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  1. My grandmother died in the great flu pandemic of 1918. My mother was 4 and all she remembered from her mother was being taken to her mother's bed and her mother saying "be a good girl." She died the next day, presumably not alone. My mother died in 2005 and I'm glad she didn't live to see this. Rephrase: I'm glad she lived as long as she did, but also glad she didn't die of this.
  2. I live in a state that hasn't been slammed yet like Michigan, so I attempt, as much as possible, to read about each death. What I see is someone 80+ years old, who didn't have a chance to hug their grand kids, or their wife of 60 years, while dying alone gasping for air. I feel incredibly angry about that, but it's hard to be angry at a virus. Next in line is Trump.
  3. My wife and I haven't left the house in about 2 weeks, so we thought we'd make a run for it. We went to the local Kroger store at midday, thinking we would leave if the parking lot was too full. Street traffic was light but not non-existent. (We''re under a stay at home order, like most states.) Shelves were light, but they had most of what we wanted, like veggies and fruit. There was very little fresh meat. I did see TP and paper towels, but we had plenty so didn't buy any. It was not crowded in the stores, and people were maintaining separation. I found myself holding my breath and not making eye contact whenever I met someone in the aisles. We used self checkout, and when I say "we" I mean my wife. I haven't been grocery shopping this century, and I wouldn't know where to begin. No lines. We got home in less than an hour, and, aside from the cooties running up my arm, we are fine. We're in suburban Portland, so this report will be relatively useless for you.
  4. Using 2019 slot values, pick 1=8,415,300 38=1,952,300 63=1,076,300 74=844,200 102=571,400 132=426,600 This is taking just the slot value from the 2019 draft. There were more teams picking in 2019, due to the vagaries of compensation picks and Houston's forfeitures. I"m not sure how the math works for that.
  5. The Fangraphs article points out that with the deferral of bonus money, high school players have less incentive to sign out of high school, since their signing bonus in 2023 when they are juniors will be similar in either case.
  6. So, the Tigers still get 6 picks in the first 5 rounds. There appears to be no incentive for players in those rounds not to sign, since the 2021 system will be the same as 2020. Slot money will be the same as 2019 both years, just deferred. This is true whether the owners decide to do a 5 round or a 10 round draft.
  7. I've learned a new word today - senilicide - the killing of old people.
  8. Its uncool to talk about some other guy's wife, but here goes. Your wife's a saint.
  9. The fact that COVID-19 people are dying alone is what gets to me the most.
  10. My wife and I are in our mid 70s. We can shelter in place for a long time, but eventually we have to stop hibernating and come out to the world. When we do that, the virus will be waiting for us. It just feels like exposure and infection are inevitable. Most of you have parents or grandparents our age. When are they planning to start interacting with people?
  11. Skipping the draft would be very disappointing to me. After a season like that, it's what we have to look forward to.
  12. I'm guessing Martin can use a few weeks of recovery time for his hamstring.
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