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  1. I thought it was bear in the cave?
  2. Two weekends ago I took a few hours and made some customs and sent them out. Got the first return back today, thank you Mr. Bolling.
  3. I am pretty sure the Tigers did play the Cubs in the 1984 World Series, here is game 7 between the two teams. Enjoy announcers Ernie Harwell, Harry Carey and Jack Buck.
  4. I figured if they put Baines in, Whitaker becomes a no brainer and Freehan and Lolich have a shot again. 😁
  5. Games on February 25th and March 25th look interesting. Both are Tigers vs. Future Tigers.
  6. Willie Horton had just sat down at Taylortown today when the building was evacuated because of a gas leak. Willie says, "I will autograph outside until I get cold." The promoter set up a table outside in the sunny and everyone got their autographs. Willie Horton IS the man!
  7. My guess is it makes it harder to duplicate.
  8. Stole the idea from a Facebook Group, actually Topps Archives has been doing it for a few years but never really thought to much about it. Anyway, I liked the 1970 Football design so I took that switch some colors around and turned it into a baseball card. I changed the border color to match that of the 1970 baseball and changed other colors to match those of 1968 & 69 Tiger cards. Whatcha think?
  9. Not too bad, looks like something Bowman might put out.
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