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  1. A pitcher who actually ruled before injuries ruined him was my hero Jeremy Bonderman
  2. Seems like a bad sign when your young starting pitcher has basically been seriously injured for 2.5 years in a row now
  3. Yes, if the team is bad this year, it makes sense to trade prospects who will be good in future years. That was 100% what I was going for If we could trade draft picks in MLB, I'd obviously advocate trading them as well. #tankfor2030
  4. Fair point, we should be out of the race nice and early
  5. Miguel Cabrera is a a bad person because he likes Odessa girls and therefore
  6. How will the Tigers foist their players onto desperate quasi contenders now?
  7. I don't think it has any chance of making fixing games or gambling getting into the sport more likely, but it does mean that MLB is saying "gambling is important and we want to serve them" which is mind boggling to me. Maybe part of the skill of gambling should be figuring out who is likely to play or be rested and betting accordingly?
  8. The Tigers are more of a solo single in blowouts type of team, I think
  9. It's a shame that a great player like Bryce Harper has to settle for 330 million dollars
  10. Say what you want about him, but one thing is clear: He's a baseball player
  11. I agree, it's clear free agency is still broken in favor of the players. Perhaps a hard salary cap is needed to prevent these insane contracts?
  12. I think it's a lot more likely that the Tigers make mistakes because they're dumb and bad than because they're evil money grubbing masterminds. But ****, that's why they call me an optimist
  13. The best part of this quote is: " “ Thirty owners need to be answering that because you have one of the best players in the game that needs a job and no one is signing him. You've got 30 owners who have a sabermetric box that will sign players when they were in that box. They don't take any intangibles or anything else into play and that's a sad thing. " Now if you want to argue there's "collusion" keeping free agent values down, OK, but really, someone is supposed to give a guy 10 years/300 million for INTANGIBLES? And he thinks the owners are the crazy ones?
  14. Terrible Inept Gormless Endlessly Disappointing Reliably Bad Suck
  15. Pros: I don't have to see Stanley play any more Cons: I'm still watching the Pistons
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