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  1. A video of Skubal from last night, via MILB https://cuts.diamond.milb.com/Homebase/2019/2019-07/19/3a596c7d-bfd25998-ce4abe32-csvm-diamondx64-asset_640x360_29_960K.mp4
  2. Take Tampa Bay for example. In the last 10 years or so they have drafted and developed about a dozen good starting pitchers that had nice runs of success. James Shields, Wade Davis, Jeremy Hellickson, Matt Moore, Alex Cobb, Jake McGee, Blake Snell and a number of others were all drafted from high schools. Even guys they traded for like Archer and Odorizzi were HS school guys. Drafting college guys at the top of the draft makes sense. If they are rated that highly they must have MLB ready stuff with little projection needed to see them at the top of a rotation. Over use in college is a concern as well as adapting the pitching style from the aluminum bat to wood. But beyond that going the HS route seems to make more sense to me. If i was the father of a young pitcher with MLB ability i would rather he went pro out of high school then pitch even a couple of years for a college coach that may not have his best interests in mind.
  3. Look I'll bash AA and the Tigers development team as much as anyone but this is not true. AA was an international scout in his younger days and when he was with the Marlins had a few hits including Miggy And they have had a few hits here like Saurez, Adames, and Jimenez here. Probably says something that the only good positional guys they signed recently developed after they traded them. They just haven't had very many. Has Detroit had a SP come out of latin america since DD and AA arrived? The Braves have very good prospects coming up every year it seems. IMO it is part that they have a spread the money around approach to international signings. They would rather sign ten 5'9 middle infielders and 6'0 pitchers than a a couple of top guys. And part is they just don't develop hitters very effectively. They do the same thing with the draft, they concentrate on college players, their top 30 BA list had just 4 high school guys. Although that's probably Chaad trying to find the next Dustin Predioa.
  4. The question with Manning has always been can he show the kind of command to project him to be a #1 or #2. He is so far this year, that's huge for the Tigers.Along with Mize, that gives the Tigers the best 2 starters in one organization in MLB.
  5. Don't the lions two gap the defensive front most of the time? A 285 lbs dt can't 2 gap in the pros. For some reason they had Oliver do a lot of that in college and he wasn't that good at it against college o-lineman. That would make him basically a rotational guy, which you don't draft int the top ten.
  6. I've read he was a legit 1st/2nd round arm, had TJ surgery, came back and couldn't throw strikes. He dropped as a result and the Tigers took a flier. He's a lefty that runs it up to 97. A guy in my fantasy league drafted him and i had no idea who he was. I originally thought he wasn't in Detroit's system and he put the wrong team down. First time somebody drafted a Tiger minor leaguer i had never heard of.
  7. That was a generation lost because they never rebuilt. For the first half they had Sparky and a clueless Monahan led front office. Sparky wanted no part of rebuilding so they signed a string of mid level free agents that propped them up to a near .500 team for about 5-6 years. And they had a good 10 year stretch where the drafts were historically bad. So they bottomed out and when they finally did decide to rebuild Sparky bolted. The Tigers brought in another bad front office unfortunately. After some bad trades and bad drafts about 3 years into the rebuild the Tigers got impatient because they had a new stadium opening. So they started trading young guys and signing free agents which of course failed and set them back even further. When they finally did decide to rebuild and do it right with a decent front office, did they finally start to put together a core and win again. I'm encouraged that they aren't cutting corners like the Sparky years, aren't doing crazy things like drafting relievers first overall and trading good pitching prospects like Lima for veteran catchers like the Smith years, and seem to be more like the early DD years. How well they draft and how shrewd they are in dealing or hanging onto guys like Fulmer and Boyd will determine how soon they are contenders again. Whether they lose 85 games this year or 105 won't make much of a difference in the end.
  8. In terms of interest, this is going to be the toughest year for the hardcore fan base. The majority of the top prospects traded for and drafted since the white flag trades are going to be pushed slowly, as they should. The farm system, despite the trading of all the movable pieces they had in 2017 and a draft class that had us drafting first, is still firmly middle of the pack, which points out that this rebuild will likely take several more years. And now the top young player they foolishly retained is out for a year and his career in doubt. Our off season additions included the worst starting pitcher among qualifiers last year, a journeyman SS expected to get 500 AB's, and a second baseman also expected to get 500 AB's that had a .285 obp last year. He might lead off. Next year we'll probably see many of the best young prospects start hitting Detroit, the top draft classes will start to pile up, and hopefully AA will find a diamond in the rough somewhere. Given how weak the central is, we could be a .500 team in 2021 with a couple of breaks. How long until they have a championship type core in place remains to be seen.
  9. Too many play by play guys seem to have been produced in broadcaster factories and possess just the basic knowledge of the sport they are calling. And are evaluated on their grammar and diction, not their personality. The retired baseball players that have the ability and training to become a PBP announcer is disappearing. I suspect that those who could do it aren't give the opportunity. The ability to spin a tale like the 1950's minor leaguer who was called up to cover for an injured starter. But he missed the game because his cab was in an accident, only to never be recalled again is not there. The Red Wings play by play guy can do that. Not many in baseball can.
  10. Avila is the cigar chewing cliche from Moneyball. His first scouting assignment was Davey Lopes.
  11. The problem I had with the JD trade was not the return, but when it was made. By delaying the rebuild until after the 2016 team failed they wound up with lesser returns on JV and JD imo. Although to be fair to Avila pulling the plug on that team may have required ownership to sign off on and maybe they didn't want too early on that year.
  12. I usually vote around 4pm and the ballots are usually in the 100-300 range for mid terms. I received ballot 1033 today, and when I was leaving they were running out and telling incoming people a 20 minute wait for new ones.
  13. I noticed that Quinn has missed on pretty much all of his defensive picks from his first two drafts. Robinson and Killebrew from his first draft are busts. Tabor can't get on the field and Davis is trending towards bust from the second. Agnew at least has value and may develop into a decent slot.
  14. Play by play guys just need to be good at calling the game and just a dash of personality. Impemba can call a decent game but can't even reach the low standard of "dash" for personality. And color guys need personality and baseball knowledge. Rod Allen actually has both and for stretches can be good, but then the cornyness comes out and ruins everything.
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