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  1. And then you've got to find a place for Stokes, whose stat line looks a lot like the the other guys I mentioned. I suppose Gibson is the odd man out, since he's 25 and the rest of the bunch is 23 (Robson is 24).
  2. If the Tigers OF lineup is unchanged, then I assume that means Daz and Robson spend another year in Toledo, and Hill, Azocar, Gibson spend another year in Erie, and so on down the line.
  3. The race to the 1-1 draft choice is in its final two weeks. Tigers - 45 wins and 104 losses. Orioles - 49 wins and 101 losses. Tigers remaining games 13, 7 with the White Sox, 3 Twins, and 3 Indians. Orioles 12 remaining, 6 with Blue Jays, 3 Mariners, and 3 with Red Sox.
  4. Yoandy Rea is a catcher who played for GCL East this summer. He's just been promoted to Connecticut. I'm assuming they want to give him a taste of a higher level, since there's only a week left in the season. His final stats for GCL are 95 AB, 5 HR, .400/.453/1.105 Edit: 7 BB 10 K
  5. Funkhouser needed 42 pitches to record 2 outs in his start for Toledo today. 7 er and he's out for the day. Yoandy Rea went 3 for 5 with a hr for GCL East, getting his batting average back up over .400.
  6. Checking box scores as I do each night, I noticed Gorkys Hernandez playing center field for Pawtucket. He's 31. Didn't he get a 6 or 7 figure bonus from the Tigers as a teenager? I hope he saved some of that money.
  7. Speaking for CPAs, in my case, and data entry clerks everywhere, changing to the telephone keyboard would slow things down considerably. I don't know why the telephone keypad is the way it is, but it came after the calculator keyboard. Telephone numbers were originally entered with a dial, the touch pad came later, as in, 1950s?
  8. Joey Wentz had a decent start for Erie today, going 5 IP 4H 1er 6Ks. Paul Richan had a non-decent start for Lakeland, with 5IP 9(!)H 6 runs, 5 earned, 0BB and 4Ks. Funkhouser started for Toledo and went 5IP 0 runs 2BB and 6Ks.
  9. I just got information from the box score. Several sports writers have commented on Twitter, but I have yet to see comment from someone who saw the game.
  10. Mize allows 6 runs and is pulled after 30 pitches and 2 outs in the first. He had some questionable fielding situations, but also several line drives.
  11. Dane Myers was drafted in 2017 as a pitcher. He is now trying to make it as a position player. He played 3b today for GCLWest in his first outing. In 5 plate appearances he had 1 single, 1 double, and 3BB.
  12. As far as I can tell, nobody signed this week. I've checked Twitter, TigsTown, and the Tigers site. The deadline passed 26 minutes ago
  13. This is the card image I remember, but it doesn't say K boys. Oh well.
  14. I think there was a baseball card in the mid 50s that featured both Kaline and Kuenn titled "K Boys," or something like that. I didn't own the card, but a friend did? The memory from when I was 10-12 fades.
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