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  1. pyrotigers

    9/18 @7:10 Minnesota Twins vs Detroit Tigers

    The season isn't over yet?
  2. pyrotigers

    Jets and Lions Gameday thread

    As terrible as the players were, the scary part to me is that in game number one with a new coach it was obvious that the jets knew our plays before the snap a lot of the time. There were a couple plays where you could audibly hear the jets defense calling out the play on the TV mics. Bad.
  3. pyrotigers

    Jets and Lions Gameday thread

    So, who would trade Stafford for Darnold?
  4. pyrotigers

    20 HRs and 100 RBIs

  5. pyrotigers

    Fist City: population...Rod and Mario

    They should not have any announcers. Give us the authentic ballpark experience. Also, put a live mic on a random fan every game
  6. pyrotigers

    Fist City: population...Rod and Mario

    Broadcaster thunderdome is the only answer
  7. pyrotigers

    2019 Draft Pick Watch

    I remember hoping the Tigers would finally be over 500 back in 2006
  8. pyrotigers

    8/31 @7:05 Detroit Tigers vs New York Yankees

    Mr. Wigglesworth
  9. He finally has a non ausmus manager to take care of him
  10. pyrotigers

    The Tigers Hitting Thread

    Why waste a rule v pick on a guy who you don't think will ever be good enough to play in MLB? He's costing Chris money!
  11. The fundamentals will be greatly improved
  12. pyrotigers

    The Tigers Hitting Thread

    McCann will start at catcher next year because the team sucks and has no good alternative
  13. I think Candelario has showed a good approach at the plate and power, but I'm also concerned that the type of injury he has could be a thing that pops up frequently and messes up his career. Tough to count on him long term even though I think he's a good player
  14. If you told me the Tigers would get a 21 yo shortstop playing in AA for a bad dfaed player no one else in the league wanted, I'd have been pretty happy. And that happened, so. Getting prospects for nothing but a little money is what a team like the Tigers should be doing. It's too bad this was the only deal they made, but it's a good one.
  15. Maybe we can get a Jarrod Washburn package for him. Unfortunately, I think most GMs have figured out that overpaying for a hot streak isn't a good idea anymore. I think Fiers is a solid pitcher, but he's old and sucked last year. Liriano sucks. Iglesias is an average injury prone player. The Tigers just don't have anyone who is worth a lot in a trade. I mean, look at what they got for two of the best players in the league last year.