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  1. I'm sure left handed hitting catchers with .400 OBP and .900 OPS grow on trees. I don't think any team trading for Avila would have thought they were getting a .350 hitter. As long as he's walking, hitting for power, and capable of crouching behind home plate he's going to be valuable
  2. Brennan Boesch drawing a walk being your only baserunner should be a sign to cancel the rest of the season
  3. It's kind of ridiculous to me that they would write that teams have leverage over the Tigers because they know the Tigers have to improve their farm system and cut payroll I mean, in that case, every single buying team has leverage over every single selling team. But wait, doesn't the buying team need to get good players to win the world series? Wow, now the selling team has leverage over them. It's almost as if that's how trades, or the basic bartering of skulls for shiny beads of our mighty spear wielding ancestors, work. I'll take two skulls please.
  4. The lesson is: Become successful and wealthy enough and you can do whatever you want Which is a very good lesson
  5. Over 7,000 PAs during the midst of the juiced ball/juiced players era and Brad only hit 80 HRs during his career. I don't see how a wimp like that can be a good manager. Sorry.
  6. Hot take: Justin Upton is good, Jordan Zimmermann is bad
  7. This sounds good if the Tigers can send DJ Wilson back down to Michigan for a year
  8. If the market for these guys is so low, why didn't the Tigers re-sign JD to a small team friendly contract? I don't think Upton will get 4/88, but I do believe some desperate for hitting team will give either him or JD a lot more than people expect.
  9. It will be really depressing if the team loses two of the four coolest tigers in JV and JD and gets not much to show for it. I hope the guy we got for JD keeps going Barry Bonds in AA, that will take some of the sting away. I think it's really tough in general trading away guys who mean so much in the team and not getting an immediate return. What I mean is, if they trade Verlander and get a guy who can immediately come to MLB and perform, you're seeing the results and it will feel a lot better. If it's all minor leaguers, even if a good return, it feels like the team lost a lot and the rest of this season will be a lot less entertaining.
  10. Looks like Alex Avila is actually the coolest and best Tiger
  11. Verlander: Now that I can get off this train wreck of the team, it's time to start being good at baseball again
  12. It's clear Justin Verlander wants to be traded, probably because of Kate Upton and maybe, speculating here, his love of coney dogs
  13. There is a 100% chance that the Sox want to get rid of Price's contract, and this is step 1 in the Boston media burying any player ever who is going to leave the team.
  14. Nice use of small sample size on a rehab assignment Eck, why don't you talk about ERA or Batting Average next, Gramps. - David Price, probably
  15. Dennis Eckersley had to be a closer because he lacked the mental toughness to start. Sad. Loser! David Price should call him more names.