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  1. Game 45: Nets @ Pistons

    Not just the long twos, it just seems like so many Pistons possessions lately are just him getting the ball and shooting, which doesn't seem to fit his skillset at all as more of a spot up guy I guess as I'm typing this post it kind of became obvious this is probably due to Reggie being hurt, but man, at least let Tobias handle the dumb 1 v 1 iso department
  2. Game 45: Nets @ Pistons

    I have to admit, Avery Bradley's stock has to have fallen faster than any other player I can remember in my eyes in a long time I'm not sure how much of it is his fault and how much is SVG though. Is he choosing to take a bunch of dumb shots that make me want to punch myself in the sack, or is that the play as it's drawn up? I'm just unsure
  3. Game 45: Nets @ Pistons

    It seems like SVG just coaches as if the league was still in 2005
  4. Game 45: Nets @ Pistons

    Call me crazy, but I think Spencer Dinwiddie is a better player than Langston Galloway
  5. Game 44: Wizards @ Pistons

    Talent wise though... And I'm surprised, I honestly thought those percentages on 3 point defense would be even worse. It seems like every game the Pistons lose is just a barrage of wide open threes. I don't really understand how you can be in the same league as a team like the Warriors and not get that running people off the three point line is pretty important
  6. Game 44: Wizards @ Pistons

    Ah the Stanley Johnson quick three, just the play you want in a late game situation
  7. Game 44: Wizards @ Pistons

    Wide open three, wide open three, wide open three The most fundamental aspect of defense in today's league is preventing three point shots, the Pistons are focused on preventing bad twos and giving up the best shot in the game. Makes sense.
  8. Game 44: Wizards @ Pistons

    If Stanley could shoot at all he would be a very nice player
  9. Game 44: Wizards @ Pistons

    It was lucky it went in, but it was yet another wide open three given up by the Pistons
  10. Game 44: Wizards @ Pistons

    How in the year 2018 is your team defense entirely built on cheating off 3 point shooters to double people driving to the basket? The entire basketball game at every level from HS to NBA is drive and kick and the Pistons are getting murdered by it.
  11. Game 44: Wizards @ Pistons

    Oh good, it's that part of every game where Stan puts in 5 bench players and they give up a huge run
  12. BECAUSE Not Caldwell, So Then Who?

    Jim Caldwell was probably the most professional coach in the NFL
  13. 2018 NBA Trade Deadline

    I'm hearing the Pistons are open to moving Langston Galloway for an all star caliber player as well No, SVG vetoed it. Never mind
  14. Game 40: Pistons @ Nets

    I was all hyped up to talk about how mad I was Dinwiddie was given up on so early by the Pistons, and then his first two appearances in the game were jacking up contested 25 foot threes that looked Stanley Johnsonesque in form so never mind, good win