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  1. 3 patients. The ship was brought in for nothing more than a photo-op
  2. These unfortunately are going to come at a blinding pace soon. 😔
  3. My best friend called me last night to let me know his dad is in the hospital right now after testing positive. He’s on a ventilator and not doing well.
  4. I wonder if Stan/Six-hopper/Maroth4mvp still think we are overreacting to this.
  5. That percent is likely to get much worse as the hospitals get more strained as well.
  6. Michigan’s numbers have skyrocketed to 9,334 cases and 337 deaths
  7. I’m predicting Diamond and Silk get time at one of these briefings.
  8. One of the security guards at my job has passed away. I can’t confirm who it is but someone from our building tested positive a couple weeks ago. It might have been the guy they works the front desk there. Super good dude that would greet you with a smile and hello every morning.
  9. Trump now suggesting restaurant workers are going to become massive drug users.
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