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  1. holygoat

    Game 55: Wizards @ Pistons

    So I guess a player could just "lose control of the ball" all the way down the court without ever putting it on the floor.
  2. holygoat

    2018-2019 In Season Moves and Rumors

    This is correct. Even as much as the Pistons' value has risen, they are only the 26th most valuable NBA team out of 30. Considering their history, the Pistons should be worth more than they are. https://www.forbes.com/sites/kurtbadenhausen/2019/02/06/nba-team-values-2019-knicks-on-top-at-4-billion/#f83db49e6671
  3. holygoat

    2018-2019 In Season Moves and Rumors

    Probably depends on who he has around him, but his ability to rebound and shoot would probably make him somewhat successful in any event. The rules regarding physical play would probably hurt him more than his lack of athleticism, IMO.
  4. holygoat

    Red Kelly's #4 going to the rafters

    Pretty cool to see Scotty show up and speak, and it's always great to see Vladdy.
  5. holygoat

    Lou Whitaker's Hall of Fame Candidacy

    Bill Freehan belongs before any of them.
  6. holygoat

    2018-19 Off-season Thread

  7. holygoat

    2018-19 Off-season Thread

    My mother in law did this exact same thing last year in a similar text to my wife.
  8. holygoat

    Marino Rivera - unanimous - HOF

    Thank god. Now these sanctimonious baseball writers have no excuse for not voting for obviously deserving 1st-time HOF candidates going forward.
  9. holygoat

    Fist City: population...Rod and Mario

    I'd love it if they'd let the radio crew simulcast the TV broadcast. I understand the logistics likely doesn't allow for that, though.
  10. holygoat

    Fist City: population...Rod and Mario

    This is how I see DD, as well. He's above-average, and he'd be even better without the forced enthusiasm. His pacing and overall delivery is solid, though.
  11. holygoat

    2018-19 Off-season Thread

    Forget it, he's rolling.
  12. holygoat

    Fist City: population...Rod and Mario

    Such a stupid, lazy hire. Shep is worse than Mario, and it's not even close. I'll take boring over fake over-enthusiasm any day. Can't wait to hear Shep getting pissed at Gibby and Morris every time they disagree with him.
  13. holygoat

    2018-19 Off-season Thread

    The current baseball draft model is the worst model except for every other proposed baseball draft model. Teams have been torn down to rebuild for decades, but suddenly it's a problem now?
  14. holygoat

    Trade Andre Drummond

    Yeah, that's what I'm thinking it might be, too, although I wouldn't be shocked if other teams just don't want him at any price. I mean, they watch the games, too.
  15. holygoat

    Trade Andre Drummond

    Made Drummond available for what in return?