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  1. Boban is finally unleashed, and in an amazing game scores 83 points, but the Pistons lose 84-83 as on the last possession Andre Drummond takes a 20 foot jumper rather than passing to the wide open Boban. While it is an airball, he's also fouled on the shot, but then misses both free throws. After the game, SVG laments Boban's defensive deficiencies, which allowed the heat to score 84 and win the game.
  2. Really impressive how the Pistons went from 'mediocre' to 'hilariously terrible' at the drop of a hat, and apparently, hats drop easy in the NBA
  3. Boban scores 50 with 32 boards, Pistons lose 133-123 behind Reggie's 13 turnovers.
  4. I agree that Sanchez is looking good, I just don't really like the logic in general of "we need to save someone in the minors in case someone gets hurt." Obviously, if Sanchez is just one of your top 5 pitchers it's a different situation. Especially given the obvious risk that the person in the minors could just as easily get injured in the minor leagues.
  5. Yeah, it seems rather counterproductive to say 'what if he gets hurt and we have to give 60 innings to a crappy fall back option, the best way to avoid this is to start the year by giving 60 innings to a crappy fall back option'
  6. It could be an even better boat than the boat we know exists! Boatier, if you will.
  7. Any loss by 1 is going to be tough, but they sure missed a lot of shots that they've been making for the past two months. If Wagner isn't totally off in the first half they're probably up 5-10 points down the stretch. But then, he carried the team the game before. And then within the same game, Zak Irvin steps up and has probably his best game of the season, only to fail to box out twice in the last minute. Rough way to go out.
  8. Andre and Reggie get benched, Boban goes off for 24 and 16 boards, Ish with 15 assists. Pistons lose 103-89
  9. It still seems odd. I'm sure I have seen other pro athletes with asthma who are not gassed constantly. Maybe he is having some sort of setback with it, in which case playing him seems rather dangerous. It's tough for this team to win with a crappy black hole on offense at center and the three point shots not falling. At this point Tobias is the only player they have who can create his own offense, and yet they still play little movement 1 on 1 basketball all the time.
  10. Serious question: Does Reggie have some sort of disease or something? I don't think a bad knee makes you physically incapable of playing more than 20 minutes/game
  11. Rick Pitino, human garbage person, defeated. Great win
  12. Well, that's the kind of game you get when the #1 offense in the country is a 10 seed and Minnesota is a 5
  13. Everything I have heard of about Peterson is that he's a jerk, the child abuse thing was just the cherry on top. People on this board routinely question player's character based on how hard it looks like they're trying on one individual play, so I'm willing to make the leap with Peterson when there's about 1000x more evidence.
  14. Zero interest in Peterson. Old, bad character, serious injury concerns. If you want a piece of garbage RB, just take Mixon. At least he's young.
  15. When did Utah start cosplaying as the Milwaukee Bucks?