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  1. Whitey Herzog had a good Bob Horner story in his book. Opening day one year, everyone is excited and out on the field early loosening up for the game. Whitey comes into the clubhouse to grab something, and sees Horner sitting by his locker like a "frog on a lilly pad" and asks him why isn't out with the rest of the team. Horner tells him he's tired. Herzog throws his arms up and yells "162 games to go and the man is gassed!"
  2. Can you be a grinder with a weight problem? He's not living the life of a grinder if he's not managing his weight.
  3. OK not super bold, but i doubt many people predict either of those.
  4. Miguel Cabrera hits 30 home runs and the Tigers don't finish last in the central.
  5. Delmon Young was a 5 tool #1 pick in the draft at one time. Fast forward 5-6 years and it was if he aged in dog years. Delmon regressed to the point he was terrible, Cristin was always bad.
  6. The flaw in DD's approach was it required high payrolls to maintain, which eventually become unsustainable. But for a few years it probably does maximize the odds of winning a world series. What DD did to turn the core that went to world series in 06 to the WS teams a few years later was impressive though. Other than a year or two where they weren't very good they became one of the best teams in baseball in pretty short order. Aside from Verlander it was almost an entirely new cast and was built largely on Mr I's willingness to spend.
  7. I couldn't find it but Kyle Ryan who had a useful year with the Cubs in 19 was quoted in an article discussing his recent success. He said when he got to Chicago they started going over things like spin rates, something they didn't do in Detroit. For someone who doesn't have a 95 mph fastball it was huge in helping him refine his arsenal. I am sure they are behind the times when it comes to technology and analytics, let alone teaching a modern approach. AA and Chaad are both in their 60's i believe, so it's hard to see them being the catalysts for driving the player development group into the current day thinking. Kaline probably runs that group lol, and tells anyone with a computer to stay away from him.
  8. Many players get college paid for as a part of their contracts, although later round picks probably do not. If the player wants to hedge their bets, then going to college may be a good choice. But my point stands, if becoming a major league player is the ultimate goal, then becoming a professional out of high school is the better choice. College will be there if the baseball thing doesn't work out. College coaches are there to win games, not develop major leaguers. So overuse for pitchers is common. And it's a bit of a different game with aluminum bats. For hitters and pitchers years are spent learning skills that may become obsolete when they switch to wood. Yea, if you are a 20th rounder with a $1000 bonus they are telling you this is a long shot, so investing 4-6 years with no fall back may not be the best career choice. But that doesn't mean the odds would improve if they went to college.
  9. When you losing 100 games a year there is a reason you got there. And in the Tigers case it has been not developing homegrown, cost controlled talent. They have to figure out how to reverse that trend, and i don't see much evidence of it happening lately. The Tigers top ten does not include any positional player originally drafted or signed by Detroit, aside from Greene who was a top 5 pick. And I agree the Tigers do take the highest rated player on the board with their first pick, regardless of age. After that however it is almost exclusively college, for going on 16 years now. Chaad drafted Dustin Pedroia in the second round out of college before he got to Detroit and I swear he has been trying to replicate that pick ever since. High School kids are far, far better off going professional out of high school regardless of their draft position. They hit free agency earlier and again are trained to be successful major leaguers year round from the get go. Picks after the top 15 or so are getting less than 2.5M bonuses and that simply is not worth pushing the FA clock back 3 years and going to college.
  10. While it certainly is nice to see 5 players on the BA top100 list, the system as a whole is still pretty thin. Skubal was a nice find, but other than that if it weren't for hitting on a couple of top 10 overall picks the system would be barren. They simply can not draft and develop positional players. The Yankees are famous for having a very effective player development program in place and churn out young players every year it seems. They like to draft high school kids, and along with their strong Latin American presence, get them into camp, and start teaching them how to become major leaguers while they are still growing and developing. They immediately start working out at the correct MLB projected position, train year round, and are taught by seasoned professionals who have their long term interests in mind. The Tigers on the other hand like to draft college players after the first round who are further along growth wise, and have easier to project ceilings. You either find nice athletes who couldn't hit in college, or marginal athletes who have a tool or 2. There is value to be had there, but finding top prospects after the first round is rare. I have suspected for a while the Tigers don't put the money into the development programs that other more consistently successful teams do, and like to let colleges do that for them as a money savings.
  11. I guess they got to find a couple of guys to take the mound every 5 days, but this is such an Avila signing. If Nova hits his 90th percentile ceiling he may bring back a C+ level prospect. Hard to get excited or at least find any reason for optimism at all on these types of signings.
  12. The only thing that prevented previous generations from using technology to cheat was the absence of the requisite technology.
  13. A video of Skubal from last night, via MILB https://cuts.diamond.milb.com/Homebase/2019/2019-07/19/3a596c7d-bfd25998-ce4abe32-csvm-diamondx64-asset_640x360_29_960K.mp4
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