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  1. Off the top of my head Kody Kirkland Something Peterson pitcher from 05 or so.
  2. I'm okay with the trade. If Purcey pitches like he has as a reliever it will help the Tigers this season. I was never high on Sizemore and the fact that Rhymes beat him out sealed my opinion. Leyland and Dombrowski are not stupid about baseball, if Sizemore is so superior to Rhymes as an MLBer they would have given the job to Sizemore. 2nd base was/is a position of need with or without Sizemore. The reactions in the thread make you think Cabrera was traded for Pennington with the Tigers paying all the freight.
  3. QB: Andre Ware RB: Gary James, Greg Hill WR: Charles Rogers, Mike Williams, John Ford, Reggie Barrett TE: David Lewis or Pat Carter OL: Aaron Gibson, Juan Roque, Damion Woody, Rick DeMulling, and George Foster DL: Reggie Rogers, Kalimba Edwards, Shaun Cody, Alama-Francis LB: Pat Swilling, Julian Peterson, Teddy Lehman, Ernie Sims S: Van Malone and Brian Walker....many others in contention CB: Fernando Bryant and Robert Massey
  4. The good thing is the Tigers should know about Bonderman early in Spring Training and allow them to go out and get some scrap heapers if they need to.
  5. The price is good and only one year is better. One year deals will never be the worst mistake a club can make.
  6. I'd play him but if the Tiger's lose the game the Tigers need to give him a good old Full Metal Jacket soap and washcloth party in his hotel room. I'd love to see DD whisper in his ear that it was only a dream fat boy.
  7. C. Rodriguez 1B. Cabrera 2B. Polanco 3B. Palmer SS. Guillen LF. Higginson CF. Granderson RF. Ordonez DH. Clark C. Ausmus 1B/OF. Young INF. Easley 3B/Util. Inge OF. Encarnacion SP. Verlander SP. Bonderman SP. Weaver SP. Robertson SP. Jackson CL. Jones BP. Zumaya BP. K. Farnsworth BP. Patterson BP. Walker BP. Moehler
  8. I'd prefer to see C. Ryan P. 2 pitchers 3b. Hessman I'd like a legitimate defensive third sacker to back up Inge, If Sizemore can play 3b I'd prefer him though OF. Clevlen defensive replacement, PR, platoon with Granderson in CF
  9. Why would Jackson be on a toughest to trade list?
  10. Guillen in a landslide assuming the Tigers win cutting Ordonez. They could bring Guillen back at 1M per plus incentives for one year if they wanted to.
  11. I would not release Dontrelle unless he refuses to be DL'ed or optioned. I believe there is a slim chance that if he loses 25-40 pounds or what ever the magic number is that he can still be good. His weight may have cost him flexibility and made it more difficult to repeat his delivery. It's the only thing that hasn't been tried but I doubt Dontrelle can do it. He has fought for his career for over a year now and hasn't done much to improve his body. Heck even this year he could have lost 20 pounds easy since Spring Training.
  12. I think the Tigers will need the thump from Thames's bat. I have minimal faith in Guillen being healty and or effective. Guillen has shown little for almost 3/4 of a season. I don't trust Clete Thomas. The guy can't hit in Toledo and hits 30-40 points higher in MLB. There is little in Clete's track record in the minors to suggest he is a good hitter. I would exercise caution in dealing Thames.
  13. It would be tough to get the payroll down to 100 mill for next season. They're already on the hook for 102.1 mill just with Ordonez, Sheffield Guillen, Cabrera, Bonderman, Willis, Robertson, Inge, Polanco, Porcello, and Granderson.
  14. I did hear the Mariners TV crew saying that Bonderman is pitching on Sunday instead of Rogers. I have no idea about the details.
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