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  1. well then does the paper version rank anyone in the international league or eastern league in terms of tigers?
  2. ya i had a great time with everyone too and got a new nickname in the process lol
  3. so am i. looking at the roster i think obiously theres some sleeper guys but i think out of all of them Audy is the one whos going to step up and be the star hitter on the team this season. him and henry i see doing big things this season
  4. on the caps site they have the 2008 roster link on the front page and when you click on it you get nothin lol im impatient as it is but man this is just a tease
  5. talked to the coach of the caps yesterday he got hurt in one of the final days of ST he told me he will be at wm when hes healthy i dont think it was anything serious
  6. i tell you what he has to wear a da*n hat anyway. these guys are on the road day after day and they truly get like 0 time to rest and have fun other than baseball. its ludacris that they made him shave it off. let him have some fun.
  7. i agree totally. this honestly kills me to hear. Sendy was one of my favorite prospects, and a great guy, but i do think that the punishment fits the crime. i only hope that this is an isolated incident in the tigs organization this season.
  8. Agreed, dont get me wrong nates a great player, but we are looking good with starting pitching in the organization, and once pudge hangs it up........we are in deep deep trouble in terms of catching. to be honest i think it would be crazy for ATL to make a move like this but i prey that they would consider it.
  9. dude if you plan on making photos to get signed just using a regular computer or computer photo printer to print the photos, i wouldnt take that route. id go to meijers to get them made, strictly for the fact that ive tried the computer route and while it makes photos look good, they dont sign so hot. at first they look fine, but a month or 2 later they have either bled something terrible, aor the ink changes really funky colors, i printed off some pics for a u of m game i went to a few years back and there lookin real bad now.
  10. lol i know ii saw it signed its such a nice pic cam did a super job signin that thing!
  11. no way he signed that for you matt i dont believe you lol:wink:
  12. www.lrmemo.com is the company that maybin has an exclusaive autograph deal with yeah he pulled that no sweetspot thing here too for a while and then changed. he must be back to his old tricks yet again. oh and as far as the maybin bobble head for a miller sweetsot goes, i understand that its not like the greatest deal ever perposed, but i mainly threw it out there for people who attend lakeland games, because quite frankly all your givin up is 10-15 for a ball, a little time to ask him to sign it and then you got a bobble head and ill pay for the shipping for both then you can have maybin sign the bobblehead!
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