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  1. Good luck to the Lions in the future. Goodbye to everyone. I hope the Lions can win the Super Bowl at some point. I am done posting on boards. It has been fun.
  2. What is the goal in the NFL? To win a Super Bowl. After these QBs got paid, none of them won a Super Bowl. What I am saying is Stafford is currently on a bad team so when they pay him more money after next season, the chances of them winning a Super Bowl decreases. I would love to see the Lions win a Super Bowl in my lifetime. Another question is if the Lions don't make the playoffs this season and Caldwell is fired, do you hope a new coaching staff keeps Cooter? On a sad note, Drew Sharp passed away. Drew Sharp passed away
  3. I didn't know where to put this. Change of subject. Our old buddy Suh at it again? Did he kick Big Ben on purpose? Big Ben is now injured because of the kick below.
  4. I am not talking about the QB getting worse. I am talking about the team around the QB getting worse. Look at the top 10 highest paid QBs in the NFL right now before and after they got paid their current huge contract. How did their team look before their contract and how did their team look after their contract? Did their team win a Super Bowl since their huge contract?
  5. The point I am trying to make is once you pay a QB huge amounts of money, the chances of them getting better decrease. Let's say the Lions don't make the playoffs this season and then don't make the playoffs next season and then make Stafford the highest paid QB in the NFL. They will go from a non playoff team to a worse non playoff team?
  6. Like other posters have pointed out in the past, he seems to get hurt a lot. Hopefully, he can stay healthy and contribute. I love his speed.
  7. What if Stafford walks and the Lions get nothing in return, what happens then? What is the time horizon then? Forever?
  8. How long is it going to take? I am getting older and I would love to see them at least win a playoff game.
  9. If he doesn't want to play for the Lions, I really hope he would tell the Lions that so they can get something in return instead of him just hitting the highway when his contract runs out after next season. He really doesn't have to. He could just tell them that he wants to test free agency, refuse all of the Lions offers, and leave.
  10. What happened to New Orleans after Brees got paid a lot of money? What has happened to Green Bay after Rodgers got paid a lot of money? I wouldn't say their teams got better.
  11. Just curious, how good was their defenses? Top 5? Top 10? I am assuming all of them(their defense) were at least in the top half in the league when they won the Super Bowl. I see a lot of the QBs you listed are now on the top 10 highest paid QBs list. After they joined the list, they didn't win a Super Bowl.
  12. IMHO, I think it is better to have a dominating defense with an average QB that doesn't lose games by throwing garbage interceptions, etc. We will see how Minnesota finishes this year. I consider Bradford pretty average, but their defense is dominating.
  13. You are correct and then guess what? The Lions blew it with their salary cap situation.
  14. No, create a dominating offensive line(see Dallas) and a dominating defensive line(see Denver) and go from there.
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