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  1. The only reason I have worn #6 on all my jerseys the past 50 years. RIP Mr. Tiger.
  2. Mr. Lubbers just came back from a successful autographing week in Lakeland and shared his wares with yours truly. I supplied the cards and he did the rest. Thank you Dave!!
  3. Dang it, I almost went with the white Old English D on my customs but liked the look of the blue one instead. Oh well, had a 50/50 shot.
  4. I have been making cards of all the Tiger players, coaches, prospects and NRI. Was about done when I noticed I have an error card I need to fix.......
  5. Not totally in love with the 2020 baseball design so I took some creative liberties....
  6. Feb 11 - Pitcher report - 40 days (approximate) Feb 17 - Position players report - 46 days (approximate) Feb 21 - College exhibition - 50 days Feb 22 - first real exhibition - 51 days Mar 26 - Opening day - 84 days Mar 30 - Home opener - 88 days
  7. Did not know he was signing until too late.
  8. Thank you, I will check that site out.
  9. All seven cards sold for $3M about a year later. Story
  10. Any info on the Troy show this weekend or the Taylor Town show next weekend?
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