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  1. lol, what a baby. Good for him to turn things around and have a decent season offensively though
  2. The Tigers should target some veteran pitchers who don't strike anyone out and middle infielders with speed but zero hitting ability
  3. When MLB was surely aware most of the league was on drugs they kept the balls juiced and based their marketing on how cool homers are. This style of play inevitably encourages strikeouts, which are also basically the only pitcher highlights you see. I really have a hard time believing the continued deluge of hrs isn't intentional. Definitely some of it is launch angles etc etc but it's not like the league makes any changes that are anti offense. Even their big move to speed up the game is to limit pitcher changes.
  4. You're blaming the effect instead of the cause imo MLB intentionally focused the game on strikeouts and homers, you're at a disadvantage not playing that way, especially with the influx of defensive shifts. A team would have to be stupid or the Tigers or something to not play the smartest and most likely to win style. It's up to the league to make changes.
  5. I hope we can get a veteran pitcher who was good three or four years and surgeries ago
  6. Not 3 million? OK, it's a good signing now
  7. He's saying that he has successfully hit for power in Toledo, the site doesn't like letters together that look like poop
  8. Ahh of course. Let me try. Parker Meadows sure is good at sucking. This experience sucking will be really help a competitive guy like him improve, and most importantly, he's still having fun out there.
  9. I've been posting slash lines with banal commentary here for like fifteen years. When do I see my first paycheck?
  10. I don't mind the strikeout, as long as he was having fun out there
  11. I really just meant that he sucks and loses but I appreciate the more thoughtful answers Definitely no Aubrey Huff
  12. I'm having fun this season thanks to Jacob Robson and players like him
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