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  1. Last weekend a friend's computer auto-upgraded to 10 and somehow during the process it appears to have 'lost' nearly 500 GB of saved job related data he had on the machine. He was able to recover it all after a few hours of research and work, but for awhile there I'm sure he was entertaining thoughts of booking a flight to Seattle.
  2. Think I like the .gif avatars, but I'm not 100% sure yet.
  3. Along these lines, when we were looking at homes last year my wife and I couldn't believe the number of photos that showed cluttered rooms/closets/etc. One of our favorites was a photo that showed a baby lying on the floor in the middle of the room. We joked that were we to go after that home we'd make sure the baby was part of what came with the house.
  4. Just finished watching episode two. Liked it quite a bit more.
  5. Just watched Sunday's episode and as others here have said it was rough, especially the last third of the episode. Will give it a couple more before I determine whether or not I'll bail.
  6. Hell yeah we park in the garage. What's the point of owning a home with one if you don't use it for your vehicles? Seriously, though, the Mrs. and I vowed from day one of owning a home that we will never fill our garage with so much crap that we can't park the cars in it.
  7. I upgraded a couple months ago and have been very happy with it.
  8. I tend to be leaning toward Avery quite possibly did kill the girl, and the local Sheriff's office planted evidence to ensure they got the conviction they wanted. The comments in here about her possibly killing herself is something I hadn't considered, and it's an interesting possible twist to the story.
  9. This happened in my old neighborhood frequently and it drove me crazy. I have discovered that apparently I am "that neighbor" who pulls out the snowblower at 6 a.m. to clear the driveway before leaving for work in the morning. Nobody has said anything to me about it and I doubt they will, but if they do I'm ready to pull out a pic of my uber pregnant wife as to why I'm so intent on keeping the driveway spotless.
  10. Yup, Big Droo! Can't quite tell if he's considered the lead host or the co-host, but I'm happy to hear him back on the airwaves. I'm also happy that Grant Stoye is still involved as a producer. He doesn't get quite the mic time as he did during the end of Sean's run, but that may change when Tigers talk gets going again.
  11. Apologies for the delay, I will pick Miggy. RandyMarsh, one of my favorite named members presently active on the boards, is up.
  12. ESPN961 has finally decided on their full time replacement for Sean. Drew is back along with Jim Costa. I'm real happy to hear Drew again and although Jim isn't my favorite there were other hosts recently that I thought were worse.
  13. I've got a close friend that is a youth sports coach of one of the children of that guy. The kid frequently makes comments at practice along the lines of, "Last night dad took us to dinner at Brann's!"
  14. With ya there. Although I must admit that being out of my former house, which was prone for forming huge ice dams that occasionally resulted in water leaking, has made a somewhat less anti-snow this year. Watch as the new home is even worse in that regard, haha.
  15. A positive radon test was one of the bigger fears when we sold our home earlier this year--especially when the house next door suddenly sprouted a mitigation unit a week before our buyers had their inspection. Thankfully our house tested fine, but we were on pins and needles as we waited to hear whether or not the test results were high.
  16. I know some people that have run into Huge's kids in/around the youth soccer world. One of them (his kids) often remarks about getting to go out for free dinner at Brann's. When? Granted I only listen to about 30'ish minutes of his show a day when I'm driving home, but I haven't heard any mention of this. EDIT: Just went over to the buzzboard. ****. Guess it's back to lugging CD's around in my car, 'cuz there aren't any other evening drive options out there worth listening to.
  17. I saw tweets by ESPN last night stating they'd be taping in Ann Arbor.
  18. I'm just giving you a hard time is all.
  19. Spring cleaning in late August/early September?
  20. You seem to forget that we messaged back and forth a bit once I learned you were planning to interview at my organization. Following those conversations I then spoke with the recruiter hiring for the job, chipping in my support for your candidacy. And I told you I'd do it, so please don't try to argue you didn't know. The way you left the org on such short notice put a big dent in my credibility with colleagues. "THOSE are the types of candidates he vouches for? Screw that." Bush league, man, total bush league. We can take this to PM to keep from derailing this thread any further.
  21. Dude, I helped you get what you told me was your 'dream job' and then you just up and left barely three months after you were hired. You shot my professional credibility in the head. And you never had the decency to even address me about it.
  22. Keep smokin' that reefer and quitting jobs out of the blue. I support M, but I don't think this game is anywhere close to being a laugher.
  23. 1992 Chrysler Lebaron. The cables on the pulleys that controlled the power windows would frequently come off the track and the transmission was a ticking time bomb. Once you hit about 100k miles it was just a matter of time before it fell apart. And fall apart that transmission did, when I was at school in Ohio, six hours away from home. Guys at the salvage lot were surprised to see I made it to about 115k before the darn thing imploded.
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