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  1. I just got information from the box score. Several sports writers have commented on Twitter, but I have yet to see comment from someone who saw the game.
  2. Mize allows 6 runs and is pulled after 30 pitches and 2 outs in the first. He had some questionable fielding situations, but also several line drives.
  3. Dane Myers was drafted in 2017 as a pitcher. He is now trying to make it as a position player. He played 3b today for GCLWest in his first outing. In 5 plate appearances he had 1 single, 1 double, and 3BB.
  4. As far as I can tell, nobody signed this week. I've checked Twitter, TigsTown, and the Tigers site. The deadline passed 26 minutes ago
  5. This is the card image I remember, but it doesn't say K boys. Oh well.
  6. I think there was a baseball card in the mid 50s that featured both Kaline and Kuenn titled "K Boys," or something like that. I didn't own the card, but a friend did? The memory from when I was 10-12 fades.
  7. Are you thinking of Harvey Kuenn?
  8. At the All-Star break, here are the standings for the #1 pick in the 2020 draft: Miami 33 wins 55 losses; 6.5 games "behind" Toronto 34-57 6.0 Detroit 28-57 3.0 Kansas City 30-61 2.0 Baltimore 27-62
  9. Signing deadline is Friday at 5 eastern time. Remaining unsigned players are: #11 - John McMillon #17 - A.J. Block #21 - Scott McKeon #38 - Dan Pruitt #39 - Cade Doughty #40 - Gianluca Dalatri #39 is a high school kid.
  10. I decided to stop following Lynn because of all the political retweets. I agree with most of his political views, but I want my Twitter feed to be about the Tigers, not about politics.
  11. Here is the report from Fangraphs: Full Report Defected with his brother from Cuba in 2016 at a Little League tournament in the Dominican Republic. Was seen briefly by clubs at ages 14 and 15 before being locked up early by the Tigers, with other clubs only getting a handful of looks. Rival clubs described a corner-only prospect (some scouts said LF or 1B only, while the Tigers say RF) with limited speed and defensive value but present power, some feel to hit and good makeup and work ethic. Other scouts saw Campos' $2.85 million bonus as an overpay, with prospects like 2019 July 2nd Twins LF Malfrin Sosa ($900,000) as a comparable prospect for many, a prospect with big righty power, some feel to hit and was also young for the class. Given the nonsymmetrical information (the Tigers have seen Campos in far more games than other clubs), the Tigers must like what they saw privately, making Campos a priority prospect to nail down better in 2019 fall instructs. So, who shall we believe, the "other scouts" or the Tigers?
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