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  1. Good stuff! MWG was ON IT!! And fruit loop was giving spelling advice. Lol
  2. The only reason I have worn #6 on all my jerseys the past 50 years. RIP Mr. Tiger.
  3. Mr. Lubbers just came back from a successful autographing week in Lakeland and shared his wares with yours truly. I supplied the cards and he did the rest. Thank you Dave!!
  4. Dang it, I almost went with the white Old English D on my customs but liked the look of the blue one instead. Oh well, had a 50/50 shot.
  5. I have been making cards of all the Tiger players, coaches, prospects and NRI. Was about done when I noticed I have an error card I need to fix.......
  6. Not totally in love with the 2020 baseball design so I took some creative liberties....
  7. Feb 11 - Pitcher report - 40 days (approximate) Feb 17 - Position players report - 46 days (approximate) Feb 21 - College exhibition - 50 days Feb 22 - first real exhibition - 51 days Mar 26 - Opening day - 84 days Mar 30 - Home opener - 88 days
  8. Did not know he was signing until too late.
  9. Thank you, I will check that site out.
  10. All seven cards sold for $3M about a year later. Story
  11. Any info on the Troy show this weekend or the Taylor Town show next weekend?
  12. Last winter during the caravan I asked Gardy about the Tigers Way manual and if they saw any positive gains over the past summer from it. He looked at me like I was stupid and said that there has always been the Tigers way and there was no new 'manual'.
  13. Moore was 12th on the team in WAR. Not bad considering we had 53 different players this year.
  14. Easy to find, just incredibly expensive.
  15. Steve, how did you do on your goals this year? I did not make a list of goals but did have several highlights: ** Made it to the National with tigerjim65 this year ** Obtained about 150 index cards of past Tigers ** Completed my 1954 Bowman set (less the Ted Williams next to impossible card) **Readjusted my collecting focus and am s l o w l y getting rid of those outside of it
  16. Agreed, looks more like a Bowman than a Topps. I think when I do my 2020 customs, I will leave out all the fluff and keep the team logo and name plate. Much cleaner.
  17. Totally agree. They should be trying to steal signs every time they get to second base. Which wasn't a lot for last years Tigers.
  18. Dwight Evans, BOS/BAL RF, 1972-1991 Steve Garvey, LAD/SDP 1B, 1969-1987 Tommy John, NYY/CHW/LAD/CAL/CLE/OAK SP, 1963-1989 Don Mattingly, NYY 1B, 1982-1995 Marvin Miller, Exec. director of MLB Players Association, 1966-1982 Thurman Munson, NYY C, 1969-1979 Dale Murphy, ATL/PHI/COL OF, 1976-1993 Dave Parker, PIT/CIN/OAK/MIL/CAL/TOR RF, 1973-1991 Ted Simmons, STL/MIL/ATL C, 1968-1988 Lou Whitaker, DET 2B, 1977-1995
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