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  1. pyrotigers

    7/14 @4:10 Detroit Tigers vs Houston Astros

    That seems like the kind of inning that a scout for another team will like a lot more than the Tigers. Some nice swings and misses, a stupid walk, and a pop up that dropped in. I can't say he pitched badly, but 2-0 seems like quite a deficit
  2. pyrotigers

    2018 Michigan Football

    I think the players feel a lot like we do. They should have been better last year and they're angry/embarrassed at how some of those games went
  3. pyrotigers

    The calls to ban "The Shift"

    I don't think the problem is Aaron judge, but that it's currently the best strategy for almost anyone with an MLB hit tool to try to be Aaron judge. Clearly the solution is to move the fences back at every stadium while forcing Lynn henning to watch
  4. pyrotigers

    7/8 @1:10 p.m. Texas Rangers vs Detroit Tigers

    I think Austin Jackson is better than Alfredo Simon
  5. pyrotigers

    7/6 @7:10 p.m. Texas Rangers vs Detroit Tigers

    Nice we won It would be cool if Zimmermann could stay healthy and pitch well until next year's trade deadline, maybe we could dump him then
  6. pyrotigers

    Bosio Fired

    There's also the silly assumption that "white people" are some homogeneous population with shared and equal advantages. It's true, I have much less to worry about from the the police and various other racism things that still sadly exist, but it hardly means I have the power of a wealthy or important individual of any race. The average college professor, journalist, or generic rich person can do far more to/for the world than I can, and yes, there are a lot of young people who would say I'm racist inherently and those people literally can't be if they're not white. I guess the moral is, stay off Twitter and Tumblr and the like if you don't want to deal with the stupid opinions of every person who took one college class on politics or diversity and is now a permanent expert.
  7. pyrotigers

    6/30 @1:07 Detroit Tigers vs Toronto Blue Jays

    Memo to Rod Allen: If you predict the hit and run way before the pitch, the other team clearly also sees that it's obvious, and it leads to an out, you probably shouldn't "like" that the team did it
  8. pyrotigers

    Bosio Fired

    Pitch to contact also implies that you don't walk anyone. That's really the only way it can work. Fulmer, Boyd, and Liriano all have average to high walk rates, and let's not even talk about the bullpen.
  9. pyrotigers

    6/29 @7:07 Detroit Tigers vs Toronto Blue Jays

    Good point, I was being a bit ambitious. They still play the White Sox and Royals more. 3 wins sounds about right
  10. pyrotigers

    6/29 @7:07 Detroit Tigers vs Toronto Blue Jays

    I think this team could lose out
  11. pyrotigers

    Bosio Fired

    More like Chris Bozo the clown am I right guys
  12. pyrotigers

    JD Traded to Arizona

    Older generations often seem to think "lived life on easy mode because the generation before me died in vast numbers in a horrible war" makes them non wimp rather than the aforementioned war heroes You had to be tough to get a home right out of high school and make the equivalent of a college degree expert level job wage for pushing a button down at the factory, no doubt about it. This is really mean and completely unfair but whatever I just want to prove I'm not a wimp who will sit idly by and not respond
  13. pyrotigers

    Bosio Fired

    Nice, exactly as that seer pyrotigers guessed a few pages ago
  14. pyrotigers

    Bosio Fired

    I really love nothing more than discussing hot button topics like race and sexuality with my coworkers, and do so as often as possible.
  15. pyrotigers

    Bosio Fired

    They can't release Victor now, he's a minority and the org won't want to appear racist