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  1. Wow! I have been off the board for a couple of months and had no idea. My thoughts and prayers are with Roger and his family.
  2. I'm looking for a CB in the first round, DL in the second, OL in the third, RB in the 4th, 2 CMU players in the 5th KR/PR in the 6th and a FB in the 7th.
  3. The best news for the Lions is if one of Gurley or Gordon falls to pick 23..... then a trade to Dallas is very possible with us getting Dallas #1 and a #3 or #1, #4 and #5, This is a deep mid round kind of Draft where we could pick up a lot of cheap depth rotational players.
  4. Wouldn't be my first choice for a draft, but I could get behind it. I would prefer MSU CB at #1.
  5. I hear 6 year offer with an average 17 m per year. 51 m guaranteed is the Lions offer. Expectation that some money can be moved around to help with the cap and the guarantee may have to go up a little like 500k to 1 m.... all for egotistical reasons. Suh wants to shop the offer.... that's where we are at. As an aside, I think the Lions get 2 3rds if Suh leaves.... exactly where at the end of the third round I'm not sure.
  6. Just my 2 cents, if Michigan doesn't get SEC type of speed on the team.... they have no chance against Ohio State.
  7. Reports are coming out that the Harbaugh deal is done and UM and the 49's have reached an agreement. Harbsugh to be introduced Tuesday.
  8. The word I hear is the job is Harbaugh's to take. He has till the first week of January to make his decision. Harbaugh will be given control of the football program with oversight from the AD. Harbaugh isn't required to keep any staff or assistants now in place. If Harbaugh rejects UM then plan B is an official offer at slightly less money to Mullen who is expected to bring his staff with him at significant raises. In regards to recruiting, UM is willing to lose this years recruiting to get the right coach. UM is determined to not allow UM football to sink any lower as football revenue is essential to all UM sports and academic goals.
  9. I thought I saw a credible source saying the Colorado ST coach was getting Florida?
  10. Brian Kelly or more likely, Butch Jones. Both Midwest guys with state ties and national recruiting experience. Both coached with tough schedules with teams that demanded wins. Only reservation with Mullen is that he doesn't have a track record of sustained success. Mullen might turn out to be a "gypsy" coach as some say he is always looking for the next job.
  11. Really good speed for his size and position also.
  12. I can see this with Moya going the other way.... probably would take a "C" minor league Pitcher also....
  13. I think Moya is part of a package for a deadline trade. I won't be that disappointed. I'm not convinced that Moya will figure out the strike zone well enough to layoff the slider. I don't see Moya offering any more than a lot of HR and very low OBP.
  14. I'm not excited about the last two signings. I'm ok with Meeks but we are still drafting in the top 10 next year.
  15. KI, LBJ, Wigs and Tristan spread the floor..... just a FYI for you! As far as Del's comments, we may have little choice in moving Monroe. If GM doesn't sign an offer sheet for us to match, he is a total FA next year and we get nothing... or less than 2 First round picks plus a player who can help. Just my opinion... and if I recall Del said 6 months ago that GM was not a sign and trade candidate.... so I will assume we are all experts in our own minds! lol
  16. We aren't close enough to competing to worry about Cleveland! If we decide to sign and trade Monroe, we have to take the best deal regardless of teams. We aren't getting Wiggins, no one is. Cleveland would have a lot of motivation to make a deal for Monroe as he is a perfect fit and could put them over the top..... maybe more so than Kevin Love. Love is a great player. However, if they don't get him you have a fairly good developing power forward in Tristan Thompson. If you don't upgrade the center position you are sitting with an aging Anderson Varejao or Brendan Haywood. So you are looking at either Love and Anderson Varejao/Brendan Haywood or Tristan Thompson and Monroe. No brainer to me from the Cav's point of view. Now the question is what can the Pistons force out of the Cav's that they wouldn't mind parting with? Untoucables for Cleveland are the obvious.... LBJ, Kyrie Irving and Wiggins.... everything else and draft choices are fair game. One thing Joe D. used to do a long time ago was to make trades for 1st round picks 5 or 6 years in the future. A bit of a gamble, but most teams in a win now mode are usually pretty bad by the time the pick comes up! Just a thought.
  17. I was originally thinking Dion Waiters as he is available, but he doesn't fit the roster any longer with Meeks and KCP.
  18. Just a thought that is crossing my mind.... Assuming we don't think we can sign Greg Monroe... What about a sign and trade to the Cleveland Cavaliers? The Cav's have 3 first round picks in the next two years...... I'm thinking something like Bennett and 2 first? Monroe would do great with the Cav's as a low post, passing center. I think Moroe would maintain his double, double production with him being a third or fourth option on offense. Monroe would be able to play to his strengths. The Pistons? Extra picks to start yet another rebuild and maybe Bennett figures out how to be a useful NBA player... What do you think?
  19. Well.... maybe I'm wrong on the sarcasm!! In no way do you DH Casty..... He has a chance to grow into a solid 3B and an All Star.... granted more for his bat, but is defense is adequate.
  20. As much as I generally respect Sheldon's opinion, it is clear that Sheldon is not a fan of Ajax and hasn't been for a number of years. In saying that, you don't trade a plus defender and yes, Ajax is a plus defender when you have a average to less than average OF's flanking him. If we trade Ajax, it would have to be part of a bigger deal that would bring back a plus defender CF as a part. If anything, I see the Tigers next year trading for a plus defending CF and moving Ajax to LF. Because of the dimensions of CoAmerica Park, the Tigers need to construct the team as a National league team with good pitching and great fielders. If you are a gutsy GM, you have to decide if JD Martinez can replace Victor Martinez as your primary DH next year and save 12m a year. I think it is more likely that we trade for Soria who is a good reliever and Texas will be looking to save some $$ since they are out of it. Texas will take a couple of B prospects or maybe a B and C prospect. Edit: I should add that Dirks is not a CF and would be a disaster if put in CF as a primary CF.
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