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  1. Things are trending a little better this week here. 5,500 cases today, which about 3,300 less than a week ago today. Hopefully this trend continues.
  2. The fact that Niko Goodrum has pretty much been a regular in the lineup for four seasons now is pretty depressing.
  3. My first thought was how horrific the video was, not that the cop was some kind of nazi (not sure where that came from).
  4. A friend of mine works for Henry Ford doing medical coding/billing. She was seriously worried about losing her job last year and her entire department was offered buyouts. This due to how much hospitals are hemorrhaging money due to elective surgeries being cancelled. COVID has been a disaster for the bottom line of the health systems.
  5. That’s basically the Hall of Fame for ****ty senators right there.
  6. I can’t bring myself to watch the Toledo video.
  7. You don’t have to have pure hatred of the police, but it would be inhumane to think videos like this aren’t 100% horrifying.
  8. The messaging on this is potentially pretty harmful when you already have a country with so many hesitant to take the vaccine. Not good when we have such significant challenges trying to reach herd immunity.
  9. Fist time seeing the body came footage. This is horrific. Holy ****.
  10. Just came here to say this. This sounds bad.
  11. God forbid we actually have a president that is busy working instead of spouting off his grievances to the media all day *eyeroll*
  12. Mazara has no business being on a major league roster. Embarrassing.
  13. Urena is some kind of awful. I can’t believe I thought this team might win 70 games this year. It’s just not a competitive baseball team.
  14. I didn’t watch it either, but it sounds like she is asking people and schools, and is not taking executive action.
  15. What is dangerous here? As Motown Bombers posted above, Biden’s infrastructure plan is extremely popular.
  16. Well the target audience is the same people that would buy his food buckets
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