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  1. Niko is on his way to Forrest Whitaker-eye land.
  2. When we hit year 12 of the rebuilt, I'll let myself get upset.
  3. Bert, I feel like your posting is on a different level this season. You've been in the cage with Lloyd, haven't you?
  4. But other than that, how was the play, Mrs. Lincoln?
  5. I wonder if Chris Castellani is going to spit again.
  6. One thing I like about Jordy is that he hasn't been around much.
  7. Harrison needs to be DFA'ed. Figure out what we have with Lugo and the Castros. He seems like a good guy but he doesn't really have a place if he's not going to be a tradable asset.
  8. Well Jack, I count seven games from 1994 where you threw under 100 pitches, all starts.. I understand the point being made, but the exaggeration is ridiculous. A dozen in 1993. I know, I'm a lot of fun at parties.
  9. Turnbull is going to get a reputation for being a scary guy to face. I like it.
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