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  1. Stanley68

    Fist City: population...Rod and Mario

    Too many play by play guys seem to have been produced in broadcaster factories and possess just the basic knowledge of the sport they are calling. And are evaluated on their grammar and diction, not their personality. The retired baseball players that have the ability and training to become a PBP announcer is disappearing. I suspect that those who could do it aren't give the opportunity. The ability to spin a tale like the 1950's minor leaguer who was called up to cover for an injured starter. But he missed the game because his cab was in an accident, only to never be recalled again is not there. The Red Wings play by play guy can do that. Not many in baseball can.
  2. Stanley68

    Avila Approval Right Now?

    Avila is the cigar chewing cliche from Moneyball. His first scouting assignment was Davey Lopes.
  3. Stanley68

    Avila Approval Right Now?

    The problem I had with the JD trade was not the return, but when it was made. By delaying the rebuild until after the 2016 team failed they wound up with lesser returns on JV and JD imo. Although to be fair to Avila pulling the plug on that team may have required ownership to sign off on and maybe they didn't want too early on that year.
  4. Stanley68

    2018 Midterm Elections

    I usually vote around 4pm and the ballots are usually in the 100-300 range for mid terms. I received ballot 1033 today, and when I was leaving they were running out and telling incoming people a 20 minute wait for new ones.
  5. Stanley68

    Jets and Lions Gameday thread

    I noticed that Quinn has missed on pretty much all of his defensive picks from his first two drafts. Robinson and Killebrew from his first draft are busts. Tabor can't get on the field and Davis is trending towards bust from the second. Agnew at least has value and may develop into a decent slot.
  6. Stanley68

    Fist City: population...Rod and Mario

    Play by play guys just need to be good at calling the game and just a dash of personality. Impemba can call a decent game but can't even reach the low standard of "dash" for personality. And color guys need personality and baseball knowledge. Rod Allen actually has both and for stretches can be good, but then the cornyness comes out and ruins everything.
  7. Stanley68

    Detroit Lions 2018 Free Agency

    I read the same things about him. And I'm pretty sure that he reported to camp out of shape this year.
  8. Stanley68

    The Tigers should try and sign Manny Machado

    Free agent long term contracts offer diminishing returns as a rule. So by the time the Tigs are contenders, and who knows when that will be, he will have most likely began his decline. Plus it would be adding a couple wins each year and subtracting value gained from the draft. Why not just wait a couple of years and sign a guy when they are closer to winning? IMO short cuts are dangerous. The Cubs drafted in the top ten 4 times, traded for Arrieta, Rizzo, and Russell, and developed Contreras, Hendricks, Jimenez, and Torres before they started spending.
  9. Stanley68

    The Tigers should try and sign Manny Machado

    You don't build cores through free agency, you add to them. Given that the Tigers don't currently have a sufficient core capable of a string a winning seasons, they aren't ready to start adding costly fee agents.
  10. Stanley68

    Meanwhile .. Former Tigers

    The All Began Their Career in the Tigers system team: C McCann/Avila 1B Castellanos 2B Travis SS Adames 3B Saurez LF Granderson CF Maybin/Gorky RF Garcia DH Joyce/Perez SP Verlander SP Porcello SP ???? Smyly SP Buck Farmer SP Dave Rozema Pen: Knebel, Miller, Green, Rodney, Jimenez Oddly the best part of this team is the bullpen, I would say that pen would be in the running for the best in baseball. And you see that they have had a couple of successes in Latin America despite seeming like they never do. Starting pitching would doom this team, beyond JV and Porcello their aren't any guys currently in a rotation that I can think of.
  11. Usually it means it prospects that were just drafted and not eligible to be traded yet or the Tigers have a list they can pick from and it gives them more time to scout.
  12. Rotoworld has it up as well.
  13. Just saw that too. Oakland has some decent hitting prospects, lets hope we got one of them.
  14. Stanley68

    The Tigers Hitting Thread

    I wonder how much the organization has utilized technology in scouting and development? I know the Cubs put potential draft picks through hand/eye coordination tests. And there is a thing called "Trackman" that allows minor leagues coaches to track data like exit velocities, launch angles and more. The Tigers may have this, but then they have to utilize it as well. And i am sure there are other cutting edge technologies being developed as well. With the lack of hitting prospects developing year after year they are doing something wrong and need to figure it out.
  15. Stanley68

    2018 Draft Pick Watch

    If we wound up with from the 5 a front of the rotation guy, a mid rotation guy, and a back end guy i would take that. Say Mize, Manning and Burrows. Even just 2 if they were 3's or better would be acceptable.