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  1. I would not be shocked to see Wings Pens. Its still the biggest single game draw for tv viewers im sure in the US
  2. Lets not forget that he signed for the same amount of money he was being paid last yr. Norris Finalist at 40 yrs old, 62 pts which was 2nd in the NHL and Still the best Dman in the league. He is being paid what he is worth and should not have had to take a pay cut.
  3. Agree only he's not top 10 hes top 3 at the worst
  4. I agree and I also forgot to mention that the first thing Kenny SHOULD do is find a good replacement for Rafalski then sign Jagr if the price is right. Just think about Jagr and Dats Dangling around the offensive zone........
  5. Honestly this would be a good signing if the price is right. Jagr can still score and play at a high lvl. He is still a scorer and imagine our PP with Jagr. Lidstrom, Homer, Pavel, Jagr. Just nuts. He was also called the Best Forward in the World Championships last month by some NHLers. and he's also gonna be 40 so that fits right in But seriously he would be a good signing for the right price.
  6. The Grim Reaper is a Lawyer in Nashville so I don't think it is him lol...
  7. I have seen alot of Kings games and I would love for the Wings to somehow get Doughty. Wiz or Bieksa would be more realistic options or even Jovo if he takes a pay cut and is healthy. Gonna be a interesting off season for Kenny and Co
  8. Gotta Treasure the greats like Kaline and Mays while there still around. RIP HK
  9. Agreed, Let Ericsson walk and sign either Bieksa, Ehrhoff, Pikanen, Wisnewski or Markov if the price is right.
  10. I also hope he takes the "Hometown Discount" and stays for like 2-4 Mil range Do like Niedermayer did and Selanne is doing and just sign Yr by Yr till he looks like Chelios did lol..
  11. someone tell the Team to watch for the late man Dan Boyle!!!! lol Wings win a ugly one 2-1 ot!!!
  12. Do you think Nick Lidstrom will retire after this playoffs are over?
  13. Agreed Shim here is my take If Lids retires I would try to sign Doughty or Weber to shore up the D. Give them what they want so that Nash or LA cant match. Yeah I know its not gonna happen but I can dream lol For better or worse Howard is our guy, so we will need a decent Back up. Someone who can even challenge for the #1. As much as I have bashed Jim Howard all yr he is not the reason we are down 0-3. Buying Rafalski out is a dream, we are stuck with him and Bert till 12/13 when the roster will most likely change. Guys like Smith, Kindl and possibly Murisak will be Ready for Roster spots. only REAL keepers IMO on this team are Pasha, Z, Lids and Helm. everyone else should be available if the right deal comes around.
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