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  1. This is probably correct as the Whitecaps Winter Banquet is January 23 & it is co-oordinated with Tigerfest....
  2. Ryan came to West Michigan the last 6 weeks of the 02 season & only was here the first 3 weeks of the 03 season before his promo to Lakeland...guess every can have their opinions but to keep dragging it on & on.. gets old really fast when there is so much good to talk about...like Is DD going after some Pitching?
  3. Wish you folks would find another "thing" to beat up...Let him go in Peace! Find someone else to tear up....Our family wishes Ryan nothing BUT THE BEST & hope he land with a team, if that is his wish....Hoping his injuries are behind him and he is given a fresh start...Ryan is one classy guy & not just saying that because he stayed with us his 2 West Michigan seasons either....Grandma G & Family
  4. I really thought Pitching would be # 1 on his list. . . grrrr...
  5. AOTHER OUTFIELDER?? GOOD GRIEF! What about the PITCHING ?!? Come on DD ! Use your head. . .
  6. NICE...You are a COOL TIGER, Roger!! GO TIGERS....
  7. He looked really bad.....Dave & Jim holding/steadying him. . . .Stay Strong for the W S, Mr I and Thank you.....
  8. No wonder the players get such big bonus's with the prices for the tickets...every series they skyrocket! But that's OK....I have the BEST SEAT IN THE HOUSE...Behind Home Plate......Center Stage.......no dress code & all the free foos I want to fix! LOL...GO TIGERS!! ALL THE WAY, BABY !!
  9. DEBATE? Tigers were on & Miguel was crowned with the Triple Crown.....Debate? You don't actually believe that they will do what they say, do you? Hsven't seen it yet in my 70 years....not gonna start now....Congress has to work with them & that NEVER HAPPENS !! GO TIGERS! Congrats Miguel !!
  10. guess I missed that post...where was it/who...?
  11. Dons shirt came to day, a surprize to him...Very NICE...love the details on FRONT AND BACK !! Some folks think it is 2 shirts, nope just 1 but very well done!!
  12. We can't remember but i think the host families had the opportunity to order then...no discount either!! The last couple, Don went right to the local Company, TerryBerry, that made the rings & ordered his....the Whitecaps didn't have to handle orders, etc...I certaily hope the Lakeland Front Office offers that option to their fans...hope they check w/Whitecaps to see what they did...It is a big deal, especially since we had the players stay with us, that we could share in that joy too!
  13. Ordered one to surprise Don yesterday...web says $5,00 per each for shipping but Tom was going to charge me $8.0 to ship 1 shirt! Said it would be FedEx...well I don't need it that fast, but he did only charge me 5.00 for shipping...just beware...Web say 5, then don't push 8.00..oh well, we Had to have one, since Dan was with us 4/5 of our season...so excited these guys will get rings....sure would be great if the ring ceramony is when we are at ST...sure that won't work it... just so happy for the guys & LFT Fans!!
  14. See, we are so used to this in West Michigan....except for the last 2 years! SO happy for our Lakeland Fans...
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