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  1. Deatherage was out of the line up for a while, I don't know what the injury was.
  2. 3rd inning: hit, hit, BB, sac fly. 1 more er. I can't tell exactly, but I think he's at about 60 pitches. I'm signing off.
  3. 2nd inning for Mize, 3 hard hit balls, one run scored. He seems to be fighting his control. I'm watching Milb.tv, so no info on velocity.
  4. 1st inning, Mize gives up 2 sharply hit groundouts, 1 dribbler for an infield single, and one popout. I should add Derek Hill with a leadoff HR.
  5. According to Baseball Reference, Greene will be a FA in 2021.
  6. According to yesterday's box score, temperature was 44 degrees and sunny for Faedo's game.
  7. Mize with 75 pitches and 7 innings of shutout ball in Lakeland. Manning pitches later today.
  8. Cameron ended up with 1 hit, 2BB, and 1 HBP, in 5 plate appearances, so his OBP is .800. On the other hand, he was caught stealing once and was thrown out at third. I'm not sure how he was thrown out at third, he was on first and the batter hit a double. Maybe caught rounding the base? Edit: Daz was thrown out at home, not 3rd.
  9. I read it and found it useful. It may be true that some of his policies come from elsewhere, but his view on free trade is his own. He can't explain it, but he's not yielding to free traders.
  10. Based on that global temperature map, the North American people who get their climate information by looking out the window are validated.
  11. The New Yorker is running a tongue-in-cheek article about the origin of team names. I assume it's paid content, but, if not, here's the link: https://www.newyorker.com/humor/daily-shouts/origin-stories-of-mlb-team-names?mbid=nl_Daily 101718&CNDID=48423071&utm_source=Silverpop&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Daily 101718&utm_content=&spMailingID=14450790&spUserID=MTc2Mjg4MTkwMDA1S0&spJobID=1501350641&spReportId=MTUwMTM1MDY0MQS2 A couple highlights - New York Yankees Since the dawn of baseball, the Yankees have been a team of notorious masturbators. (Fun fact: their AAA minor-league team is called the Spankees.) Detroit Tigers When the owner was deciding what to name the team, he looked around the room for inspiration, and the first thing he saw was five thousand high-school football teams named the Tigers.
  12. 8: Rangers 67W/95L 7: Reds 67/95 6: Padres 66/96 5: Tigers 64/98 4: Marlins 63/98 3: White Sox 62/100 2: Royals 1: Orioles Let's hope the Marlins do something stupid in next year's draft, or, better yet, let's hope the Tigers do something inspired.
  13. Given this year's lineup of aging veterans and 4A players (except for Casty), I find it remarkable that they won as many as they did.
  14. 8: Rangers 67W/94L @Mariners 7: Reds 67/94 Pirates 6: Padres 65/96 D-Backs 5: Tigers 64/97 @Brewers 4: Marlins 63/97 @Mets 3: White Sox 62/99 @Twins 2: Royals 1: Orioles
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