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  1. haha, this post made me laugh......but seriously, did you expect anything else?
  2. Yeah, lenzelle smith was fouled on that 2 that tied the game and would've given tOSU a 1 point lead at the end when he would have hit the free throw
  3. My son, Lucas Abraham, was born August 23rd at 23:14, measuring 6 lbs 1 oz, 18.5 inches. He decided to enter the world 3 weeks early so he could watch the Tigers run away with the AL Central. It has truly been a blessing to have him in our lives.
  4. No team has ever received a bowl ban without getting either LOIC or FTM, and this will probably be the case with tOSU
  5. I won't deny this, surround yourself with smart coaches and it can only help
  6. I'm an awful poster, you can say it.....and frankly I'm ashamed of myself for even having that name, but hey that's over with, and now we get to play the waiting game to see how bad ol Tress screwed over the program....
  7. well thanks for clarifying this Dave.....
  8. can't really remember to be honest with you, but it was not an embarassment to be passed over by coach after coach after coach before settling on a guy who wasn't even .500 at smaller schools, but hey, good luck, seems like he is off to a good start with his recruiting
  9. thank you for your well wishes Jon, and good luck with your 5th choice for head coach and turning the ship around, you've got a ways to go!
  10. agreed 100%, and I just wish Fickell would boot them off the team
  11. actually, I was just referring to the period when Tressel was there, when he owned Michigan and posted a 9-1 record. I don't need to live in the past, b/c tOSU is consistently a good team, unlike other teams who haven't done much recently....but thanks for the input!
  12. oh, no it certainly does go in cycles as to who dominates the rivalry, that's obvious. But I just think it's comical that everyone seems to think that b/c Tressel is gone, and Hoke is starting to get some very quality recruits (which he is, stupid RRod had to leave)that we are just going to roll over and be a whipping boy. Ohio State still has talent, much more talent than Michigan right now, and will still recruit talent, probably talent equal to or better than Michigan. I admit this season has the potential to blow up and be bad for tOSU, but I think that the team will rally around Fickell and probably win their division.
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