Just opinion. I agree with your statement that power pitchers generally age better. Reason I believe Sanchez over Scherzer long term is I consider Sanchez to have "power" stuff as well and the ability to suceed with more pitchers. Scherzer is straight power with less control in the zone - take 3-5 MPH off both guys stuff and IMO I'd peg Sanchez to have a better chance to be a league average starter.
  14. Lou Ferigno

    Tigers Acquire Alex Gonzalez for Lombardozzi

    I have no words if this is all there is to the deal. The Tigers obviously think Lombardozzi is not as good as Perez, Worth, and Kelly. Only thing that makes sense if that's the deal is they don't want him on the 40 anyways.
  15. Lou Ferigno

    Tigers Release Statement on Max Scherzer

    Haven't read the whole things but... If the 6/$144 is true that's a solid offer for age 30-35 seasons. I never expected the Tigers to sign Scherzer long term so it's frankly more than I thought. Before 2013 he was Anibal Sanchez and, in my opinion, less likely to hold value as he ages than Sanchez given he's more of a fasttball/slider (ie, pure power) pitcher. I'm also okay with them not re-signing him and keeping the payroll flexibility. I do want them to extned Miggy as I think he's a "generational" player who should finish his career a Tiger. Long term, the best thing the Tigers have going for them is they're the biggest market in the Central - with the only possible argument being the Twins (the White Sox are a clear 2nd fiddle). As long the rules/divisions stay as they are, outside of an occansional 2-3 year re-stocking, I expect the Tigers to compete for playoff spots for the long term future as long as they have a competent front office.