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  1. It would have been nice to have been able to stay in Detroit, but, priority 1 when you're a player that has been up and down during your career is playing time and being on the ML roster. Here it is, let's see what he can do with it !! Thanks for your support, Clete's excited about the opportunity!
  2. The second team with a selection picked him and the Red Sox were as well..............hmmmmmmmm I guess somebody was wrong here ! We're thankful for the opportunity, let's see what happens when he gets a chance to play...
  3. We'll soon see -- The clock is ticking as the Tiger organization has positioned themselves in a way to maximize their highest percentage chance of keeping Clete. He's needed as an insurance policy against injury, but, not able to make the grade of the 25 that fit Tigers current needs. We'll know very soon if any other teams feels differently.
  4. By keeping him through opening day, they diminished other teams' chances to complete their rosters, thereby decreasing Clete's chances to be picked up. Slick finesse move on DD's part. The business part of baseball that when little boys dream of being major leaguers, they can't phatom. When they grow up, they have to deal with these realities. It's part of the game and we take the good with the bad..... ....let's see how this hand plays out!
  5. Seems to me his ST didn't include a correction of his K problem and Dirks went Wade Boggs with a slew of singles, making necessary contact, thus showing the Tigers they don't need an OF defensive specialist that they have little confidence in contributing offensively......Here's to hoping another team has confidence in the Tools that Clete posseses and that Clete can make corrections (like Dirks) to put the ball in play (on the ground) more often... Sure wish it would have worked out, but, it didn't
  6. baseball3

    Fire Leyland!

    Verlander was ONLY at something like 103 pitches, not a lot for him, not even in April. I bet if you ask him, he'd WANT to have had the ball in the 9th, that's 1 WIN he won't get this year that he should........he pitched his ARSH off today ! Brilliant!
  7. We've got some really good young options here that are close to what Lanannan brings to the table anyway. Let a young guy (or two or three if one falters) have a shot, they deserve an opportunity to face trial by fire. I have confidence in any of the top 3 lefties ...............Below, Oliver or (my personal favorite) Smyly
  8. Actually, he's already pulled that trick on the Tigers once, not sure we are in a position with this group to settle for that another time.
  9. Delmon should be this team's DH with one of Kelly/Raburn/Dirks/Thomas playing in the OF. Thomas is the fastest, best defensive player in this mix, but, will have to show offensive production and beat Dirks out for the job. If you want a RH hitter in the lineup, it will be Raburn. Not sure Boesch stays completly in RF with Dirks/Thomas plays OF as they are both better in RF than Boesch and Thomas has a superior arm which plays better in RF than does Boesch. DH will probably rotate with Miggy and Delmon between them getting about 80% DH reps for the year the way it looks to me.
  10. Miguel Cabrera will not be playing 3B very long. This is a nice thought and makes everyone happy on paper before a game is played. With him at 3B and Delmon in LF, that's a defensive nightmare. One of the two of them will be DH'ing for most of the 162 game schedule. You've got to play one of them in the field and whoever is out there, the defense will be abismal, just a fact. Leyland is a master at making adjustments, I am sure he'll find a way to keep everyone happy. That and WINNING goes a long way to create happiness! Without a doubt, this will be very interesting. I see Kelly/Dirks/Thomas getting plenty of opportunity with Inge being the man without a country for the most part
  11. Thanks ....... Twitter has so much quick hitting information, I have spent most of my time there. Time to get ready for ST and the surprises it always holds, the successes and the failures of those we follow is just around the corner. I got to see Clete some today and he didn't realize that only three Tigers have a higher lifetime OBP than he does. (thx to Lee Panas for the information)
  12. With the power and offensive prowess of the new Tigers, Clete wouldn't be required to hit in the 3 spot as he was asked to do in 2009. He's the best defensive outfielder in the organization not named Jackson and is faster and has a better arm than Dirks. IF (yes, IF) he can minimize his K' (which is the biggest challenge as I see things), then he should win a spot. I think they can then play Clete in RF, move Boesch (stone hands, less arm, less speed) to LF. This upgrades team defense and speed, athleticism and puts a hose in RF. I think this presents Clete a legitimate shot at making a team he was otherwise not going to if they needed him to hit up in the order. With the team offense now allowing him to hit 8th or so, the defensive advantage of his tools are viable to the team and much needed.
  13. Say what you want, but, I think somehow, the Tigers need to have a better OF defensive team and a team with more speed. In general, this team is slow and pretty bad in the OF with the three guys that were out there last night............
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