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  1. LG..they are decent producers..FA by rule are typically older and with flaws..but aside from that all they cost is money and sometimes a draft choice..it's better than mortgaging resources from an already depleted system. Especially when you have the cash available.
  2. yeah...we saw that last week..and the demand for the poll is overwhelming based upon last weeks poll..
  3. Once again..nobody cares what Dunn did in 2005..surely not a GM who is ready to spend 60MM. Once again..nice lack of research Dunn hit .217 with RISP and .169 RISP w/2 outs. He also hit .199 vs LHP. For the last time..I'd still take him..to denegrate Werth is ridiculous.. Werth road OPS 2010 .838 2009 .857 2008 .887 Magglio Ordonez road OPS 2010 .803 2009 .749 2008 .771 Miguel Cabrera road OPS 2010 1.015 (what a beast) 2009 .871 2008 .884 (less than Werth) hmm.. yeah he sucks.. Look this is about baseball..not me..not you.
  4. They ignored it..because people who didn't make their mortgage payments, were thrown out of their home..the documents may not have been signed (executed) properly..but nobody was taken advantage of.. The title issue can be easily corrected.
  5. Just read on RCMB..that the classy program from AA, turned off the hot water in the showers after the game..they did the same thing in 2008. That RROD program is classy isn't it..hey a cold shower is nice after a light workout. Class..all class.. even less than their fandom.. I'll be curious to see what Brandon says about this and if it comes out in the press. Michigan State defensive coordinator Pat Narduzzi, on the apparent lack of hot water in the visiting locker room: "It's a shame our guys have to shower in cold water." Read more: MSU players, coaches comment on win | freep.com | Detroit Free Press http://www.freep.com/article/20101010/SPORTS07/10100699/1054/sports06/MSU-players-coaches-comment-on-win#ixzz123eZdg9a
  6. That my friends is a nice pic..kind of ..shall I say..Bo Schembechler like.
  7. Just what we need an MSU poll started by the biggest UM fan.. I'll sit this poll out.
  8. Only for Cliff Lee..who they need desparately..it would not have shocked me if they considered trading Morneau...but how can they now??
  9. congrats on the marriage.. immature rants...spare me...sour grapes..childish..as Shaq once said..Kobe..hows..yeah thats an immature rant..I saved it just for you. nobody talked more trash..nobody analyzed the game more..nobody was more innacurrate.. get ready to learn some class and humility..you're married now..get ready to be humbled every hour.. the game spoke for itself..
  10. Yep...you're the man..your body of work speaks for itself..you win..I can't compete..too smart for me.
  11. damn..I thought you were a stalker there for a minute..now I understand you're not a stalker..you're just not very good at processing sentences.. Old bit..not worth angering mods.. You're right Cecil..you're always right..original, insightful, well researched..can I friend you..I learn so much every time you correct me.. In fact you remind me of those guys in the UM/MSU thread..I learned a lot from them this week to..check there..wasn't it you who said he hoped MSU lost just because.. ah well..who was that poor charachter..Wylie Coyote..
  12. Well this is tiring..next time a qualifier that involved research say..Dunn had 77 walks this season but hsitorically has averaged over 110..maybe an outlier..maybe not.. I must have missed that fact..buy the way..teams dont pay for 3 and 4 years ago when they dish out 60MM..they pay for recent history..Werth isn't a flash in the pan..he has put up numbers since he has stayed healthy.. Plus he plays the field.. Like I said previously I like both..to only qualify one as having plate discipline..well..lets move on..the numbers speak for themselves.
  13. The succession issues are part Lloyd's fault..for obvious reasons.
  14. Good reads....that was discussed where.. Now Best is Faulk..wow..Pettigrew isn't the best TE in the division.. Still working on the 8/7..the 78 rating after the 117..he's a backup..no different than 20 other backups..arm deficient..speed deificeint..the only thing they guy has going for him is a little toughness.. They beat a bad team at home..got lots of turnovers and 2 non offensive touchdowns.. I've notced you're a little stalkerish..it's cute..
  15. Yeah..I know nothing...we all know that..you and sam..I follow your lead..you are a baseball and football savant..I'm merely a deciple..
  16. What was it last year..and what was it in 2008.. Repeat after me..two words S C H E M E R E C R U I T I N G
  17. Figures..I like Les Miles..and I thought you told me UM was the easiest recruiting school in the country.
  18. Nope..I said he makes slow reads..why is it OK to throw to Johnson only in the endzone..is he any less covered then..what pass greater than 12 yards does he throw.. I can't believe we are debating how good Shaun Hill is..they are 1-4..he has an 8/7 TD/INT number after throwing 3 TD's today in a rout..a 78 QB rating after a 117 number today.. He's a backup..a dime a dozen backup and not good..
  19. They are if you check down every damn play..the correct NFL term for that Harrington the ball..
  20. Which has what to do with his abililty to make quick correct reads..When you throw to your backs and TE the bulk of the time, mixed with short crossing routes to the slot..you dont get sacked alot..notice on 3rd down when he takes 5/7 step drops what happens..how often does he throw to Johnson in non goal line situations..the scheme dicates the sack total..not the QB.. He's worse than Kitna..thats not good.
  21. How come you haven't blogged in a while you were doing a excellent job..
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