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  1. EDIT:Ignore this, John. Respond to my open letter to you instead. This is going to be settled one way or another.
  2. You're right, for the most part our's are very nasty but short and not public. BiD has to be mentioned with TC and a few others. Remember that one time when DT and DF went toe-to-toe for about 8 pages of all-out vitriol?
  3. Not to answer for DF, but isn't there a service performed in getting the information/explanation of the tax proposal out there for those who need to form an opinion on it? I
  4. I thought that, but that wasn't what he wrote. Thanks. I don't think this'll go down a bad road. You and I have to be up there, donthca think?
  5. It was new in a fresh kind of way and I was "smoking" back then. Leno has no place being in front of other people he's so non-funny. Conan is insanely overated; usually by people who otherwise have great taste and discernment in humor. Letterman used to be a god but is ready to go though he could still bury those other two any night. The Office is really funny and smart--I'm surprised OT likes it, or rather lets himself like it and admit it.
  6. I don't understand the question. Do you mean like another website?
  7. I love the smart ones. There are a lot of dumb hippies out there that are "gone" , but those that are genuine are about the nicest people in the whole world. Any CMU grads/students know Blaine Stevenson, Stephen Scherer or Larry Tift? If you do you understand what I mean.
  8. This is how I understand ID--There are things we don't understand and those things are so complex that they couldn't have happened by accident. Is that about right? I'm asking sincerely.
  9. And I figured that billms, having children (not that it's a requirement to be privy to this information anyway) knew that kids are prone to accidents. I found the "hope this helps you" idea to be humorous, that's all. Glad all is okay. thanks for the image of you on a razor with helmet and all.
  10. I wondered that myself. But I just decided it was because you figured you knew it all and were running out of storage space so you had to get rid of something.
  11. Seinfeld was the best ever, but I have a hard time watching the reruns. It hasn't aged that well. Simpsons--came to it late. Always knew it was good but never loved it until later. Family Guy--HOF material Arrested Development--you need to listen closely or you'll miss stuff That's about it as far as shows I really intentionally watch Shows I won't always turn if they come on but wouldn't TiVo: King of Queens Raymond Scrubs-though I find I do turn it more often than not Ed--liked it for about 6 shows, then realized it kind of sucked Chappelle's Show--some great moments, but mostly overated and it isn't a series so doens't fit the thread. Drew Carey--Kate was hot, but the show was boring I liked Wonder Years a lot when I was a teenager MASH--the Shakespeare of tv comedy
  12. Not to be a d***, but why would that help him? If it makes you feel any better my girlfriend's mom had a cavity once. That's very MTR of you. :classic:
  13. Sorry to hear that, I have similar situation with soon-to-be 4th bridge from a bat boy incident in 1st grade. No temps though.
  14. When the only thing you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail--you make me think of this quote.
  15. I'm in. Should be fun. We'll have to get a running thread going on here to talk (friendly) smack and celebrate/whine about our picks.
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