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  1. I don't think this makes us any worse this year. I guess I wasn't very high on Fulmer in the first place. I think the revolving door of hot hands for Toledo will outperform what he could have done.
  2. Based on today's reports, I'm going to say that Michael Fulmer will not be bouncing back this year.
  3. Who went back to school at Florida State and works in staffing now... Oh, internet.
  4. Miggy. I'm really hoping he can stay moderately healthy this year. 130 games of .290 Miggy with around 20 home runs and a bunch of walks and a lot of him having fun out there would go a long way toward making me enjoy waiting for the young kids to make their debuts.
  5. I have a feeling we're going to see him at DH more than they're admitting thus far.
  6. On the other hand, Verhagen is just lulling the league into a false sense of security.
  7. Tyson Ross is going to do what he can to get us another good draft pick, apparently.
  8. I like hope. It's not always smart, it's nice to dream. That said... AL CENTRAL Indians 86-76 Tigers 81-81 Minnesota 81-81 Chicago 69-93 KC 64-98 A fairly non-descript year until mid-August and especially September, when we make significant gains in the standings, owing to the spark from young call-ups and a lights-out bullpen, of all things. However, it's widely acknowledged that we're playing over our heads and looking to basically finish the same way next yearr, but at a more even level.
  9. It's early and it's the spring, but with the way Peterson is playing, Mikie might want to get a head start on his Toledo apartment search.
  10. And then Frankenstein's Monster did his thing.
  11. I just woke up. Don't worry, I can catch up.
  12. This one guy said that you're going to win and lose a third of your games and it's what you do with the other third that matters. Looks like we've decided to win them. When this translates over to the regular season, 108-54 should be good to win the division.
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