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  1. I think the Donaldson sighing means the Tigers 3rd round pick is the 74th pick, down from 73. The Twins lose their 3rd round pick, so the Tigers 4th round pick is 1 notch closer.
  2. Using 2019 bonus pool numbers, the difference between pick 39 and 38 was $47k. Between pick 65 and pick 63 was 51k, and between 75 and 73 was 26k. Just eyeballing picks after this, it's about 15k for the two position difference in those rounds in total.
  3. Boston has picks 17 and 52 in the first 2 rounds.
  4. Tigers picks for 2020 draft after Houston penalty, #1, 38, 63, 73, +30 for each subsequent round. Assuming no further forfeitures.
  5. Yeah, it probably doesn't work as well in some parts of the country. Here, there are few baseball fans, let alone Tiger fans.
  6. I'm in the Pacific Time Zone, so most regular season games start at 4 local time. Most playoff games and all WS games start at 5. Playoff games are longer than regular season games, mostly because of pitcher usage but also commercial breaks are longer, so games last until 9 local time. That's midnight eastern time and if I lived in the east I would not stay up that late to watch a baseball game, unless the Tigers were in the game. I'm a little puzzled by all the concern about start times, because many, if not most, households have DVRs and you can make the game start whenever you want. Just don't watch the news before you want to start the game. I start watching 4 o'clock games about 6, fast forward during commercial breaks and pitching changes, and can comfortably watch a baseball game in under 2 hours.
  7. https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2019/12/2020-competitive-balance-draft-pick-order.html
  8. I'm 74, at least I know I won''t die young.
  9. I've never blamed Verlander for that SF game. Sandoval hit the first one about neck high, the second HR was practically in the dirt, and by that time the third one didn't matter.
  10. We don't know what 2020 numbers will be yet, but based on 2019 slot values the number 1 pick gives the Tigers an extra 625,000 over number 2.
  11. With Tigers' loss today, the Orioles have been mathematically eliminated from position 1-1 in the 2020 draft. We've been assuming the Tigers would win it, and now they have.
  12. And then you've got to find a place for Stokes, whose stat line looks a lot like the the other guys I mentioned. I suppose Gibson is the odd man out, since he's 25 and the rest of the bunch is 23 (Robson is 24).
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