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  1. What bothers me is that they are same two that signed Miggy in Florida.
  2. I think they stretched the payroll so thin they didn't/couldn't allocate many dollars to that area. The preferred pouring more money into the regular draft, before they capped it anyways.
  3. Did he not notice or not have the time to realize the Tigers were falling behind the curve on international prospects? Or did he realize that after DD left?
  4. What did AA do while DD was here?
  5. They traded JV because they were losing. He was going to decline anyway, so they got something for him before his value diminished to nothing.
  6. When the Tigers traded Justin Verlander for a bunch of prospects that isn't tanking to me. It is trading a current asset for future ones. When the Tigers traded Justin Upton, that can be considered tanking. It was a trade made to lower the payroll without regard to the product on the field. I can see why ownership would want to lower payroll on a team destined to lose 100 games though.
  7. I'm reading Lawrence O'Donnell's book on the 1968 election, fascinating read. A lot of what is going on now has its roots from the fallout of this election. While the democratic convention was going on riots were raging in the streets of Chicago. Anti-war protestors, and numerous journalists, were being beaten by Mayor Daley's police force as they attempted to peacefully protest. Some of the nights rioting was carried live on tv during the convention coverage, they actually cut away from Hubert Humphrey's acceptance speech to show the carnage at on point. As a part of the convention coverage they had a segment where William Buckley debated Gore Vidal. Vidal of course was appalled by what was going on while Buckley tried rationalize the strong arming police tactics. Anyway it's a great video of Buckley getting destroyed and losing his cool.
  8. I live in GR and get calls from classmates i barely knew every so often offering a great business opportunity. So great they had to reach out to someone they barely knew from 30 years ago.
  9. Good video from fangraphs of the Astros getting busted stealing signs during a game.
  10. If Avila trades Verlander at the beginning of 17 he gets a much better deal. If, as it turned out, he waits until the end of the year he gets a much better deal. He traded JV while he was struggling, and he would pitch much better the rest of the year. They didn't get Whitley or Tucker so i was disappointed. And TBF neither of those 2 have broken through yet either. Those decisions are difficult, he may have been under pressure to start unloading some contracts due to how bad the team was doing. JV's career could have ended quickly like Halliday's did and then they get nothing for him and are stuck with the rest of that contract. His decisions to trade JV quickly and hang on to Fulmer wound up being the wrong ones. And cost this team a lot of prospect capital.
  11. I wonder what the average fastball is today versus the mid seventies? I would guess 4-5 mph faster these days, maybe more. I dont' think you can't last these days with a Frank Tanana circa 1987 fastball. And there were numerous guys like him who threw maybe 84 mph. Today's power hitters have even chased all the knuckleballers away. Pitchers have to go full out for almost every hitter in today's game is my guess why SP's can't go more than 7 innings much any more.
  12. The appeal of minor league baseball is that you can stick a team in a small to mid size city and they will support them. And of course there are a lot of those around. College baseball's attendance won't increase that much. I would bet that 80% of the fans at a minor league game live within 30 miles of the park. Those cities that lose their teams will complain, but other than that it will just be the baseball junkies that notice. Although independent baseball has been dying off for a long time it will probably fill in some of the losses. I can see MLB maybe halving the amount of minor league teams. Teams, especially those that are successful at developing talent now, are not going to let that go too much.
  13. I liked Simmons too. He's like Jabrill Peppers but instead of being 5'10 210 he's 6'3 240. Could do a lot of different things with him on the field.
  14. That is DD's MO. Max out the payroll, keep the cream of the crop in the farm and trade the rest. It probably gives a team the best possible shot a winning a world series in the short term, but come with a cost. You're left with some aging players with huge contracts and an empty farm system. I think a fair criticism of him would be that that farm production seems to crater after he's in charge for a while. They were doing well in the draft with Kopech, Betts, and Bradley all taken after the first round. The international program was doing well but has stopped producing recently also. The same things happened in Detroit.
  15. Fangraphs rating system can be misleading. A 45fv could refer to a guy like Campos , a guy with no track record and a ton of potential. Or a player like Wenceel Perez, who looks like a decent bet to have a legit glove at SS but will contribute little offensively. Or a guy like Franklyn Perez, who if he stays healthy could be a rotation mainstay. Rating him a 45, which i believe they did, is a compromise basically. If he stays healthy he's a good bet to be 55fv, his injury history suggests it's unlikely however. The problem with the Tigers postional depth is most of them have low ceilings or a poor track record. And i don't know why these are bullet points.
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