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  1. If its a critical play you can bet that even the most marginal transgression, one that goes uncalled dozens of times each week across the league, will be called if it screws the Lions.
  2. This is the team I had hoped to see from the beginning of the season. Pity is they will win just enough for the remainder of the season that they keep White and Caldwell in place. And then we will suck for 5 years until the next overhaul that isnt really an overhaul at all. Just more of the same. Same ol Lions.
  3. Im at a place where I couldnt care less if the team just moved somewhere else. Hot garbage. Im swearing off the NFL.
  4. Your coach wont fight for you lose your will to fight. This team may go 0-16. They are completely defeated.
  5. Hot stinking pile of garbage. Pathetically Lions.
  6. Came in to watch the game a bit late and its 7-0 Vikings and they are driving again. Guess I can go back to what I was doing. Not missing much.
  7. Im not so sure its because Illitch wanted to be a buyer under the circumstances the team was faced with but rather he was appalled at the circumstance that forced them to be sellers this season. The lack of anything anyone wants in our minor league system was probably somewhat of a shock to him. Another year of a disgracefully pathetic bullpen Im sure was a big part of Illitchs decision. And then a new problem with faltering starting pitching. There was a lot of reasons to fire DD this season without manufacturing some struggle over the handling of the decision to buy or sell this season.
  8. Im happy hes gone and sad to see him go. On the one hand, he took this team from the absolute depths and ushered in a golden age of baseball the like of which has seldom been seen in Detroit. On the other hand, his negligence, or incompetence if you prefer, in building a bench and bullpen cost us the pinnacle. In the end Tigers fans, the Tigers organization and DD should all be proud of the accomplishments during his tenure.
  9. Top to bottom this pitching staff is a hot mess. Too bad because they finally got the defense to go with the lineup. Time for DD to walk, his ineptitude putting together bullpens has leaked over to the starting pitching. Sell, sell, sell.
  10. This I agree with but Id expand it to include an anti-Lions bias created by the national narrative that Detroit is a dirty team, led by Suh, the NFLs archnemesis and the number 1 supervillian.
  11. I wouldnt feel so cheap if they had bought us dinner first.
  12. Holy crap that was almost like the Delay on the missed FG. Maybe the football Gods just wanted us to work for it.
  13. Time for Stafford and the Lions to give Dallas, the refs and the NFL a big FU.
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