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  1. My god these people are ******* stupid
  2. They did this at the Magic Stick (upstairs from the Majestic) a few years back. It used to be that the bathroom stall didn’t even have a door, and the sink only poured scalding hot water. Then they renovated it for the ill-fated, short lived foray into turning it into an electronic music venue. Now those bathrooms are super fancy snd it’s weird.
  3. This is what gets me about the anti masks crowd. If the government is just trying to control us with masks, what is their end game with that? Are you going to turn into autonomous robots to do their bidding because we complied with masks? I don’t get it.
  4. Another really bad day here in Michigan. Over 2,000 new cases again.
  5. Just heard something wild from a friend. A couple years ago they hired a dog trainer for their dog, but after a few sessions at their home, they didn’t feel comfortable. His techniques were a little aggressive, and something seemed off, so they didn’t continue with him as a trainer. They figured out today that this trainer was the man killed a couple weeks ago in a shootout the FBI outside a Texas Roadhouse in Madison Heights. He had connections with the Whitmer plot and also connections with the Ruby Ridge standoff. He also served a lengthy prison sentence after shooting at cops in Colorado. They had him in there home a few times. https://www.detroitnews.com/in-depth/news/local/oakland-county/2020/10/07/ruby-ridge-madison-heights-fbi-shootout-eric-allport-boogaloo/3629352001/
  6. This really is right in Biden’s wheelhouse. He’s been outstanding.
  7. I’m sure they can find another avenue for dumb conspiracy theories
  8. Durbin shot down Lindsey’s opening attack on the ACA with ease
  9. The textbook grin of an evil villain
  10. Biden’s odds have inched up to 86% on 538
  11. 1,522 new cases in Michigan today, which is the most since April. Not good.
  12. I’m more worried about what Trump is going to do to prevent votes than I am in Biden not having enough actual votes
  13. I knew it would be bad, but it’s been worse and scarier than I could have imagined. I at least thought he’d surround him self with people to keep him in check. Those people didn’t last long.
  14. I already knew they looked EXACTLY like this before the mugshots
  15. 30 percent of the Covid deaths sounds bad. But there are 37 states that are worse off than Michigan in this regard. Yet Whitmer is the one always singled out. https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2020/us/coronavirus-nursing-homes.html
  16. I literally only see one Trump commercial here in the Detroit area. The one with Biden from over 30 years ago about freezing social security. I think it’s the only one I’ve seen for two weeks
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