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  1. It's really too bad that Hoke couldn't be there. Would Dantonio have interrupted him?
  2. Too bad... he can't ask the arresting officer "don't you know who I am?"
  3. ESPN is breaking the news that Suh will be suspended at least 2 games
  4. Anyone else getting bad audio from FOX? Something in the background sounds like a European police siren.
  5. **** the Mother ****ing indians. If they win tonight and the Tigers lose the guy I work with will go on and on about it.
  6. I know very little about soccer, but the USA women just got jobbed. Big time.
  7. Peter North is the original Sperminator
  8. I'm kinda bummed about the 0-2 hole but at least there 2/3's of the game left. GO WINGS!
  9. I saw highlights of Sunday's Indians/Angels game where the ump threw away a ball Fausto Carmona was using. The clip showed Carmona holding the ball while rubbing his thumb on the under side of the bill of his cap. The sound was off so I don't know what was being said. Does anyone know exactly what happened?
  10. As long as the team gets a win I'll be happy
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