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  1. He ate very well post game tonight Roger, very well! Sushi, oysters, ribs and, believe it or not, I think I'm missing something! It was a great game, we just came up a little short, but man oh man, what an experience! By the way, did you here in the 11th???
  2. Rog, I didn't know you were a Blue Moon admirer too. Next time in in town, you'll have to let me treat you to one (or two) after a Flying Tigers game. I should be down in a few weeks, so I'll let you know.
  3. Thanks Dad!!! My flight gets in at 9:45am tommorrow, so I'm heading directly there. I'm pumped!!!
  4. Does anyone know what time the gates and will call windows usually open??? 1 or 2 hours before gametime, maybe???
  5. Rog, while we're all extremely excited and proud that he has realized his dream with this opportunity that has been presented to him, we also know that this is a very fluid situation and there is no certainty of him staying there. There are a couple of us (I bet you can't guess the other poster ) who can't stay away from these boards, even if we wanted to; just ask our wives!!!! We have many, many more players discussed in this section of the boards that we're still interested in and rooting for. Also, thanks to everyone else for their kind words regarding this latest news. Clete has enjoyed his stops and the support he's received in Oneonta, Grand Rapids, Lakeland and Erie. We're trusting his time in Detroit will be just as enjoyable and that he can have the opportunity to contribute to the teams success!!! Opening Day....Here I come!!!!
  6. Just found out that I'll also be able to be a part of this years Tigers opening day extravaganza!!!!! I'm extremely excited and, although I hope the weather forecast improves, I plan on being there and really enjoying this experience. :silly:
  7. Thanks to everyone who participated in keeping us all informed with reports and photographs from another awesome Tigers Spring Training. A special thanks to Roger for all of the time dedicated to taking great pictures, posting them and keeping family and friends supplied with many, many milestones and memories!!!!
  8. I've been able to somehow convince (sale) my company on the fact that I NEEDED to have the Orlando area in my territory , so I'll be down for the 2/26 game, hopefully among many, many others.
  9. Thanks and trust you both are doing well! It's been a great year for the SeaWolves and another enjoyable and educational one for me on the boards. Also, a personal "thank you" to fyrftrjim for the always reiliable posting of each days game thread. It made it really easy for someone who spends a lot of time on the road to find each days thread quickly.
  10. Apparently they've brought Sowers down from AAA to get him some additional work and to help them during the playoffs. He can be tough.
  11. This schedule has us vs. Houston at home tomorrow(3/19), but the Tigers website has us at home against Cincinnati. Anyone know which is correct?
  12. Thanks Roger! We'll be there sometime that morning, but don't want to miss anything. Let us know if you find out anything more concrete.
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