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  1. He was a man of good birth and excellent education, endowed by nature with a phenomenal mathematical faculty and a most brilliant career before him. You would think he would have made a better umpire.
  2. Arizona Fall League starts tonight. Mike Rabelo, Issac Paredes, Derek Hill and company.
  3. 2020 - Atlantic City, NJ - Atlantic City Convention Center 2021 - Chicago, IL - Donald E. Stephens Convention Center 2022 - Cleveland, OH - IX Center 2023 - Chicago, IL - Donald E. Stephens Convention Center
  4. But does he wear his socks up high??
  5. 1987: I went to the all star game in Oakland and the National in San Fran the same week. Then I started having kids the next fall and have hardly done anything since. 😜 The last National me and jimtiger65 went to together was Atlantic City in 1988.
  6. The Ivan Rodriguez signing actually started the 2006-2014 success years though some would point to Vina. Long live Rogers and the 2020-2032 success years!!
  7. Today or tomorrow, Thursday I am heading to Chicago for the National.
  8. I can take a picture of you by the Auburn Drive-In.
  9. Anyone planning on going this year? August 1-4. MotownWebGuy? Me and jimtiger65 are hooking up Thursday-Sunday for the show. I have never spent more than one day at any past show but looking forward to this year. http://nsccshow.com/ https://www.tristarproductions.com/schedule.html#National
  10. Marlins probably said any deal involving Cabrera includes Willis.
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