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  1. Schlereth will be the LH reliever..but you knew that..
  2. OK JB..I'm not gonna even argue this..You have 50 players from the state of Michigan on your roster.. I promise you..you're in the minority on this thought.
  3. It frightens me when you agree with me..makes me question myself..you are so much older wiser.
  4. yepp..he was throwing 84/85..and we were still missing it.. Crain is another interesting possibility..he added a cutter during the second half of the season and was very very good after..
  5. signing Magglio for more than 1 year plus an option and for more than 7MM is insane.. Magglio is nothing more than a plan B..
  6. No sources..just reading the tea leaves..time is short when you go 0-6 in rivalry games..OSU is his last chance unless you guys play very well down the stretch..
  7. a little late for that Jon..people aren't lining up to work for RROD..not at this juncture of his tenure..plus it would take years to recruit an put those players in place..
  8. It's the solution to clearing title..not how the title was clouded..unless the ACLU steps up to make this a class action issue..I doubt it isn't resolved pretty easily. Until someone demmonstrates they were illegally and immorally thrown out of their home, when they "were" making timely payments..there isn't an issue.
  9. I defer to you..so much knowledge and command of roster building..the talent evaluation is a bonus..
  10. Both excellent choices..Ed..I would do both, sign proven commodities and speculate..they need 2 or 3 relievers..and either Weinhardt or Oliveros to step up..they will get the usual 25 innings of Zumaya..insane to count on him.. Benoit had rotator cuff surgery
  11. He's 0-4..numbers are for losers..wins are how you are measured.
  12. Brandon gets it..its why if RROD doesn't finish well he will be gone..Brandon played for Schembechler..he gets the principles of Michigan football..the hillbilly never has and never will..this isn't the Big East..
  13. This has what to do with the topic..do a little homework..because it seems more and more..you are not a trader..you are a day trader from home.. I hate individuals who know nothing about what they are talking about..study Mozzilo, how he grew his comapny and evloved the industry.. Googleing news content is meaningless..your command of the big picture and the topic is miniscule.. I'm out..bring some actual knowledge about the topic you posted..we can discuss more..at this point you have little command of the details..and an axe to grind about things beyond your knowledge level.
  14. yeah..so what..you neglect the details of one of the single most influental CEO genuises of the last 35 years.. You have little if any working knowledge of title work.. I was a broker for 11 years before I went into the mortgage business..the business you currently reside in..has far more thieves and predators than the mortgage indistry..it is ethically and morally berift..
  15. They may pay 2 that money..it's that important to what they're oing..Putz would be a horrible choice..he has a weak elbow and colllapsed at the ned of the year.. I like Thorton much more but am leery of his elbow also.. Benoit would be #1 on my list..
  16. Doc.Hill is horrible..hey move the ball in spite of hm, not because of him..
  17. 20+ years with time at Flagstar and Countrywide..both in production and management.. care to share your backround
  18. Hopkins was an impressive looking back..Hopefully the hillbilly will have the stones to hand him the ball 12-15X..it would help Dennard immensely..
  19. Can we say this again..Shaun Hill is horrible..he makes slow reads, slow decisions and has an arms worse than Stanton.. The WCF curse seems in full effect doesn't it..
  20. I bet he is 100% accurate on Dunn's money..and as a DH run producer..on the right team..he would be worth it.. Maggs is 37..to compare the two is laughable.
  21. They did..it's old business.. You don't comprehend or have knowledge of the process..you are screaming at the moon.. These are people who didn't pay..it's a title issue, there are legal remedies in place to correct it..period. I'm not going to debate this with you until you understand it better..maybe some legal experts can shed light on new pertinent facts that we have not yet, brought to light..
  22. We have different opinions.. This much ado about nothing
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