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  1. I don't think any current Red Wing is untouchable in Yzerman's mind. The next couple of years should be fun.
  2. LMAO! Bucks gonna hang 100 on the Pistons in 3 QUARTERS.
  3. Same. As a baseball PBP guy, Shep makes a fine basketball PBP guy.
  4. A year ago I'd have cut you off with an emphatic "YES!" before you could finish, but now I'm not so sure. AA has taken a leap forward this year. He's not just fast now, he's finishing more than ever.
  5. Might as well put Pete Rose in the HoF now...
  6. Probably he's just answering a direct question about fan reaction to large contracts honestly. If he gave a pat, PC answer, you'd be ripping him for not being honest. I think you care more about drama than Miggy does.
  7. The stars rarely align themselves so perfectly.
  8. Damn, the last of the Production Line.
  9. This is so over the top. The got blown out. Every team gets blown out over the course of a season, and no one expected this Red Wings team to be anything more than one of the worst this year.
  10. Wish it were Shannon Hogan.
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