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  1. I works in Firefox for me, but I can not get it to work in Chrome
  2. BringBackLou

    What you think MTS user looks like.

    I figure I should answer this question. Things are good. Busy with all the kids, work, etc. I actually have an updated picture of the kids from the baseball game two weeks ago. I figured that my avatar was 12 years old so I should probably update it.
  3. Who cares about the game! Derek Jeter is retiring!!! Nothing else matters.
  4. 1 inning... 3 LOB... here we go again! (sorry.. this thread was too positive for being a game thread)
  5. BringBackLou

    Best Comerica Park seats

    This sounds good to me. Thanks Oblong! We might only need 6 tickets though since the 2 year won't sit much anyways. Let me know when we can pick up the tickets. Also, your address, social security number, birthday, credit card number and mother's maiden name will be needed so we can authenticate the purchase.
  6. BringBackLou

    Best Comerica Park seats

    I hate bumping old threads, but this thread mentioned obstructed view seats. I'm looking at coming up next weekend, I see some tickets in section 337 that are obstructed view, but I believe this is just because of the glass/railing. Does anyone know of any other reason why these would be obstructed? Or, if anyone has 7 tickets they want to give away that would make my decision much easier Thanks!
  7. BringBackLou

    What you think MTS user looks like.

    We know that this is really Sue as a kid :
  8. BringBackLou

    What you think MTS user looks like.

    I though we had destroyed that picture!
  9. BringBackLou

    Cheap things to do in Orlando

    I did think about heading over to Tigertown just to check things out, but those plans changed a little when we learned that the Clearwater Aquarium was closed for the filming of the next Dolphin Tale movie (my kids were really bummed). I'm looking at KSC's website and it looks like general admissions tickets get you "Special Viewing for Rocket Launches". The more we look at KSC the more we get excited about it.
  10. BringBackLou

    Cheap things to do in Orlando

    Thanks for the ideas. Yeah, we've heard good thing about Disney, but none of the kids are really excited about it. We have looked into KSC and going to Cocoa beach while over there. We are definitely looking into going to watch the launch. I looked up Downtown Disney and that's something I think we'll look in to also. Someone mentioned to us visiting one of the hot springs in the area too.
  11. Hey all you Florida people! I'm bring my family to Orlando in two weeks and am wondering a couple things : 1) Do you know any home school groups in the Orlando area that we could possibly team up with for a group field trip to Kennedy Space Center? If we can get a group of 15 the cost is a LOT cheaper. 2) Do you know of any cool cheap (aka free) things in the Orlando-ish area to do? Obviously NOT Disney - we have no desire to go there. We basically were given a free weak at a condo in Orlando from my parents, and want to keep our budget as low as possible. Obviously, since the Tigers will be in the World Series while we are down there, getting together with other Tigers fans to watch a game would be cool too as long as you can handle me and my family (all seven of us!). Thanks!
  12. BringBackLou

    Helpful Hints and Tips Thread!!!

    We did this for a number of years, yes it does work, and get's clothes clean, but the colors fade a lot, and the whites being very dingy grey fast. After a couple of years we went back to using Sam's jumbo laundry detergent.
  13. BringBackLou

    Bluetooth SmartWatch

    They've gone a long ways since I owned this : Casio C-80 Calculator Watch (1980) - Math class got REAL easy! and this : Timex Data Link 150 (1994) - The flashing lines on the monitor were awesome! You had to hold the watch just perfect!