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  1. I like it as a niche sport. I'm willing to accept both the beautiful and ugly sides of it. I wish the NHL would just keep it as it's always been instead of wishing to sanitize it to suit the soccer moms.
  2. I'm really worried about the future of the NHL. If poker's beating it in ratings, that speaks volumes. They really need to get back in with the major networks like ESPN or Fox. This business of censoring fights needs to stop. That's all crap. The fights are part of the game. Those who don't like it shouldn't watch hockey. They need to quit trying to change it to appeal to a broader audience and just satisfy the core fans. Also, I'm really gonna Mickey Redmond. He was just the best announcer in my opinion. :-(
  3. That would be cool! I think Red Wings World lets subscribers send email to players, but I'm not 100% sure. I also think it'd be cool to have players host chat rooms sometimes where fans could ask them questions. Jiri's gonna be out at least four to six weeks while they run tests. That's gonna be a long wait.
  4. Fischer Released from Hospital I'm glad he gets to go home for Thanksgiving. I hope he has someone to spend it with. I can't think of anything worse than spending a holiday alone after just getting out of the hospital.
  5. Hopefully as the season goes along, things will pick up. The Wings are still doing well despite losing their last four games. I'm confident they'll win the next game they play. Those four losses were on a west coast trip, which is always strenuous. I hope to maybe attend a playoff game this year! I can't watch the games due to not having cable, but I'm still very interested. I want to see what a game with no redline and tagups looks like. They took out tagups the year before I became a Wings fan, so I've never seen what they're like.
  6. I just read about Darryl Kyle. That's very sad. I think I would've liked him (another Sagittarius!). He never missed a day? That's amazing in and of itself. These sports must be very taxing on the heart and it shows that even the greatest athletes aren't immortal.
  7. Yes, but if someone new just comes in right away, there will be some resentment at first on the part of some fans due to the deep emotional ties felt toward Yzerman. Either way, it won't be an easy situation. How do you adopt a Wing, just put it in your sig?
  8. It's nothing to worry about. They go through this pattern every year. I think they'll pick up after Thanksgiving.
  9. I don't want Stevie ever to retire, but of course that's not realistic. I think Shanny, Lindstrom or Drapes would make a fine captain. But perhaps the year after he retires, they could go without a captain to give people time to get used to the idea and to not seem like they're rushing to replace someone who's irreplaceable.
  10. I think it could be a heart murmur because of that funny EKG that he was tested for. I hope he can play again, but for now the most important thing is to heal well.
  11. I just heard about what happened today! I can't watch the games due to not having cable right now, but I do get game start and end times messaged to my cell phone. I thought it was very early for the game to end, but didn't think anything of it till I heard about what happened last night. I'm glad he's OK, but this brings back to mind what happened to figure skater Sergei Grinkov ten years ago when his heart gave out while he was figure skating and of course Predator Sergei Zholtok. I wonder if Fischer might not have heart murmur that has gone undetected till now. I think when stuff like this is detected, it needs to be followed through on thoroughly and not ignored.
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