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  1. Yes, but only when John Hicks is covering for Miggy at first during his DL stint.
  2. Victor Martinez looks like a new man. He has turned 25 pounds of fat to 25 pounds of muscle and is poised to spell Miguel Cabrera at 1B from time to time. The ball sounds different when it comes off of his bat this year and he's put last year's troubles behind him. Ron Gardenhire has asked that he becomes a veteran leader on a young club in need of direction. I think this piece actually already appeared, albeit not as fluffy.
  3. Ronny Rodriguez seems intriguing, to me. I'm not encouraged by the low walk rate in the minors and you'd like to see the strikeout rate a bit lower than 19-20%, but I like that he has hit for some power and stolen some bases. He's supposed to be a plus defender and thus I would think he's a dark horse candidate to see a lot of playing time and possibly unseat Dixon Machado at 2B if the bat holds up and Dixon regresses. We'll see. I'm over here drumming up interest.
  4. I heatd that The Strategy Expert and Eric Cioe got into it...
  5. Rule 5 Draft

    I like it. It looks like he's got some speed and a bit of bat control. I don't know if Jacoby has a spot, if Reyes can hold his own.
  6. Well, they must have gotten an offer they felt was worth it... I really thought that he might have more value at the deadline. I'm curious about the return. I think it's safe to say that the rebuild has begun.
  7. That's a good point, as well. I would just feel a lot better about his arm if he hadn't run into issues with it last year.
  8. I don't trust that Fulmer's arm is going to hold up until we're competitive again. I honestly think that we should be trying to get as much as we can out of him, as soon as possible. I know that there are some considerations, there - who's to say he won't stay healthy and all of that... But the fact is that getting a couple of high level prospects for him, a couple of mid levelers for Kinsler, the Rule 5, picking first this year and maybe next year, well... We could be on the way to being fairly well stocked for the future. There's no real difference between going 54-108 and 72--90, in my mind, in the short term.
  9. A couple of things... I can't stand Yankee fans. I'm happy for Giancarlo and I wish him all of the best. I really don't care who breaks what records, just that I'm around to see it happen. Baseball could stand to have a salary floor.
  10. We're all behind our baseball team - go get 'em, Tigers! World Series bound and pickin' up steam - go get 'em, Tigers!
  11. I like the Fiers signing, for a couple of reasons. I think he's competent and if he can stay healthy, a good season out of him could net some prospects at the deadline.
  12. I can definitely see that viewpoint. It is definitely going to be rough trying to develop the younger pitchers if we can't make the sort of plays that need to made to get out of innings without racking up the pitch counts early in the game. Factoring in Comerica, even more so. I still really want to see JaCoby succeed but I think the things that make him interesting, with a ceiling of a poor-man's-Grady-Sizemore, would be lost if he shortened up his swing and sacrificed power to make more contact.
  13. That would not surprise me, and it would be terrible. If that's what it takes not to rush anyone, I'm all for it.
  14. I'll take a distant owner that lets the baseball people do what they need to do until it's time to hang on to young talent and/or it's time to contend, and then I just want them to empty their pockets as necessary. I'm hoping that's what we end up seeing out of Chris.
  15. Good. If you can't stay motivated when you're that talented and stand to make that much money, there's no place for you.