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  1. Nick Castellanos: What you wanted: Darrell Evans What you'd settle for: Bobby Higgenson What you got: Robert Fick
  2. All the other teams make sense from a geographical perspective, but the Pistons is really odd.
  3. It might be that these kids are betting on themselves to improve to the point where they will be drafted higher next year, which may or may not be a wise decision.
  4. Then why do you care who's manager?
  5. That first photo looks like one of Bet's P-shops.
  6. What if I told you that these players just aren't very good?
  7. If Kody becomes Frank Catalanatto with power, that would be nice.
  8. Same here. When we moved to Pasadena, I was surprised how close we were to both the stadium and downtown LA.
  9. This might just be nostalgia talking, but I really liked Dodger Stadium. Yeah, it IS outdated, and I don't care. It feels special being there. I will say that Kaufman Stadium is a great, updated take on Dodger Stadium, even though it's pretty old now, too.
  10. Angels Stadium is probably the most boring, nondescript baseball stadium in the majors. The view, like the stadium itself, is neither beautiful nor ugly, engaging nor off-putting: it's just... there. The Big "A" is like the stadium you'd see in a baseball video game that wasn't licensed by MLB.
  11. Alternatively, you could just accept that the place you're posting at here does things differently than the place you used to post at, stop bitching about it, and move on.
  12. That was a couple of ugly ABs by Goodrum and Ron-Rod there.
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