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  1. Schwindel is ready to Restore the Roar, just like Wayne Fontes.
  2. I'm on board, as long as he sees a marked increase in power this year.
  3. Derek Hill has some 80 grade eyebrows.
  4. Does he hit for power and can he take a pitch?
  5. B-Notez doesn't need this ****, anyway. Deuce is calling him up to run the Des Moines operation.
  6. The Best Position Players Taken By The Tigers, 1997-2006 By career WAR, regardless of who it came with. Note: This is missing guys we took as pitchers but made it to the bigs as positional players. Name Year Round WAR Curtis Granderson 2002 3 47.7 Matt Joyce 2005 12 17.2 Brandon Inge 1998 2 14.5 Cameron Maybin 2005 1 14.4 Cody Ross 1999 4 13.2 Andres Torres 1998 4 11.3 Ryan Raburn 2001 5 5 Jack Hannahan 2001 3 4.5 Nook Logan 2000 3 3.1 Casper Wells 2005 14 2.5 All told, these ten years of position player draftees generated 135 WAR. Yay, Grandy!
  7. We actually had three first round picks in 1987. Hit on Fryman, not so much on Steve Pegues or Bill Henderson.
  8. The Best Position Players Taken By The Tigers, 1987-1996 By career WAR, regardless of who it came with. Note: This is missing guys we took as pitchers but made it to the bigs as positional players. NAME Travis Fryman YEAR 1987 ROUND 1 WAR 30.4 NOTES RANK 1 Mark Mulder 1995 55 18.5 Did not sign, WAR came as pitcher 2 Bobby Higginson 1992 12 17.8 3 Tony Clark 1990 1 12.1 4 Frank Catalanotto 1992 10 12 5 Dave Roberts 1994 28 10.3 6 Gabe Kapler 1995 57 5.4 7 Doug Mirabelli 1989 6 5.3 Did not sign 8 Bubba Trammell 1994 11 4.7 9 Robert Fick 1996 5 3.5 Drafted and followed in 1995 10 All told, those 10 years of positional player drafts generated about 121 WAR.
  9. I was about the turn on tonight's game and I checked MLB.COM. I saw that the Bears were up by 10, 17-7. Still a two possession game. I thought I'd see if Castellanos was still slumping. First thing I see, 50th double, runs batted in. That's fine, just a double. Certainly not going to get sixty in that park! Scan to the right, look at the box score... See, there's one of those missing doubles... Under HRs.
  10. These homers are really cutting into his chances for 60 doubles, eh? Nick was probably my favorite player on the team outside of Cabrera, mainly because he was homegrown and we'd seen him develop. He seems like the only type of jock that I ever got along with - quiet, thoughful, but still kinda douchey. I get his attitude this year. Not saying I would have done it that way, but I get it. The team was moving on and he was a bit hurt, so he got some parting shots in and didn't say anything that wasn't true or at least understandable. The park eats homers for guys like him and it wasn't really fair of the team to jerk him around from position to position with some sort of commitment, given how hard he worked at both 3B and RF to that point. He can't play defense, but in the right ball park, he's a REALLY good hitter. He's going to strike out, he's not going to walk a lot, but he will drive the ball hard into the gaps. Anyway, I'm happy for him. I hope he gets a multiyear deal at $10 million a year for a few years and he gets to take care of his family for the next couple of generations.
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