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  1. Bunting to beat the shift. Why is that wrong?

    Ron Gardernhire wouldn't allow his team to bunt break up a no hitter.
  2. Some positive thoughts on Al Avila. 1 His background is in scouting and he was in charge of Latin American scouting for the Marlins when they signed Cabrera. So he definitely has the pedigree to locate some talent with the expanded pools they will have for a while. I believe DD, and possibly Illitch, weren't believers in spending big in LA during his tenure in Detroit. 2 Even though he was probably instructed to win in 2016 and 2017 he resisted the temptation to move any significant young talent. He seems to be committed to building a strong farm. 3 The deadline deals, while not clear home run wins, brought in a ton of needed talent. They look to have realized they have a definite need on the middle of the diamond and focused on acquiring talent to help them there.
  3. Count me as one who is not impressed with AA so far. He has basically been GM'ing in two totally different environments so far however. He definitely failed trying to patch holes on the aging cores of 2016 and 2017. How many FA's that he signed during that period were outright released before their deal was up? I'll give him a pass on going for it in those years and then the timing of the actual rebuild. I think most likely ownership was involved in 2017 and obviously in 2016. Is up to leading a successful rebuild? I can't criticize the rebuild trades but none of them were impressive and he hasn't really done anything this off-season that sticks out. Signing Fiers strikes me as bringing someone in to give them some innings rather than a potential bounce back guy that could build some trade value like they should be targeting. This is his first shot at being a GM and he might be fearful of hanging a string of last place finishes on the board when the primary concern should be taking chances and building a core as quickly as possible.
  4. The idea is to maximize the returns and the time to move JV was after a season in which he should have won the CY Young. I believe the return would have been better than the Perez deal they ultimately settled for. And JD missing time again last year before the trade deadling probably drove his price down a bit as well. Hard to see them do worse than Dawel Lugo. Ownership might not have allowed AA to start the rebuild at that point, but that was the time to start in hindsight. Given that they would up with the worst record in baseball and all.
  5. You can call it hindsight if you want but the right time to start moving guys was before the season started. And he waited too long on Fulmer. We will never know, but ownership was certainly involved in the decision to rebuild and for all we know they ordered it.
  6. I don't see AA mining for upside in his moves. I see a lot of safe, veteran, been there before signings like Aviles, Pelfrey, and now Fiers. People are trying to give him credit for the Justin Wilson trade to the Cubs forget that the guy AA gave to the Yanks to get Wilson had even better year. A lot better, and is much younger. If the Tigers get one guy from the JD, Kinsler or Upton deals to actually become a first division contributor it will be a surprise. And the Tigers traded a legit front of the rotation starter in JV who was healthy and pitching well for the Astros 3rd best prospect, plus a couple decent add ins. Who happens to be more highly rated for his health and proximity to the majors than his ceiling. Maybe that was the best anyone could have done but I don't see it as a win.
  7. Instead of just starting rebuilding this year, they would be 2 years in with a few more high draft picks, trades and waiver wire dumpster diving finds. I probably would prefer to have had DD lead the rebuild because AA just hasn't impressed and his moves so far seem to be from the rebuilding handbook circa 1975.
  8. During the Dombrowski era they called up, Verlander and Bonderman especially, prospects so early they missed out on climbing as high as they would have in other organizations.
  9. POTUS Impeachment Watch

    I didn't use marijuana as a teen a million years ago because it was illegal. Yes i was a nerd, but i drank from time to time. I suspect that a lot of people have never used MJ because it is illegal. It probably says something about those that do go on to harder drugs that they were willing to break the law and smoke weed. Most draw the line there but if it were legal i doubt that that those who wouldn't use it in the first place would then go on to hard drugs.
  10. Silverdome Memories

    Saw a couple of Pistons games there in the 80's including one against the pre-Jordan Bulls featuring Orlando Woolridge. He had about 5 dunks in the game, since that was the extent of his range. And a finals game against the Lakers the year they lost. Our seats were in the upper deck so far away and above the floor that watching the game was a chore. Also so a few Lions games, probably 4 or so and I believe they were all losses. One was the playoff game where Favre hit Sheppard in the corner of the end zone for the win. Oh and I had a classmate from high school get killed at a Rolling Stones concert there. He fell from the second deck. http://www.mtv.com/news/1433760/rolling-stones-fan-falls-to-death-at-concert/ Won't miss the Silverdome.
  11. I don't have any stats to back up this assertion, but it seems like guys who tend to get injured a lot keep doing just that. While it is encouraging that he hasn't had a major arm injury I think he is probably a greater risk than the average young pitcher to not have a long career.
  12. The Yankees are keeping an eye on payroll and don't want to get rid of 6 years of a cost controlled Torres who they have penciled in the starting lineup next year. They already moved Headley to open up 3rd. If the Tigers can't get a top prospect, and i mean top 10 type, for Fulmer they should wait until the season gets going and hopefully he can prove he's healthy and effective. Of course there is a lot of risk in that as well.
  13. While AA should be focusing on bringing in low budget pieces with upside, ala JD and Mahtook, also bringing in some safe veterans to keep things from getting embarrassing should be expected too I guess. You don't want to be rolling out lineup in July with Machado hitting .175 and Candelario hitting .205. Although bringing back Santiago and Halter won't exactly increase attendance.
  14. The big missteps were not dealing JV coming off from a Cy Young season and not dealing Fulmer at all. JV certainly would have landed more than just Perez and Fulmer may have landed what was traded for Quintana. JD may not have landed a A/A- type if they dealt him earlier, but it would have been better than Lugo. And who knows they may have done better than just dumping Kinsler had they tried harder. And I agree AA is not impressing at all with the moves he is making. His background is in scouting, especially Latin American scouting, but so far his judgements in free agent signings and other moves are not looking good.