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  1. 2017 Michigan Football

    I agree. If they take Patterson they may lose Peters right away which would leave he 2018 qb situation without any experienced players. And then in 2019 Patterson would have to compete with a returning starter in McCaffrey. Actually I doubt Patterson would come here if has to sit a year.
  2. Wk 12: Vikings vs. Lions: 12:30

    As long as Stafford has these stretches where he misses open receivers I don't think he can be called elite. He can win a game but he can also leave a game on the table due to accuracy issues. While he is improving with age he is just not in that Brady and Rodgers level yet and may never get there.
  3. Not all teams on the bottom are due to rebuilding. Some are small, or even medium, market teams that have had a run of bad drafts, bad personnel decisions or just became old. And if the Yankees just had an off year and finished 500, under that system they would get a higher draft pick which of course is insuring that bad small market teams will have long periods of losing. And tanking IMO is when an owner is far more interested in their personal profit than the welfare of the team. That should be noticeable by long periods of low payrolls and along with that usually is losing. And that is bad for the sport as a whole and could sour a market. Isn't there a caveat in the collective bargaining agreement dealing with franchises that aren't putting forth the investment to be competitive?
  4. Rebuilding means losing games because teams are intentionally trying to get younger and develop the next core. It's also the fastest way to go from one core to another. I'd rather have the Tigers take the quickest route to the next championship team than try to placate the fan base with a bunch of 500 teams for the next 10 years.
  5. That is like saying an unstated goal of dieting is saving money on food. A lower payroll is a byproduct of trading off veterans for young players.
  6. Panthers @ Lions on FOX 1pm eastern

    Dickson and 2 catches for big yards in which on one he was completely ignored and on the other was ignored and then recognized too late. It's not like they tried to stop Dickson but couldn't, just busted coverage. The problem was that there was little pressure on Newton and he had over 5 seconds on way to many drop backs. Whether Ansah was never very good or he isn't healthy, his lack of pressure is hurting them right now.
  7. Which Free Agents might the Tigers pursue in 2018?

    I would expect them to bring in a low end innings eater to keep the staff from being embarrassingly bad. Someone like RA Dickey, Scott Kazmir, or go after Matt Harvey. If Fulmer misses a big chunk of the season it could get pretty ugly.
  8. 2018 Draft Pick Watch

    There has to be a ton of pre-draft legwork done to know what guys will sign for and when they may be available. And then doing the math and hoping the guy you want falls. Seems too risky unless the guys you are choosing from at the top are really close in grades.
  9. #8 Michigan vs. Purdue - 9/23/17

    Hurst, Winovich, and Bush are game changingly awesome. The rest of the D is merely good.
  10. Ausmus being let go?

    It is up on rotoworld too The Tigers will not offer manager Brad Ausmus a contract for next season. General manager Al Avila announced the decision on Friday. It comes as no surprise, as Ausmus has seemingly been on the hot seat for a while now. The Tigers have gone 62-91 this season and will miss the postseason for the third straight year. Source: Detroit Tigers PR on Twitter Sep 22 - 4:16 PM
  11. #11 Michigan vs. #17 Florida - 9/2/17

    Speight has all of about 12 starts under his belt, he can improve. To say he is a placeholder is a bit harsh. He moves well, has a nice arm, and has moved the team in big games when the running game was nonexistent. The gap between he and O'korn is huge. If he can just cut down on the mistakes, which seems very possible if not probable, they a can win a championship with him.
  12. New prospect quality

    Usually when teams think they have a nucleus in place to win the world series, they raise payrolls to maximum levels. When they do not feel like they have that nucleus, the payroll will drop. That is normal and just because ownership will be spending a lot less next year doesn't in and of itself signal that they aren't willing to spend to win anymore when the time comes. It looks like they got as good of a return for the guys they moved as they could. If you pay attention to top 100 lists this off season you should see Perez and Candelario. Maybe Paredes. We will probably be able to tell if Mr I's kids are going to be more frugal going forward if they avoid free agency completely and don't spend all of the draft and international pool money. And then if and when they do develop a core we will really find out. The fact that they ate money in the JV trade to get a decent prospect package suggests that we aren't going to suddenly turn into the Rays at least.
  13. 2018 Draft Pick Watch

    The problem i have with how they have been running the draft and international markets is their philosophy. They lean heavily towards college guys and arms over bats. I posted a while ago that in the second they went college in 9-10 drafts (with the exception being Jake Thompson). And 7 of those were arms. Toss in that they value college relievers as highly as they do and you wind up with the kind of system they have. A high school kid will tend to have a higher ceiling and lower floor than an equally graded college guy. So they have a lot of guys with nice skills but modest tools. Internationally they have spread their money out over more players rather than go after the big fish. The biggest bonus they have given is like 1.1M while each year the top players get around 3M. They have had a few success stories and with very high picks they will go after ceiling. But the absolute failure of this organization in developing all star level hitter/fielders starts here.
  14. Justin Verlander Traded to Astros

    I'm not against trading these guys per se, but if they are not offered anything better than a marginal prospect it probably wouldn't be worth it. McCann would be an especially difficult decision if he becomes a 800+ ops guy. He would net us a ton, but finding a catcher to replace him on the next hypothetical winner would also be a chore.