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  1. There is a title for every property..this is about the foreclosure being exectued properly.... We shall see..I've been part of this industry for a long long time..it will be resolved pretty simply.. It is dramatically different than providing mortgages to people who didn't deserve them..
  2. Lee..this playoff series actually has fired me up for 2011..I bet it fired up DD and Illitch..the determination factor escalated before our eyes..
  3. It was a prison sexing.. Last time.. The Twins need a #1 starter..Bet they are in on Cliff Lee.. Hats off to Kevin Long..
  4. It's a legal process that essentially cleanses title..costs about $2000 takes 90 days..if done by the banks..using their legal departments..it would flood the court system, but be legal and much cost far less than $2000 (likely only the filing fees)..in my mind this is a poor job of discovery by the mainstream media..the process is easy and would cost the offended parties (people who were foreclosed upon) cash they dont have to contest the process legally. What people need to comprehend, these foreclosures were not illegal, they were exectued incorrectly. The foreclosed homeowners deserved to be foreclosed, they didn't pay..The documentation was exectuted by the banks improperly.. It will be resolved without much of an issue..its more bark than bite..
  5. We don't.. we need run producers..and relievers..and one more big time starting pitcher..
  6. It's not the offense..they will never fix the defense..he doesn't know how..
  7. This is a slight exxageration, there is a process referred to as quiet title which essentially cleans title to any property.
  8. who said anything about Oakland as a team.. They are also without even one solid hitter..I mean one..
  9. Simple..one is a rookie..under team control for 5 more years..has huge room to improve both offensively and defensively.. The other one has played for 3 teams..peaked...is about to cost more and can't play a corner.. Was that hard..
  10. After these past two games..I tip my hat to the coaching staff for doing a terrific job of scheming and getting the players to execute the scheme..the depth on both sides of the ball has played a huge part in the teams success. I have crtiriczed Cousins often these past two seasons, but his growth over the last 10 quarters has been huge...he has learned to eat the ball or throw it away and his leadership has proven to be invaluable. The growth of the CB's has allowed the defense to compete.. I have taken the coaching stafff to task many times..I am happy to praise them for a job well done..the WISC and UM games were the best of the D'anotonio era.
  11. Then there are a lot more ticked off fans..tonight..
  12. When you watch the improved approaches of Granderson and Thames..how they have smoothed out their mechanical flaws and expanded their hitting repetoire..you realize how terrible McClendon is..and how foolish management is for allowing his reign of terror.
  13. He is a candidate..he has lots of high profile games left..versus defenses that actually people respect.. He was inches and drops away from another epic game..but these things happen during the course of a season..he seemed a little reluctant to run the ball as often today..
  14. I thought the same thing..he should have played it to be a 2B..but it was meaningless.. I said it earlier in the thread..the Tigers would give the NYY a better series..Scherzer and Verlander are better than any Twins starter..
  15. Hey..sorry the thread isn't a thread unless Shinma posts..
  16. Well thought out rant..maybe I know slightly more than nothing.
  17. Robinson is a very good short passer..his receivers let him down numerous times.. The entire scheme is flawed..small fast players will work offensively..but when it comes time to grind clock and posses the ball in winning time..it may struggle.. defensively..RROD scheme is a freaking mess...as is his recruiting..it will take years to correct it..and I doubt it will ever result in a B10 title.. I said it in the thread..one player on UM defense could start for MSU..2 could compete for jobs.. You can't be taken seriously when you go 0-6 in your rivalry games..and it isn't going to get easier..you are recruiting for this flawed scheme and falling farther behind.. But hey...I know nothing..
  18. Save your anger for your second rate coaching staff..who believes that the 3-3-5 can win in the B10.. Here's a litle secret..Spartans fear one thing..that you will fire the hillbilly..and hire Miles or Harbaugh..until then..enjoy the offense.. Defense wins big games..
  19. aww..so it's OK..to dish it..it's not OK to man up.. How many times did I post during the game.. It's the abject difference between us..and between fandoms.. THE END..
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