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  1. If you're a Detroit tiger you're bad, no six weeks needed
  2. I mean what are there odds of converting a 4th and 9 anyway? Larry Fitzgerald can't make a great catch every play
  3. just lol if you didn't love the TJ Hockenson pick and peg him as a future hall of famer Honestly, Arizona looks hilariously bad, but nothing to complain about so far other than Decker getting abused all game. Would be over already if not for that and the Agnew fumble
  4. Probably in the middle of his physical and mental prime Ted Williams would have been bad, were he not too busy killing nazis and later commies
  5. Actually anyone fighting against umpires is a hero
  6. Greene is a bust, I'd rather focus on 25 year olds with double digit hitting streaks in AAA
  7. Verlander should have let Fenech in and then put him in a headlock until he said "I'm the baby, it's me, I'm the baby man" that is how a real man handles problems like this
  8. Strikeout rate was great yes, but he was already walking 4 and then had a catastrophic injury. The Tigers can find plenty of longshots who aren't currently clearly incapable of being in MLB
  9. Rosenthal has three really good years in his career and the last one was 2015. I'm just baffled that the forum who all agree Joe jiminez is terrible has anyone that cares about this guy. He's way more likely to be out of baseball than contributing next year
  10. Not having to watch a guy walk over a batter per inning is reason enough to release the guy
  11. Can't believe there Tigers didn't lock up the guy who was out of MLB in 2018 and walked like 14/9 this year, fire Avila
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