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  1. No. Emily's blue-check-mark Twitter bio is ALL about her professional activities, and 90%+ of her tweets are work-related, making it a de facto professional account. The fact that she drops an occasional personal tweet onto her clearly professional Twitter account does not transform it into a personal account. If your argument is that it is not unprofessional to post Tumblr-esque selfies and you're-so-hot DMs on a professional Twitter account, then we simply disagree. But if you are arguing that a Twitter account used by a paid sports writer almost entirely to disseminate material related to her work somehow escapes the designation of a "professional" or "work related" account, well, you're just wrong. And for the record, Emily -- or any other person -- can post whatever she wants on her professional Twitter account so long as her employers are okay with it. But it's the internet, and people are free to react to it. If Hack-cosky decides to post Speedo shots of himself on his Twitter, would it be "over the line" for us to make fun of him for it?
  2. No. You have this backwards. That account is used primarily for her professional work, which makes it her professional account. Making a 2nd account for her personal stuff is quick and easy to do, and keeping personal and professional stuff separate is the professional thing to do. If you don't want people commenting on your looks, don't post screen-grabs of -- and squee about -- DMs you get saying how hot you are on the same account you use for work.
  3. No. It's her professional account. It's all fair game. If she wants to be taken seriously as a professional, she should leave that sort of stuff off of her professional accounts.
  4. Emily has taken no more crap from MTS than any other garbage-tier beat writer for her garbage writing. If the problem some are having is comments about her looks or whatever, and that they crosses some line, well Emily can stop posting selfies with kitty filters and screen-grabs of DMs saying how hot she is. That might nip such comments in the bud.
  5. Ki Cuylers burned down? That sucks. I went to Harrisville for vacation every year with my family as a kid. Took my wife there ten years ago and went to Cuyler's. Their prime rib was surprisingly good.
  6. You'll notice that this thread is still active.
  7. They just don't understand.
  8. Welcome to the boards! You can find our discussion of these moves near the bottom of this page:
  9. But their Boyd that is 2 to 3 years away doesn't help them right now. If they believe they are one SP away from a legitimate playoff run, you give up a good player.
  10. Are Scherzer and Newhouser unavailable for this team for some reason?
  11. I don't hate the Motor City jerseys as much as most seem to, but I agree that the red alternates were the best. That bring-back-the-teal tweet is pure rage-click-bait.
  12. Weird. Imagine if it was Holland signing a 35 year-old center to this team. Wew, lad.
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