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  1. Al Avila on analytics...

    I think it makes sense, too. The fear is that they end up discounting the numbers that are spit out in favor of gut feelings, even after putting some resources into creating the system. I'd hate to see the next Roy Cullenbine overlooked. :-)
  2. Bold Predictions

    1. Castellanos goes .300/35/110 and plays adequately in right field. 2. Michael Fulmer doesn't get hurt, but pitches poorly enough to significantly cool down trade interest. 3. Dixon Machado hits .275 with 10 home runs. 4. Shane Greene implodes and Joe Jimenez is closing by June. 5. Somehow, we still win 70 games.
  3. 3/3 Tampa Rays vs Detroit Tigers

    My worry for him long term is that little issues like this combine with what has already happened to chip away at his top velocity and and his K rate dips. With the way the ball flies, if he's not missing bats it could get ugly. Or, there's the chance that turns into the next Bartolo Colon. It would be nice if Caesar could point that out. If it did, you know that some of the other teams would be tracking the same thing. We shall see.
  4. 3/3 Tampa Rays vs Detroit Tigers

    Fulmer is going to miss his Sunday start with elbow soreness, said to be unrelated to past issues.
  5. 3/3 Tampa Rays vs Detroit Tigers

    And whether this turns out to be something or not, it will stick to his name like a false accusation.
  6. 3/3 Tampa Rays vs Detroit Tigers

    This is a good point, especially with x amount of cost control. I just like the absurdity of all of our conversations possibly being for naught.
  7. 3/3 Tampa Rays vs Detroit Tigers

    Hey, how about that Michael Fulmer? How big of a package should we demand for him? Do we trade him, at the deadline, or after the season? Oh... I guess we get to hold on to him.
  8. 3/1 @1:05 Atlanta Braves (SS) vs. Detroit Tigers

    Fulmer is borrowing his lower half from Horton.
  9. 2/27 @1:05 Detroit Tigers vs Philadelphia Phillies

    I am not sportz!
  10. Welp, I'm pretty much a big homer but I don't really like DFAing Jairo Labourt at all. I don't think he's going to amount to anything at the major league level but there was upside there and more of a track record than a random draft pick. They must have really seen something they didn't like about him that suggested that the control wasn't correctable without sacrificing stuff. Who knows.
  11. I think that a contender that takes a chance on him could end up with a very serviceable and cheap fireman type, if they were to try to use him that way. For the Tigers, it might make more sense to sign him and let him compete to start, with the eyes on trading him at the deadline if he stays healthy. I don't think he will, though.
  12. I agree with you. If nothing else, the people who protect us and entrusted with the development of our children's minds deserve to paid a wage much more in line with the value they bring to society. There's a lot of ways to think about the pay of athletes. From their point of view, they create so much cash and so many other people's livelihoods depend on them that there's a strong argument that if it were fair, they would make a lot more money than they do. That definitely ignores the fact that there are diminishing returns on wealth after a certain point. If you want to pay them that much, I feel like they should be paying FDR-era tax rates - not enough to significantly affect their life and their ability to provide for their own family's future generations, but enough that they become significant contributors to the infrastructure and plans to take care of those less fortunate.
  13. When cops and teachers start selling tee shirts and hot dogs and filling stadiums 80 times a year, we can pay them that much.