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  1. I've been a huge KCP hater, but going from a bad three point shooter to a good one has made him really good. I suppose that's about the most obvious statement of the year, but it just seems to open up his game generally and give him the confidence to actually be useful on offense. And he's still young enough that I can talk myself into him continuing to improve. I really have to agree on Reggie and Drummond, if you look at this team right now, I think it's fair to say KCP is a very good starter, Morris is solid, Ish and Leuer are excellent reserve players and Harris is the perfect 6th man/scorer off the bench type. Stanley is kind of bad but he's still really young and at least showing some improvement. Baynes and Boban give you two decent big bodies off the bench as well. That leaves your PG and C as the players I'm least enthusiastic about. Kind of crazy to think about, although I have hated Reggie just as long as KCP. Keep hoping I'll end up being wrong about both of them but I'm not feeling too confident in that.
  2. Wow, already working on turning Davis into a huge problem as well. The cancer spreads
  3. Why does Cousins have to be as good as Michael Jordan to be worth putting up with? What a weird argument. It's like when people thought Lebron wasn't good because he couldn't win a title with some awful Cavalier teams, and then you put him on a team with a couple of other stars and he magically won. Almost like basketball is a team game.
  4. Ok, how about the aforementioned Draymond Green who spends his time sulking and kicking people in the dick. If a player is good, I don't really care how big of a jerk they are. I think I'll take the jerk with 28/11/5 averages on 45% shooting over the nice guy who sucks. Instead the Pistons have the lazy selfish guy who is going off for 14/14/1
  5. True, and Michael Jordan was a gambling addict, Dennis Rodman was Dennis Rodman, Ray Lewis murdered people, all champions. Winning trumps all I remember when the Pistons traded for Sheed and people were worried about his terrible attitude
  6. 4 team deal. Celtics get those three, Pistons get Jonas Jerebko and Amir Johnson, Pacers pick up Al Horford, and the Bulls get a future 2nd round pick and cash considerations. Done deal. My source on this is Bill Simmons
  7. The only bad part about trading Drummond would be when I killed myself after SVG started Baynes and played some guy off the street as backup C while Boban slowly decomposed on the bench
  8. I heard he might try to point shave by missing some free throws
  9. Isn't he basically Jon Leuer, but worse at basketball and with a crippled back?
  10. After playing the long con, the Tigers are finally ready to unleash V-Mart's base stealing ability. No one will be prepared for it.
  11. In the Kings defense, you have to admit Tyreke Evans for Tyreke Evans is a pretty fair swap.
  12. Did they not see his flops as a player? Should have known not to trust him
  13. Can someone please kill Ted Valentine so I don't have to ever watch a game refereed by him again
  14. Based on this trade I'd assume the trade value of Jackson and Drummond would be a 3rd round pick and our pick of left over concessions out of the dumpster after a game.
  15. Yeah, I'm not even saying it isn't POSSIBLE it could work out, it just seems like an inability to run the ball has been the Lions achilles heel for 20 years, so I'd rather not take a gamble there again