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  1. Oh, look. More **** just made up out of thin air.
  2. White nationalism is all the rage these days
  3. We live in a time where the President of the United States openly retweets white supremacists, and it won’t be news because it’s just business as usual. What a time to be alive.
  4. The gaslighting in this administration is really something.
  5. These Trump rallies are now full on klan rallies.
  6. I had surgery three times in between August 2017 and March of 2018. Each time I was prescribed a large amount of Norco. I only used them for a brief period each time. After a few days I was fine, and taking that stuff just backs me up completely so I try and get off of it as soon as possible. It was crazy to me how much of that I was given, that I didn’t need.
  7. Just came here to post this. Holy. ****.
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