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  1. Dangit! That is my amateur posting ability shining through right there...not double checking my facts!
  2. I want to see lurkers come out of the woodshed and make their presence known during today's crucial game four...we may not contribute often to the board or show up in the game threads, but we constantly creep our way through postings, observing opinions and taking in information. Let's go tigers, let's even the series and go back to Texas!
  3. Well I've been on this board for a LONG time and barely post, just read insightful messages like the one the OP started...
  4. Hey thanks for that great piece of knowledge! I concur that I would rather have JV get a little more rest. We already have two fine reps, so I say save our players for the games that matter! (although the ASG does mean "something," but one or two of our players will probably not affect the outcome).
  5. BTW...Happy 24th b-day to Mr. Iorg!! We have the same birthday and year and I am mormon too, so we have a lot in common I guess!
  6. Here, use this site to check out all you want about salaries. http://www.hoopshype.com/salaries.htm
  7. Thanks Louie... Okur has tremendous range for a big man, he went 2 for 2 on 3's yesterday i think. I think they should give him a shot a SF.
  8. He had a career night today against the T'wolves. I would like to see him get more minutes. Also, I was on another Pistons board today, and they seemed obsessed about an idea that we were going to sign Tim Duncan (lol) over the summer and the Pistons would have a top 5 draft pick. I know we have 2 or 3 picks next draft..but does anyone know the exact conditions that have to be met??
  9. Well...I've always liked the Suns cause they have my bud Alton Ford on them.
  10. Tigstros

    Chat ?

    Bueller Bueller Bueller Bueller Bueller Bueller
  11. I reserve 2 tickets if you would pay for the flight from Denver International. haha
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