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  1. That’s about as good as we could hope for right now. My sister’s mother-in-law and her husband’s stepdad both tested positive yesterday. The MIL is doing okay but the stepdad is in the hospital. Both are in their late 70s. I don’t know them well, but I know the sister’s husband is a red hat that I know didn’t take this seriously. I hope both will be fine and that this makes him take this more seriously.
  2. How does Rickey Schroeder still have that much money?
  3. Decker is getting abused today
  4. Those two yard dumps will do the job
  5. These are two terrible, not fun to watch football teams.
  6. Why do they never use Kerryon anymore? Sure he gets hurt often, but he brings more upside than the corpse of Adrian Peterson.
  7. Nobody on this team can catch a football
  8. Just imagine standing in front of a judge and telling him/her members of the U.S. government collaborated with a seven years dead Venezuelan president to rig the 2020 election. How do any of these people have law licenses?
  9. If Ryan Day doesn’t drop 70 on this defense, he should be fired on the spot.
  10. And their kicker missed the chance to clinch the Toilet Bowl
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