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  1. They must think they can get him for pennies on the dollar!
  2. I like all-encompassing threads vs thousands of minor threads because so many stories are just really short-lived. After all, did the trade of cash in exchange for Dario Agrazal really warrant its own thread? That topic probably would have been one post and out. There are dozens of minor stories just like that that an all-encompassing offseason thread is perfect for. I appreciate that short media cycle stories get filtered into threads like that. When a story is uniquely big, such as what’s going to happen to Nicholas Castellanos? Or will Lou Whitaker be named to the Hall of Fame on the Modern Era Ballot? Or is Dan Gilbert angling to buy the team? Burying those discussions within regular season or offseason catch-all threads makes less sense to me, so I think a thread dedicated to stories of that magnitude works. I think we’ve struck the right balance here.
  3. Casey played this past season with the Chicago Dogs. Carlos Zambrano was also on that team.
  4. I'm thisclose to taking advantage of one of those user features myself.
  5. I admit that personally I’m not at all attracted to femme fatale looks. Maybe that’s Trudeau’s bag. Who knows.
  6. Trudeau can do waaaaay better, even on a hit-it-and-quit-it.
  7. So much for the idea that players always go only for the most money.
  8. Seriously, how does this guy still have a gig on Fox? How's he getting away with this?
  9. Just like Trump kept looking for the AG that would be his uncritical, unquestioning lackey. It took five tries, but he finally did it.
  10. About sending Gardenhire back to Minnesota? Why do you hope he's joking?
  11. Here's a fun little article about Dario Agrazal, whom we acquired from the Pirates for cash. The upshot is while he is a pitch-to-contact guy with one of the lowest strikeout rates in the majors, he has a serviceable sinker that moves in on right handers and dampens exit velocity, which could be a good skill if he can harness it on a regular basis. This is a good flier for the Tigers to take.
  12. Blacks and browns would likely counter that it is cops they need protection from.
  13. My point was not whether this owner will allow a 2-year deal like the previous owner did. I know he won't. My point was that, in response to someone who suggested we sign one of the non-tenders to a 2-year deal, the people running this front office don't have a stellar track record signing guys to 2-year deals.
  14. Ah OK. I get access only through my library and that's only for the hard copies, not the website.
  15. Exurban. He's from Romeo which is, like, 32 Mile Road.
  16. I myself did have "improvisational jazz", though.
  17. Projection, on the other hand? More alive than ever.
  18. So Noah Feldman is counting on meeting Madison and Jefferson when he goes to the good place or the other place?
  19. Hey, I get where Jarrett is coming from. Someone else uses my phone all the time. Mainly when I'm using it to commit crimes.
  20. This once again serves as a reminder of something that is true of this White House and all their various minions and enablers: they project everything. Literally. Everything. So when Nunes was accusing Schiff of coordinating with the whistleblower, we should have been asking ourselves: "Who was Nunes himself coordinating with on the other side of the whistleblower issue?"
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