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  1. AA obviously wasn't ready to pull the trigger on a rebuild this past off season, and trading your #1 starter for a bag of prospects is what a rebuilding team does. Short of a rash of Nov-Mar injuries, not much was going to change that.
  2. Part of the fun of following the minor leaguers is reading the scouting reports, seeing them play if you are able, and then making your own projections. So then when you read someone on here write Grayson Greiner is a good prospect you can disagree with them.
  3. Well they have already tried to trade JV, allegedly, don't know why they would not revisit that this off season. And if JV is on the table why wouldn't Upton be as well? I take AA's statement of not being ordered to cut payroll as they won't be including a valuable piece like Fulmer in a deal to offset a bad contract being included in a trade.
  4. This is where the "just tread water" or the "middle ground" crowds argument falls apart IMO. 156M and that is before raises to Iggy, Casty, and filling out the rest of the roster. Basically around 165-175M to field the same team they have now. AA wouldn't trade prospects last year so he more that likely wont next year either. That leaves free agency to find a SP or 2, 2 good bullpen arms, and a rightfielder. It doesn't seem likely to me that they will continue to spend like they have given the current state of the organization.
  5. I don't care what they spend, but at some point they are going to care. We're talking 8-9 figures worth of money spent on hanging onto guys when it looks unlikely these players will get them into the playoffs. And then there is the trade opportunity value lost as well. And that just adds years to the rebuild. I'm encouraged that the AA hasn't been forced into pure salary dumps so far and hope that the decisions they make in the next year or 2 will be based on what is best for the future of the Tigers and not pure cost savings.
  6. If this were gambling, and it is, half hardheartedly trying to win is a horrible play. We've seen what they costs can be by hanging onto JD and JV are. The turned a monster package for Verlander into nothing. And now have to hang onto him in the hopes he regains value to the point they can just get rid of the contract at some point in the future. And they probably reduced JD's value by 50% by waiting to deal him at the deadline. In order to realistically give this team a chance next year the payroll will have to be around 175M. Or they could trade Verlander and trade Upton if he opts in and have payroll around 90-100M. It's not my money but that is a big gamble.
  7. Upton's decision on whether or not to opt out will have very little to with the current and future state of the Tigers team. If the Tigers do rebuild they will want to trade him anyway. Perhaps it could swing a close call but it will be a business decision.
  8. A mixed bag of trades he had to make to fill holes that for the most part didn't get filled. Losing Green sucks but Wilson helped last year and should get us a decent return here soon. Couple this with his blah free agent signings and it's pretty underwhelming a track record.
  9. I think you are going to be pretty upset by the moves the Tigers make for the next few years.
  10. I agree it isn't a great comp but Trumbo was a corner outfielder coming off from a 47 hr season and got half of what Upton is payed.
  11. Power is up this year are a several guys who can hit 30 hrs and are defensively challenged who could be traded. JD is more of a complete hitter but I don't think the return will be as good as years past. I don't think Upton ops out either. Trumbo is somewhat comparable and he only got like 12M for 3 years last year.
  12. Whether or not a rebuild or a retool is going to happen depends on what ownership is willing to spend. After raises to bring back the same team should cost about 160-165M. And that is minus JD, Avila and J Wilson. If you keep JW add 4-5M. Now with attendance dropping, tv numbers declining, a poor farm system, and an aging core, do you think ownership is going to dump enough money into filling the holes in RF, CF, C and the bullpen to make this team playoff worthy? AA wouldn't trade some of the better prospects this year so it doesn't seem logical that he will next year either. We'll find out but i think it is unlikely they increase payroll and at that point you might as well just rebuild IMO.
  13. He's healthy, throwing strikes, the results are good, nothing to worry about. When they held him back from a full season assignment I was little concerned, but he seems to be on track.
  14. The Cubs gutted and rebuilt. St Louis drafts and develops young players far, far better than the Tigers have.