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  1. If you can't get off the field on 3rd down you're in for a rough time. The 3rd and 16 is on Tahir Whitehead being the worst coverage linebacker in the NFL last year and being back doing it again this year. Poor.
  2. DPJ fly route every play, Perry in slot, every other receiver is a tight end
  3. Man this defense is good. Maybe an offense that just doesn't screw up too much can be enough
  4. I think Buddha was right, this team's strength on offense is big bodied receivers/tight ends running across the middle of the field on linebackers/safeties. Having a QB who can move around and give them time is pretty much a necessity with this o-line. Especially with Black and Crawford both out, there's not a lot going on outside at this point.
  5. When I sat in the stands last November watching the Michigan-Indiana "slugfest" I never imagined that I'd be saying "thank god we got O'Korn in there" but here we are
  6. That's why he'll come cheap. We're a cost cutting team now
  7. I think they are right that if the roles were reversed there would be more talk about it, but that's only because OBJ is a star player and his injury would get a lot of attention. Nothing to do with the Lions
  8. I'd call up Jim Harbaugh, he's itching to get out of the college game and back to the pros
  9. Yeah, it was clearly a block in the back but it wasn't a dirty hit. It's not like he hammered him and gave him a concussion.
  10. I think hiring a noob manager for your last two years of contention, blowing them, and then getting rid of him when he's improved to decent and you're now the worst team in MLB makes a lot of sense
  11. Wilson is already Wally Pipped. Davis is not so great news though
  12. That just shows that NFL talent evaluators can be idiots too The Lions have played well so far, but it's a front 7 involving Tahir Whitehead, a linebacker who was just benched in the middle of the game last week, and a bunch of journeymen D-Linemen. I think a lot of front 7s will look like top 5 units in the league against the Giants O-line
  13. Anything less than 16-0 would be a failure, and people accepting it just shows that the Lions have beaten them down throughout history and they're now setting unfairly low benchmarks for the franchise In my opinion
  14. Which of the guys we're talking about gets to lose 20 games next year? I could see that as a Buck Farmer type of role