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  1. I'm pulling for whoever comes out of the AL.
  2. Yeah, it was a bad call, but not to the point where it's deserving of the hue and cry it has inspired.
  3. No evidence to make that a goal.
  4. Red Wings blowing a lot of PP time here.
  5. And the Stars tie it up like 30 seconds later. 3-3 now.
  6. Mantha looks like he's finally figured it out.
  7. Larkin having a rough 1st period, and the Stars lead 2-0.
  8. Isiah was 1st team All NBA three straight years (83-84 to 85-86).
  9. Jesus, between this and the upcoming special about the Galarraga stolen perfect game, the national sports is just rubbing out collective noses in it.
  10. This is just what Detroit sports fans need right now.
  11. Any word on Hockenson?
  12. Yup. Now I"m pissed again. Imagine the NFL telling this to Green Bay or the Pats.
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