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  1. And as a result, I'm even less happy than I already would have been.
  2. In his last 2/3 of an inning, Lobstein gave up a slow ground ball to third. Castellanos didn't put any mustard on his throw and the runner was safe. Then he gave up a pop-up to center. Carrera got a bad jump and it fell in. Then Hicks lined out. Then he gave up a ground ball to first. Miggy thought too long about the runner at second. He should have had four outs, instead he had 1 with the bases loaded due to the defense. I'm not judging him on that and I don't think it is fair for anyone else to.
  3. So you think that if games continue to be managed in such a way, we will continue to be able to get misplays and four walks in the late innings to pull out the win? A lot of out talent is injured, hurt, or under performing, but there is still plenty for our manager to maximize. I worry about his ability to do that going forward. And I worry more about his determination to get better at doing it. Limited information and all.
  4. I'm really worried by what I saw in the game last night. I'm not sure how you can pinch hit Kelly for Castellanos. I'm not sure how you can pinch run Carrera for Martinez (arguably our hottest bat) and not have him steal. I'm not sure how you can use our best two pitchers for 1 combined inning in a close game. I'm more concerned however, with the attitude Ausmus apparently displayed in an interview when he acknowledged that he isn't perfect (we know) but his only response was that no one else is either (we know). There was no mention of or even hint of him working to improve. No mention that he is moving on from things that clearly aren't working. No reflection at all. Great players, great leaders, great people are always evaluating their performance, and consistently search for feedback to try to improve. When Ausmus says people being critical won't help him, I hope that he is talking about fans and no-nothings like us. I can only hope that there is someone in Brad's life that he trusts, who can give him honest and evaluative feedback on how to improve his performance. The worst thing that can happen right now is for the rookie manager to go into a hole and develop a me-against-the-world mentality because he is experiencing adversity. Time to suck it up and get better Brad.
  5. I've been lurking only for the last several years, but I'm going to jump back into posting to say this: Those who talk of Max as the "True Ace" of the Tigers are speaking way, way too early. Justin Verlander gave up one run in three games last postseason. With an injury that required surgery immediatey following the season. After that, the notorious slow starter only went on to have his best April. Ever. In his entire career. It is awesome that Scherzer is making this into a conversation, but I give the ball to Verlander in game seven and don't think twice about it. I would say he proves it today, but he is facing the Kansas City so even a no-hitter wouldn't necessarily be saying much.
  6. Does Mike Illitch have a baseball guru grandson who just happens to be around 12 years of age?
  7. I'm sorry, but I have to ask. What is the BPA theory?
  8. In the name of not wanting to open up a new thread, can anyone on here please tell me if there is any legal way to watch the regular season games online? And if not is there any way to stream them? Thanks.
  9. So if his BIBAP drops like history says it is going to, and at the same time his strikeouts drop like they have in his last seven games, what happens? I know one speaks a lot louder than the other, but he has looked like a savvy veteran at the plate recently, taking bad pitches, fouling off rather than swinging through, and making very solid contact.
  10. Can someone give me a tip on a good place to receive prospect updates? I used to have the daily prospect report from baseball america sent to me, but I've changed emails, and when I sign up it doesn't work. Much appreciated.
  11. When all is said and done, I expect him to oust Ty Cobb as the record holder for highest career batting average.
  12. If given the opportunity right now, would you trade Jackson for Granderson heads up, all things considered? That is an interesting question in my humble opinion, which is why I asked it.
  13. If you want something, don't ask for nothing. It's for the neighborhood.
  14. Please Alex, have a big game for us.
  15. Damon wants to bat in the two hole. Sorry if someone already said it. I for one am pretty happy to see that. Tigers can thank Boras for saving season - MLB - Yahoo! Sports
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