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  1. Shoot me a PM when the next season starts (if you have openings). I might be moving shortly and be without internet for awhile, so it would be a bad time to start, but I am intrigued
  2. What's the time commitment on this? I usually just play for a few minutes each night and a little more on the weekends. I do notice there's a Ludington team, can this bustling metropolis support two franchises????
  3. Game 13: Heat @ Pistons

    Why would coming back from a double digit deficit be relevant If you win by 5 and never trail, your composite for the game is +5 If you win by 5 and trail by 80 in the first quarter, your composite for the game is +5 This would explain why the starters are in the negatives if they're not on the floor when a comeback occurs (questionable), but if that's not the case you'd expect all of the bench lineups to be big +'s Seems like a meaningless stat to me.
  4. Call me crazy, but I think the Tigers should get "good" players, who can "win games" fwiw, Candelario is a solid .270/.350/.450 guy in my OOTP game, which surely translates to real life. Also, this means Oswaldo Arcia is going to jack 52 dingers in 2019 for the expansion Vancouver Canadians. Strap yourselves in folks.
  5. I hope the PTBNL is the coolest guy in MLB, Alex Avila
  6. Game 13: Heat @ Pistons

    If there are any injuries, we can just unleash our secret weapon. Boban. #FreeBoban
  7. This makes a lot of sense. I feel like it could be a breakthrough for MLB analysis
  8. Browns Vs Lions CBS 1pm (est)

    Decker activated, expected to start
  9. Game 12: Hawks @ Pistons

    Conserving his strength for the next game. So smart.
  10. Game 12: Hawks @ Pistons

    Reggie goes ham to close it out
  11. Hard work, dedication, and believing in yourself
  12. Browns Vs Lions CBS 1pm (est)

    Lang and Reeves-Maybin officially out, Ansah doubtful
  13. Browns Vs Lions CBS 1pm (est)

    I would be excited about Corey Robinson playing instead of Greg, so I'm excited either way
  14. Week 9: Lions @ Packers Monday Night 8:30pm ESPN

    You're right, not sure how I forgot that one, as I completely remember it now that you bring it up. Good catch. I don't actually think Abdullah is that bad. He's just not the right kind of back for this offense. He often breaks the first tackle, but dancing around in the backfield is not going to work with this o-line. They need someone who just hits the hole and gets as much yardage as possible. Abdullah and Riddick aren't that kind of back and Washington sucks, so I don't see it happening. Zenner might be the best guy they have to just get 3 yards per carry, but at that point I'd rather just give it to Abdullah, at least he might break a big gain if they bother to block.