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  1. The press keeps reporting that in Nevada there was almost double the vote for the GOP than there was in the 2008 caucus. The democrats are having far lower turnout than 4 years ago. That makes me think 1 of 2 things. Democrats are trolling the GOP primaries to help Trump win thinking he cannot beat Hillary. Or 2... democrats hate Hillary and like Trump and figure he will be the moderate candidate that they can stomach.
  2. Kasich may be gaining ground here as Cruz and Rubio attack each other trying to vie for the same 17% each is getting.
  3. It is Gene Hackman https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Enemy_of_the_State_(film)
  4. I remember the Twins players wives blowing those dang whistles at the Metrodome. Thank God that place was destroyed. I also remember Kent Hrbek taking a pickoff throw at 1st base and lifting the Tigers player off the base once he had the ball and the umps called the Tigers runner out. I had forgotten the Darrell Evans plays. Looks like the umps really messed up the series. I do remember Pat Sheridan's game winning homerun. I was really breathing a sigh of relief as the Tigers needed that. They started the year something like 11-19 before catching fire and winning the Division in the last week against the Blue Jays.
  5. Kasich, Jeb and Carson do nothing for me. I am glad the debates are getting smaller so they can talk more. I cannot for the life of me see how Trump leads any primaries unless democrat voters go to the polls for him. With Bernie gaining on Hillary nationally I doubt we will see democrats trying to ruin the GOP primaries. That leaves Rubio, Cruz and Christie as the only 3 I would consider voting for at this time (from the 7 up there). I like Rubio the most. Cruz is decent. Christie is a moderate but I like the way he knows his positions even if they are moderate.
  6. I have 10 months of income saved in baby step 3. I know that is probably too high. I am going to get a new roof put on this year and perhaps a newer car in the next year so I will pay cash for those and that will help put me near the appropriate savings level. But if you are having trouble getting $35k in savings why can't you just stuff the money you were putting in your 401k in there until you hit the goal? I didn't realize the cap on the IRA is such a problem since I have some IRAs at Edward Jones in addition to my 401ks me and my wife have at work. The last time I had debt was about 5 years ago when I paid off my wife's 4 year car loan. At 4% loan rate the bank was paying me a higher savings rate. But since then I paid cash for the last car which was $10.500. The smartest thing I ever did was refinace my home to a 15 year rate four years ago. I still have 11 years left on that loan but I think I can pay it off in 5 years if I can keep my savings rate high and start attacking it soon. You have a point on the money sitting in savings being spent. My problem is I don't spend it and it earns very little interest. That is why I decided to up my portion of the 401k from a lowly 3% to 12% this last year. My bank savings rate went down (only added about $1,000 to the bank accounts - the year before we added $8,000 to the bank accounts). Very glad to have that cash for the roofing job though. Oh yeah and the car purchase it will be nice to pay cash for that - probably $10 grand or so for a used car.
  7. If a husband and wife both made $15 an hour that would equate to $62,400 a year which is above the average US family income of $51,939. A wage of $12.48 would put a couple right at the average family income in the USA. The poverty level for a family of 4 is $23,850 which would be a minimum wage of $11.47 for 1 worker. Michigan's minimum wage is currently $8.50 after raising earlier this month on January 1st.
  8. I am watching the ETF OIL lately. It is just plummeting. It does not follow the price of crude exactly because of the futures contract but seems like an interesting ETF to follow. Oil is $31 and change a barrel today. Looks like it could keep sliding into the upper 20s. But I doubt we will see gasoline at $1.50 a gallon forever. And the price should easily be marching lower to the $1.50 range with the precipitous drop in crude. A barrel of crude is 42 gallons so it costs 75 cents a gallon for crude right now. I am really thinking about buying the OIL ETF. I am not dumb enough to buy UWTI which went from $3.00 to $2.30 in two or three days. UWTI is an ETF that triples down on the price of oil rising. It was at $40 a share earlier this year.
  9. I have steps 1-3 checked off. I still have rolling credit cards but I pay them off every month. Ramsey would not approve and would want me to cut the cards but so far I cannot do so. STEP 4 (15% invested) I only put 12% in a 401k but this is hard to do... My workplace matches 7% for a total of 19%. The year before last year I only put 3% into the 401k but decided to save heavily for retirement as I am over 40 years old now. A little proud to have stuck it out for all of last year and now starting year 2. STEP5 I only put $120 a month into my daughters 529 plan and she is 10 years old. I just started it last year but at least it is something. I figure I will be paying from this account or from my bank account so might as well save something now. Michigan State tuition alone is $13.000 per year EEP! So looks like Community College for the 1st 2 years which I figure is pretty much free considering the state college costs. STEP 6... once you begin throwing all extra money at your house the ball is really rolling. If you pay off your home you free up thousands of dollars a year... maybe 10,000 or more. That will make you wealthy unless you spend like a drunk sailor. Your highest expenditure is gone. By the way I was looking at retirement income. You pretty much pay no FICA tax (social security and 401k withdrawals have no FICA tax which takes 7.5% of everything from today's working paycheck. Income tax... you could easily pay 0 fed income tax as Social Security is not taxed unless you make over a certain amount of other income. If you have a Roth IRA you can use it to make sure you do not earn enough income to pay any federal tax. Pensions... no FICA on pensions. You do pay Michigan state tax on pensions thanks to Gov. Snyder... But I will not be paying 12% of my income into a 401k when I retire either. So the savings will be tremendous. They say you can live on 70% of your pre retirement income. I believe it. Unless you want to travel a few times a year. But if you retire at 62 that is one thing. If you wait to age 67 you may have 50% more cash saved. Each extra year you work the stash saved should go up a lot.
  10. I listen to Dave Ramsey alot. His 7 baby steps go in order. This is a quick synopsis. 1. Save $1,000 in an emergency fund. 2. Pay off all debts except for your mortgage. If you have any debts pay them off 1st. 3. Save 3-6 months of expenses in an emergency account at the bank. That would likely be between $10,000 to $20,000. 4. Save 15% of your income in a 401k. I think you can always get a VanGuard account and put money in an IRA there? 5. Save money for your children's college if applicable. 6. Everything else throw at the home mortage. 7. You are well off. Save, give and have fun. Keep investing.
  11. The Dow Jones was around 1,200 in 1980. The Dow was around 3,800 in 1990 Then it was around 11,000 in 2000. Pretty much tripling each decade for 20 years. Now it is around 17,000 fifteen years later. So in my opinion it is not that high priced. I am not saying we are not due for some type of correction - say 20% but we had fallen so far in 2009 (down to 6,700 or so) it is not like we are way overpriced today and due for a crash.
  12. Ohio finished 2nd in their Division which was good for 3rd place in the Big 10. Barrett is a pretty good player who should be back. Not quite as good a talent as Michigan's Peppers but he should be the second best player in the Big 10 next year. Without Elliot at RB the Buckeyes have to hope Weber can fill the void. Also OSU is losing the best player in the nation in the stud Bosa. Yes Michigan will be losing the 5 year starter in Rudock. So they may tread water next year. But keep in mind the Spartans also are losing their big man Connor Cook and WR Burrbridge.
  13. I have a problem with Barret the drunk driver playing the entire last half of the season despite driving drunk and trying to run over innocent children and women. Urban Meyer should be ashamed of himself for putting winning games over innocent people's lives. Ohio State was the better team. Oh well. Michigan will get a better chance to win a bowl game now as long as Rudock can play by then. I was hoping for an 8-4 year and I thought I was crazy but 9-3 is insane. Add a bowl win and Ann Arbor should be going extra crazy for the future once we get a real QB.
  14. Funny Michigan should be 10-1 and ranked in the top 5 now. But we all know that would be a fluke of a ranking. Our coach is all everything. We have no running game and a QB who could not throw deep for the 1st 2/3 of the season.
  15. I was surprised Ezekiel Elliot came back this year. He won the national championship and was one of the team's best players. He could have been a high 1st round pick. I still think Penn State can beat the Spartans next week especially if Cook does not play. Actually they almost played better today because they ran the ball more instead of throwing it all the time.
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