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  1. jadefalcon


    Been mostly focusing on school the last couple of years and getting my career started up (High School Teaching). Still lurking though! In response to Bigglesworth, I do think that part of the reason why I'm excited about Greg is that he actually seems like he could be a contributing player on a winning team. I don't think that he will ever be a star in this league, but could be a good role player (4th or 5th best starter) on a good team. Admittedly, it seems like my standards for this team are a bit low right now, but it's just nice to see somebody on this team grab a few rebounds!
  2. I'm really glad we're not hearing any actual Tiger sources commenting on this or giving any credence to this idea. The whole Guerrero idea is just completely absurd to me. The last two times this team legitimately contended, the team was based on run prevention and power. Right now, aside from having a more reliable 4/5 rotation option, I think this current team is set up to do that. I have no problems with the line-up as it is constructed, or at least I have no problems that Guerrero would fix (i.e. Better on-base numbers and overall hitting ability from 3B/SS). This team's weakness is not OF/DH. It is their biggest strength after the front of the rotation and end of the bullpen. Is he a really good bat? Yes, but I think Raburn will out-perform him this year in things that really matter like OBP, SLG, defense, and line-up flexibility. And he's a lot cheaper, and he's already on the team.
  3. +1 I have never felt more hurt by the outcome of a baseball game. After that game ended, I just turned off the TV and stared at the empty screen for at least 30 minutes. It sure would have been something to come out on top of a game that great.
  4. jadefalcon


    I was really skeptical of him at first because I just did not think that he was a good enough athlete to really make an impact, but I have been really pleased with how good of an offensive rebounder he has become. Right now, I'm really pleased with his progress, and watching him play is one of the few reasons why I have been tuning in this season. I really like how smart of a player he is on the court. He makes better decisions every game seemingly, and his exposure has definitely improved his game over the course of the season (I'm thinking mostly of his ability to score and finish around the rim here).
  5. I wouldn't use fielding percentage to judge fielding ability. I'm not as well-versed as many of the other guys here when it comes to the better fielding metrics out there. Hanley is an absolute butcher at short while Tulo is a gold glove-type fielder.
  6. Best all-around SS in the game. Not even close if he can manage to stay healthy.
  7. Casey Crosby wins more games for the Tigers than Dontrelle Verlander-Porcello-Scherzer becomes the best 1-2-3 in the AL by May Tigers score most runs in the division Leyland can't resist playing Guillen in the field, and he gets injured (not really a surprise) Jackson steals 30+ Streiby hits more HR's than Guillen Bullpen is better than last year (way better, more K's, fewer blown saves) Tigers lead division for most of the season, and don't choke it away.
  8. Uhhh..he's talking about Alex Gordon (bust) getting replaced by Fields. Not Gordon Bekham (studly) getting replaced by Teahan. Dur.
  9. no problems with MILB for me tonight, but the WM game isn't available on MILB tonight
  10. I just went to the Witecaps' website, there's a link to 1340am.
  11. radio guys (1340am) say that Crosby hit 98 on the gun in the first
  12. He should stay in East Lansing forever. He's got a great gig there. (But I would love to see him coaching the Pistons! )
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