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  1. Actually, this player people think is good is bad - part 2,580, Miguel Cabrera edition.
  2. It's still possible, what if tomorrow he said "I hate nothing more than sportswriters, they are a blight on society and should be executed. Viva Bonds!"?
  3. Bring back Chris Spurling and Jeremy Bondermam
  4. Honestly giving up one run on a dinger to some trash can player is vintage JV
  5. JD rules and MLB teams are stupid
  6. Bert is having himself a day when it comes to noticing other people having a day
  7. The important thing to remember is that Jeff Larish was better than Cale Iorg
  8. I'm not paid that much and I'm already lazy, so props to Miguel
  9. There's more to get excited about in this draft than people think
  10. Whatever position Ronny Rodriguez is at is HoF caliber, but otherwise, yeah
  11. I'm not happy with the situation for the Detroit Tigers at the catcher position also most other positions
  12. I think it's hard to judge Shepard. I don't like him, but how much of that is him vs how much of it is that I really really hate Morris? Shep + Rod does sound awful as well though...tough call.
  13. He's an old aging veteran who is mad that his twilight years are going to be on a team that can't contend and he's going to be the center of blame for a lot of fans. Not cool to blame his teammates, but I think there are some pretty obvious reasons he'd be mad beyond "is drinking"
  14. Also the Tigers don't strike out because they're power hitters with patience, they strike out because they're bad
  15. Tigers have a high pick, Keith law hates the Tigers, ergo Keith law says the draft is bad
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