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  1. An administration of thin skinned snowflake pussies
  2. One of the most ominous things about it, is why would he be asking Parnas to “take her out”? Parnas has no authority if he’s talking about firing her. Trump could do that himself....
  3. He also has given a voice to a large audience for friendly interviews with Alex Jones, Jordan Peterson and Milo. Not to mention his transphobia.
  4. Oh look at you badmouthing a war hero like that.
  5. No one told him he’s not supposed to EAT the chess pieces.
  6. It’s going to take a long long time to clean up his messes. Can you imagine what he will do as a lame duck?
  7. I know it’s falling on 53 deaf ears, but Schiff is doing a masterful job here.
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