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  1. Well, what a fool I was to doubt Brad. K-Rod could soon be in line to be the winning pitcher, all thanks to Alex Presley.
  2. I like that a lot too. Not only does K-Rod suck, but he also has the excuse of being out of form from never pitching, because I guess you can't put him in a loss
  3. LOL Fire this idiot and then fire yourself for keeping K-Rod on the team
  4. Well boys, we're on a losing streak, we must win this game, up 1. I'm sending in K-Rod
  5. .435 OPS guy knows the secret of baseball, hit it to Nick
  6. Alex Presley starting again lol RIP Jacoby Jones you have been passed by an old guy who couldn't hit in AAA
  7. I think DD is a legend for what he did to bring the Tigers from garbage to success. There's no taking away from that, and if there's a Detroit Tigers hall of fame, he should be in it. My negativity on his future after that does nothing to take away from what an amazing job he did from 2003-2007. (I think the 2007 team was amazing if not for injuries) But from that point on the Tigers had one of the largest payrolls in MLB. He acquired Miguel Cabrera, who wouldn't do that? He gave big money to other players that other teams couldn't match. What other team could have picked up Fielder for huge money after Victor went down? Yes, he did a good job getting rid of Fielder later on, but it's not like that team makes the World Series without that move. And yet, the team was almost always let down by the same issues. Bad bullpen, bad bench, bad defense. Year after year. They let Scherzer walk and then gave out a trillion dollars to a billion times worse pitcher to take his place. Blame that on Avila if you want, but that's a move that will always be hard to stomach for me.
  8. Maybe he could have acquired some more decent relievers during his tenure. He has a long history of trading away players and drafting relievers that almost universally failed. He made a few good trades and he did a very good job rebuilding the franchise, but once it was rebuilt I don't feel that he showed much of an aptitude for anything other than signing good players to massive contracts. Any GM can handle that job. Avila has had one offseason. If the team is bad now it's far more Dombrowski's fault than his own. The Tigers made the postseason in 5 of Dombrowski's 14 years in charge (5 out of 10 is more fair, if we count from 2006 on), and yet he left a franchise where the fans expect to make the postseason every year or it's a failure. Very odd. edit: Obviously at this point signing Zimmermann alone is enough to make me down on Avila, but all of the other giant contracts are on DD
  9. I hope the Tigers are able to acquire some hard throwing minor league pitchers with high walk rates and questionable strikeout rates. I believe our coaches can turn them into stars. And if they don't work out, lockdown relievers.
  10. The comeback is on, good thing Brad took JD out
  11. Alex Presley is starting in CF when he had a sub .600 OPS in AAA
  12. Castellanos displaying all of the grace and athleticism of the humble water buffalo
  13. You know it's a great game when it's the 6th inning and Rod and Mario are talking about whether it is OK for a Tigers player to try to reach base
  14. So the Tigers are going to keep starting Zimmermann because he has a horrible contract, right? I mean, he's basically the worst SP in mlb statistically, and he's going to keep going out there every 5th day
  15. Castellanos boots another one, fortunately the hometown scorer felt like giving his guy a hit