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  1. Just about everything you say to me is snotty.
  2. If I was snotty, it was because you were that way first. Don't get snotty with me, and I guarantee I won't get snotty with you. It's really that simple.
  3. Look. All I'm going to say is, I come on this board once or twice a week to discuss the Tigers. I feel I've done so in a way that's perfectly respectful to everyone here. Eric happens to have a problem with me, and keeps to trying to pick a fight, which I have no interest in doing. If you want to ban me, go ahead. But all I'm trying to do is come here to talk about the Tigers.
  4. It's a date! No Dipping Dots, though...I have my limits!
  5. Thanks. But enough about me...I'm sure you have better things to do with the 23.5 hours you spend on this board every day than discussing my comings and goings.
  6. That's 20 cents in my pocket! Seriously, thanks a lot. Glad you liked it.
  7. Dude, I'm not following you around or concerning myself with your status on this board. I've disagreed with you on some points, but have done so respectfully. And I just might write another crime book, since the first one was so successful; it sold 30k copies the first month alone. There were some strong, unexpected overseas sales, too. I got a nice, juicy royalty check in the mail last month. Since you seem to be so interested in my comings and goings, I thought I'd keep you abreast.
  8. Seriously...don't you people have anything better to do? Get a hobby, for chrissakes. Go crunch some numbers or something. Write another self-published saber book.
  9. Do you regularly act like this? If someone is rude to their wife when they're under medication, okay. With Miggy, there are now three public incidents in which the cops had to be called becasue of the way he's acted while drunk. I don't know the guy, but all indications are that he has a drinking problem. And when he drinks, he apparently doesn't act like a mature person....i.e., a jerk. But I've already spent way too much time discussing a total stranger. The only thing I really care about Miguel Cabrera is how he performs for the Tigers.
  10. Ok, I see where we stand here. A cop having to knee someone several times to get him in the squad car = "non-aggressive." Gotcha. That cop just decided to knee Miggy because he was bored and needed something to do. It's true that we don't know any of this for sure. Cops do lie sometimes. So I suppose I should preface any statements about this incident with "if the allegations are true...." So here we go: If the allegations are true, then Cabrera seems to be a bit of an a-hole. When he's drunk. Of course, I'm sure he hasn't touched a drop since October, 2009.
  11. That's funny. I "get out" a whole lot, thank you. In fact, your characterization of me couldn't be less accurate. But I don't understand where you're coming from on this. All I'm saying is, if someone gets drunk often and acts like a jerk when they do, then as far as I'm concerned, they're a jerk. I don't care if they're nice when they're not drinking. Lots of people drink who don't act like a-holes. Are you saying getting drunk equates to a get out of jail free card that enables anyone to act any way they want without consequences? That's what you seem to be arguing here. If I'm wrong, please tell me: What are you arguing?
  12. I agree with all this. As I said earlier, my feelings about Cabrera as a human being are about the same as I'd have for any other stranger: I don't like seeing anyone struggle with personal demons, and I hope he gets them straightened out. If his demons put others in danger, however -- like, say, driving drunk or fighting with cops -- I'm less forgiving.
  13. Okay, then it's not a difference in opinion. Your statement is 100 percent right and I'm wrong.
  14. Ok. I only have one account.
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