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  1. I've hung out with Biggs..Yoop TTF..ya never know..
  2. They scored last year..Iowa can be vulnerable to speed..everyone can.
  3. Man this needs it's own thread...blue on blue crime..I've read about this..
  4. Title insurers in talks with lenders on foreclosure warranties « HousingWire Like I've been saying..
  5. Mantei and Avery were both at the end when signed..
  6. Leave him alone, he's on a roll..next, he will tell us the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor.
  7. obviously your not an analyst...that only leaves fan..
  8. Every week is ILL season..they should be sky high..they are already coming off a huge road win..I dont care how down PSU is..winning in Happy Valley is a big big deal.
  9. yeah..nice committment...speaks for itself...call it whatever you want.
  10. Correct..Lewis will play a lot also as will White..
  11. want a sausage with that waffle...lets review..you pick UM before the season..they go 5-0..are at home..and you waffle..what a fan.
  12. Not Citi, Wells, Chase and B of A.. The title issues are easy to resolve...it's why they have title insurance.
  13. Great call on both points LG
  14. The good news..Illini has some great film from the last 2 weeks..nobody will take them lightly.. The better news..this will be my game in the suite for 2010..
  15. Cherry picking..yeah 130 games is a small sample..right.. I discussed Dunns swings against LHP in the original post.. Lets move on..
  16. It doesn't..if you didn't pay..you got foreclosed upon..those people were not thrown out or foreclosed upon, for no reason. The banks will pay to correct the title mess.
  17. I did..it was short sweet and significantly more correct than yours.. It discussed 3 things to refresh your failing memory.. 1. The outcome 2. Turnovers 3. That only one player on UM defense could start for MSU.. You on the other hand offered up thousands and thousands of words and rants all week.. All of which were wrong..and then you turtled when it was time to select a winner..in your own stadium when oddsmakers favored your team.. Lets move on..it's game over for your team..(not your school)..and you and I.. The results speak for themselves..go enjoy your honeymoon..
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