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  1. i get a feeling that we should wait till someone gets desparate and give us what we need ie texas has done nothing and lost hamilton so porc for prospar or elvis
  2. a trade of porcello should only be for an everyday shortshop; not a relief pitcher or platoon lf...that would be a huge mistake...we do not have to trade him now but can closer to trade deadline unless an elvis andras type player emerges via trade; I say no to dee gorden as he seems like a berry
  3. I think we can use garcia/dirks trandum in lf and would package porc and peralta for elvis in texas as they have 2 up and coming prospects or to cinny for Billy Hamilton 22 yr old prospect good eye, avg, stealer; Starlin Castro cubs; etc...I would only send porc out if we get a toolsy ss with a good glove...now we need DD to find one ready for the big leagues
  4. yes it was overpay in many ways but def worth the risk and now we can trade porcello for another needed part for a world series wins this time around ie trade for a slick fielding shortshop and then we a re set...porcello has hit a wall and best to trade now before other teams start to see that he has reached his max potential...smiley will be fine as #5 and long man in the playoffs
  5. Ken Rosenthal ‏@Ken_Rosenthal Source confirms: #Tigers in agreement with Anibal Sanchez - five years, $80 million. First reported by @BNightengale. Details 1h Ken Rosenthal ‏@Ken_Rosenthal Source: #Cubs increase five-year offer to Anibal Sanchez to $77.5M. #Tigers at $75M. Negotiations continue. Details:grin:
  6. SKORNACKI #Tigers have signed LF to a two-year contract to avoid going to salary arbitration with him next month.
  7. Crawford has stated that he wants to go lower in the batting order like the 3 or 5 spots. Craw also has stated that he does not necessarily likes the larger markets and would be fine w/ Det as a mid market than being in NY. Having Craw at 3 is great because he would distract the pitcher if he were at 1st as a steal threat and the pitcher would have something else on their mind while pitching to Cabby More mistakes????. Rabern could be the 6th and I'd like Dunn as 5. Leave Jack as leadoff and try someone else at 2 (a contact hitter).
  8. Yeah, I should have know that U guys were just bugging me in a good way. I didn't know your humor but thanks for explaining it. I know there are more mature posters (not age just responsible people here) but other sites do personally attack people. I guess I was just being a bit thick skinned due to those other sites. This site is the most intelligent Tiger website for info and posting. Thanks for welcoming to post the good, the bad and the mistakes for the tigers.
  9. No thanks to those that won't allow a typo and chastise someone for not being perfect. Those in glass houses shouldn't..... And yes I don't post much but I read this site 2-3 times a day and have been a loyal tiger fan for 37 yrs. Somehow I don't feel the love or welcomed here by some other posters. Maybe that is why I don't post. Could be.
  10. Now we just need a good lefty leadoff hitter with speed and walk ability. The team is starting to shape up to contend this year and years to come. Twitter / Tim Brown: valverde agrees with tiger ...
  11. How is Gentle Jack?...only Drink traditional JD. Single barrel? waht stuff for the ole lady? LOL:laugh:
  12. Funny posts...I'm toasting for U with a Jack N Coke after playing poker and watching the game tonight...great combo needed for these crappy times...alcohol+Tigers win+Great Day...Whooooo!!!! P.S. Keep having couple showers 2-3 times per week to get the Tigers rollin...you know they will play .600 ball eventually...just hope it's this year:cry:
  13. Was in the US today and saw a rumor mill topic on TV and it said that the TIGERS were the sleeper pick in the A-rod sweepsteaks...could't hear the audio but it was on at about 730-800pm fri nite....might have been espn1 or 2 don't know as I was in another country and don't know the stations...yeah I'm Canadian if you're wondering. Know DD said no on 1270 but...he also said no to I-Rod and Maggs...stay tuned as we wait and A-rod declines the option in a few weeks
  14. I'd let him try one more time for #15 then shut him down...get burnett and make Bondo #2 and he will win 17-20 as the tigs get better luck next season. Robertson may have to become a short/long lefty as he always gets burned in 1 inning...go with maroth until something better....let verlander go loose and let several others fight for #5 pos colon. Burnett Bondo Maroth Verlander Colon or whomever wins the job out of ST
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