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  1. Just when you thought the season couldn't get any worse...
  2. Isn't this thread about 2 or 3 years too late? Bonderman hasn't been "right" for the longest time...
  3. White Sox have swept three 3 game series in a row for the first time since 1952. It is their first 9 game winning streak since 2006 when they won like 98 games and won the division. That was the first year with Thome.
  4. Carlos Quentin is the new Ryan Howard. Chicago just won the series against the Atlanta Braves. This marks the first time that the Braves have lost a series since all the back on May 11 when they lost a series in Philadelphia. Quite a run the Braves were on. And quite a run the White Sox are on. Next up for the Braves, the Tigers!
  5. Yeah and you are seeing the opposite reaction of the Sox sucking all season long right now.
  6. Alex Rios is an all star. IF Quentin and Peavey can continue to play like they have been recently, then the Sox can win the division. The scary thing is Peavey, Buehrle, and Floyd all have no where to go but up. Their #'s so far are waaay off of what they are capable of.
  7. Great point, thanks for the knowledge.
  8. Dolsi had a like 1.5 ERA last season. How did that happen?
  9. yeah blame it on colon but your wack a** GM traded away Clayton Richard for a banged up Peavy. When that trade went down, you gave up on this season. Thanks by the way suckers!
  10. the sox actually have great pitching. #2 in ERA, #1 in Quality starts. Their offense blows major balls though.
  11. Looks like the White Sox claimed Alex Rios and they might get him now.
  12. Thank you eric for that excellent article.
  13. The sox suck, let's get that out of the way. However, the White Sux will be better in 2010. Thome is not that good of a hitter. He hits about .250. They'll be able to move Konerko or Dye or Quentin into the DH role next year. Gordon Beckham will play an entire season with the club. They'll have Peavy and Buehrle for a whole season. I'm not worried about the sox this year but they'll be better in 2010 when Thome comes off the books. He'll be 40 next year...you really can't talk him up anymore.
  14. It actually makes sense though. If the Pistons didn't have Prince or CV, then Boozer would make 100% sense. But CV with Prince...that's gonna be some unstoppable offense. And then add in BG...forget about it! Now about that defense...
  15. I love how Zoom came out onto the field, without a jersey, to get a piece of AJ...LOL
  16. Cabrera is pretty good at SS, though. I think he's a solid option. He won't be out too long. He gets a lot of hits and runs. How many teams are in your league, 28?
  17. Losing 3 out of 4 to the A's in that joke of a stadium they call the cell...Bwahahahaha!
  18. Boy the sux sure do suck with our without Gordan!
  19. Sammy Sosa was one of the most big headed players to ever play the game of baseball. Funny, how he has been out of the league for years but it took this long for the realization that he is done to get through his big head in order to announce his retirement. What a joker Sammy Sosa is!
  20. Wow! Before the All Star Break. Well, he was hitting .457 at AAA Charlotte.
  21. They haven't. Not in the United Center, not around Chicago's fans rooting for Kane's Krew.
  22. I just don't think the Wings know what they are about to step into...the UC crowd will be nuts. Chicago is more hungry than the Red Wings.
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