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  1. Good point Tyrus. It's time I accept I'm not one of the "right" people and limit my activity on here. Shame, that. I actually bragged on this site to others; that it wasn't like other boards. Sadly, it is...in many ways. Take care Tyrus.
  2. Hey estrepe, surprisingly it has to do a lot with it. Sadly too.
  3. Uh...who started it back up again genius? Not me! I don't "like the attention" and I'm not "the subject". But you've definitely confirmed beyond a shadow of a doubt what you are.
  4. Hey Tyrus, he didn't just tell me not to respond to baiters. If he had, I'd have looked at it as friendly and respectful advice. But then he went on to tell me to grow thicker skin and to be a man. There was no need for that.
  5. Because you haven't! If you did, you did it privately while addressing me publicly. We can take this private if you want but we're going to discuss it.
  6. Props to you Tyrus. I greatly respect people who aren't afraid to declare the truth.
  7. I haven't done anything wrong and I'm still not. Why don't you stop threatening me for no reason?!?
  8. You're pretty mouthy for someone who is no longer "the ruling class". Props to your mother for coming up with "E-hurt".
  9. So would I, if I took it as advice. I took it as a threat, given for no reason. I don't take too kindly to double standards, nor to bullying.
  10. Yeah it's too bad. That wasn't my intent and I won't accept if anyone tries to blame me. On to other posts...I'm sick of this.
  11. Didn't you say something about not responding to everyone that baits you? We can take this to PM if you want but we're going to discuss this. I am NOT happy...
  12. Well, this time I had to have the last word. It's let go now as I no longer give a damn. Advice taken and I get the feeling I am not allowed to post, but people are allowed to bait me. It's been fun...
  13. Funny how you say that AFTER I defend myself. Why didn't you say it BEFORE I had to defend myself and then maybe I would have said nothing.
  14. Don't tell me to grow some thicker skin or be a man. I served in the military. I am not looking for a response from you. I think you should have addressed the person that was "baiting" me rather than addressing me. Thumbs down Biff. End of discussion.
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