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  1. Verlander has already aquired this player.
  2. I can see a ground ball pitcher Porcello going to red sox for one of their extra outfielders...hopefully Cespedes.
  3. Castellonos 3 run hr to deep center
  4. Dejesus is tailor made for comerica park.
  5. Ist thing on the agenda ....acquire Brandon Phillips from the Reds.
  6. Switch game to fridays and use rebecca black's "friday" song.
  7. How about Brian Roberts at 2nd ?
  8. Does he think he's the second coming of Brian Wilson with that beard?
  9. Everyone wants Reyes from Mets,DD should work over the marlins for Hanley Ramirez. Maybe he can dangle Magglio and some other chips ?
  10. Off topic....wasn't he dating Alyssa milano last year? Maybe we should get Carl pavano also since he dated her also.
  11. Ilitch should buy the Pistons ,then trade the franchise to Kansas city for Grienke.....
  12. Grienke would not survive in New York.He could barely handle Kansas City.
  13. Try summitt sports.we have one in east Lansing.there should be a store in the metro Detroit area.
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