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  1. It's getting really easy to imagine that we actually will be picking #1 in June. Just a terrible, terrible offensive team. The pitching is a mess as well. Both are going to get worse from here, after the trade deadline. Baltimore doesn't have much more to trade away.
  2. Yeah, unless someone gives us something ridiculous... Hold on to Boyd. Maybe he'll sort out the hard contact thing next year.
  3. In the old days of FARK.COM, when racist trolls would use the n-word, it would autocorrect the post to... attractive and successful African American.
  4. I started following the Tigers again in 2003. 2006 was absolutely magical. 2009, I was in the process of falling in love that summer and didn't pay nearly enough attention to enjoy the season. '11-'13 were really fun. It would have been great to see a World Series Champion, but I'm more of a regular season fan anyway. I like watching the numbers pile up. The crapshoot of the postseason bums me out, and I'm more impressed by the sustained success of the season.
  5. Well Jack, that was a routine flyball in 2014.
  6. For me, it started with the Verlander trade. I think that was where we admitted that the window had closed. When you're trading away Hall of Fame talent, you're not trying to win anymore. I know there were questions about him at the time, but I don't think you trade Justin Verlander if you're trying to win or actively trying to keep fans interested.
  7. Chris Castellani is going to have a heart attack when the corpse of Homer Bailey throws seven scoreless and Zimmermann doesn't make it out of the third inning. Should be entertaining.
  8. To be determined after a five day break is always a good sign, right?
  9. It sounds like a few teams are kicking the tires on Boyd. Maybe Al will pull off something spectacular. I like Matt and it would be cool to see him stay a Tiger, but if teams start throwing out multiple top 100 hitting prospects... Pull the trigger. We need bats, bad.
  10. Well, yeah, there is that whole logic thing.
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