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  1. Stanley68

    JD Traded to Arizona

    Honestly if they get a solid #3 starter in Perez, and a couple of decent position players Avila will have done well considering none of the prospects acquired were thought of as impact guys. And teams weren't offering impact guys it seems. Where Avila deserves criticism is for waiting too long to begin the rebuild. He trades JV at the beginning of last year and maybe he gets an impact prospect. If he trades Fulmer a year ago this time maybe he gets on or two. Only Perez was considered a top 100 guy.
  2. Stanley68

    2018 Draft Pick Watch

    When the prospects MAIN area of concern is control or lack thereof, it is not a good thing to walk a lot of guys. Do you disagree?
  3. Stanley68

    2018 Draft Pick Watch

    Perez has durability issues, he was on dl in Houston also. His lat problems, which have prevented him from pitching at all, are concerning and a step back. Manning has walked 10 guys in has last 3 starts, he is not progressing. Fangraphs has Faedo as the #13 prospect in the system. The Tigers system. Behind Lugo, Soto, and Gerber, which they just updated in May. BA had him in the 50-75 overall range in the winter. His velocity is down, which is a major red flag. It's not all doom and gloom and Manning could start throwing strikes tomorrow and Faedo get his velocity back. But so far, this year, the lack of progress among the top pitching prospects has been disappointing.
  4. Stanley68

    2018 Draft Pick Watch

    That is pretty disappointing. The pitching we hoped would take a step forward are doing the opposite. This is going to be a long rebuild.
  5. Stanley68

    2018 Michigan Football

    Last year Michigan had historically bad play from the QB position. Peters lead the team with 4 TD passes for crying outloud. Part was having a horrible offensive line, part was having almost an entirely new set of receivers, and part was the QB's they did have were bad. Speight regressed and got hurt, OKorn sucked and Peters wasn't ready. The offense almost literally can't be worse. If Warriner gets the oline to even a mediocre level it will represent a huge improvement. It will depend on the tackles of course, but they are solid up the middle. Pass pro was the problem and most of that was communication on stunts and blitzes which Drevno couldn't coach. Vast improvement in protecting the QB is possible. And they already were a decent if not solid run blocking group. The freshmen receivers they had to rely on last year will be better simply by not being freshmen. The upside in that group is phenomenal and if they had a QB last year who had either the time or talent to get them the ball we may have already seen it. The RB's and TE's are fine. No stars but solid and they all return from last year. If Patterson is a player it just comes down to the online. Michigan had OSU beat the last 2 years with a decent QB. And Okorn had one of the worst games in team history against MSU and they still almost won. The defense was top ten overall and looks to be even better this year. If Warriner turns the line around this team can compete for a national championship.
  6. Stanley68

    2018 Draft Pick Watch

    By pitching to contact I mean throwing a lot of 2 seamers and sliders around the knees. When you have the guy 1-2 stick to the plan, don't try a set up pitch in the hopes of a strikeout later on. That type of stuff. I agree all pitchers mix it up, but they have game plans.
  7. Stanley68

    5/27 @ 1:10 Chicago White Sox vs Detroit Tigers

    Well right now they aren't even close to contention so I would lean towards leaving prospects in the minors and adding years in the future when they may be contenders.
  8. Stanley68

    5/27 @ 1:10 Chicago White Sox vs Detroit Tigers

    Why start Stewart's clock when the Tigers are going no where anyway?
  9. Stanley68

    2018 Draft Pick Watch

    The last few years more and more players have adjusted their swing to lift the ball more, which is the upper cut swing. The natural enemy of an upper cut swing is a firm fastball up in the zone. For years Dave Duncan and the White Sox pitching coach, whose name escapes me right now, turned failing power pitchers around by teaching them how to pitch to contact. And with so many guys now being able to hit the long ball contact pitchers are at risk. Both styles still work when executed properly of course. There were a few times in JV's career where for long stretches he looked like he was headed back towards the middle of the pack and maybe pitching to contact more might have been something to look at. But trying to turn a 25 year old JV , who could locate a 99 mph fastball into the 8th inning, is just old school stupidity.
  10. Stanley68

    2018 Draft Pick Watch

    I don't think Chaad and co. have been horrible at drafting, they have a poor philosophy when it comes to setting their board. They have had multiple hits in the first round, just no stars and little afterwards. And as far as Burrows, Manning, and Faedo, only Burrows is currently looking like a future rotation piece. And he looks like a 3-4 type. Manning has like 26 walks in 30 innings and Feado's fb is down significantly from last summer. Even Soto is having major problems with control. And Perez is on the dl and Funkhouser is looking like a reliever. Stewart breaking out is huge though.
  11. One of the reasons Smyly dropped to the Tigs in the 2nd round was because of shoulder issues in college. If anything they limited his innings and took as good of care of his arm as they could.
  12. Stanley68

    Bunting to beat the shift. Why is that wrong?

    Ron Gardernhire wouldn't allow his team to bunt break up a no hitter.
  13. Some positive thoughts on Al Avila. 1 His background is in scouting and he was in charge of Latin American scouting for the Marlins when they signed Cabrera. So he definitely has the pedigree to locate some talent with the expanded pools they will have for a while. I believe DD, and possibly Illitch, weren't believers in spending big in LA during his tenure in Detroit. 2 Even though he was probably instructed to win in 2016 and 2017 he resisted the temptation to move any significant young talent. He seems to be committed to building a strong farm. 3 The deadline deals, while not clear home run wins, brought in a ton of needed talent. They look to have realized they have a definite need on the middle of the diamond and focused on acquiring talent to help them there.
  14. Count me as one who is not impressed with AA so far. He has basically been GM'ing in two totally different environments so far however. He definitely failed trying to patch holes on the aging cores of 2016 and 2017. How many FA's that he signed during that period were outright released before their deal was up? I'll give him a pass on going for it in those years and then the timing of the actual rebuild. I think most likely ownership was involved in 2017 and obviously in 2016. Is up to leading a successful rebuild? I can't criticize the rebuild trades but none of them were impressive and he hasn't really done anything this off-season that sticks out. Signing Fiers strikes me as bringing someone in to give them some innings rather than a potential bounce back guy that could build some trade value like they should be targeting. This is his first shot at being a GM and he might be fearful of hanging a string of last place finishes on the board when the primary concern should be taking chances and building a core as quickly as possible.