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  1. I think what he said was what most people expected would happen. They aren't ready to win so it doesn't make sense to be adding long term commitments right now. They'll add a couple of second division free agents, a pitcher who used to be good, and wait for the prospects to develop. I think it's too early to draw conclusions on Chris's willingness to spend just yet.
  2. The Fords need a football side exec with loads of experience to oversee the team for them. I believe they are trying but they just are jumping from one idea to another. And the Fords are generally the last ones to realize that the GM they have in place is a failure, and when this conclusion is reached a couple of more years of damage has been done.
  3. He played for the Tigers for 5 years and they made the playoff's once, finishing with losing records 3 times. His first year was fantastic and after that he was average. He was an important part of the 2006 team that went to the world series.
  4. And by 2005 he posted on OBP of 290 and a 735 ops.
  5. It's possible, it's just not probable. They literally do not have a single position player who has performed at an above average level in the bigs for more than a few months. Well not counting Miggy. And they had the worst pitching in baseball last year. Doesn't look to me like a time to start finishing off the team and adding high priced free agents.
  6. Because by the time the Tigers are most likely going to be competitive it will be 2023 or 2024. At that point you have a 32-33 declining catcher tying up dollars, and if Dingler pans out it won't even be at a position of need. Just because AA has made mistakes and this rebuild is taking longer than it could have is no reason to throw the plan out the window and start making long term commitments to depreciating assets. Just let this core develop and add to it when they are close, which they are not right now. If a lot of things come together this year it could be next offseason.
  7. Would it be nice to add good players to the team, of course. Does it make sense for the team that just finished with the third worst record in baseball and had the worst pitching in baseball to sign a 30 year old catcher to a high dollar long term contract? Of course not.
  8. What bothers me is that they are same two that signed Miggy in Florida.
  9. I think they stretched the payroll so thin they didn't/couldn't allocate many dollars to that area. The preferred pouring more money into the regular draft, before they capped it anyways.
  10. Did he not notice or not have the time to realize the Tigers were falling behind the curve on international prospects? Or did he realize that after DD left?
  11. What did AA do while DD was here?
  12. They traded JV because they were losing. He was going to decline anyway, so they got something for him before his value diminished to nothing.
  13. When the Tigers traded Justin Verlander for a bunch of prospects that isn't tanking to me. It is trading a current asset for future ones. When the Tigers traded Justin Upton, that can be considered tanking. It was a trade made to lower the payroll without regard to the product on the field. I can see why ownership would want to lower payroll on a team destined to lose 100 games though.
  14. I'm reading Lawrence O'Donnell's book on the 1968 election, fascinating read. A lot of what is going on now has its roots from the fallout of this election. While the democratic convention was going on riots were raging in the streets of Chicago. Anti-war protestors, and numerous journalists, were being beaten by Mayor Daley's police force as they attempted to peacefully protest. Some of the nights rioting was carried live on tv during the convention coverage, they actually cut away from Hubert Humphrey's acceptance speech to show the carnage at on point. As a part of the convention coverage they had a segment where William Buckley debated Gore Vidal. Vidal of course was appalled by what was going on while Buckley tried rationalize the strong arming police tactics. Anyway it's a great video of Buckley getting destroyed and losing his cool.
  15. I live in GR and get calls from classmates i barely knew every so often offering a great business opportunity. So great they had to reach out to someone they barely knew from 30 years ago.
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