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  1. 1,536 new Michigan cases. That’s the highest amount in a while I think.
  2. My mom is 66 with a lot of issues that was make here immuno-compromised (asthma, high blood pressure, diabetes) and she hasn’t had any luck yet. My dad got his first shot last week through Meijer. He put his name in about a week before she did, so I’m hoping she hears something soon.
  3. As someone that wears glasses, this has been tough for me in the winter. My glasses don’t have the nose pads either, so I can’t use those to clamp the top of the mask down. My glasses fog up almost instantly, and I haven’t found any way to keep it from happening outside when it’s cold.
  4. Saw this in a Facebook group I'm in. Exhibit 4378282 why we are so bad at this.
  5. I legitimately thought this was real without even thinking twice about it.
  6. I’ve thought of this episode so much over the last few years with Trump and his “Movementarian-like” following.
  7. My dad just got his first dose today and I get teary eyed thinking about this being the first step in being able to hug my parents again. He got his through Meijer. Hoping my mom hears something back to get hers today.
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