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  1. I can't find a season schedule easily, but a quick look through newspapers.com showed the season starting on March 28 and ending on October 8. That's 200 games in 195 days, so ... yeah, I'd imagine a ****-ton of doubleheaders.
  2. How about 200 games in 1950? You'll never see a team go 100-100 ever again.
  3. Somebody's not a fan of Fenech. This might finally cost him his job, because if players refuse to speak to a major paper's beat writer and one of them calls him out publicly, then what good is the beat writer?
  4. In 1969, $18,000 for Hendrix a couple hours playing a set is pretty good pay. Here's his set list, by the way: https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/jimi-hendrix/1969/max-yasgurs-farm-bethel-ny-13d6b511.html Sha Na Na at $700? That's probably pretty good pay for them in 1969, too.
  5. I’m hoping this political climate doesn't last for long under democracies like this.
  6. Donald Trump also to American Jews: You're not American.
  7. If that's true, then he's been blind his whole life.
  8. A Facebook friend of mine posted this, and the first commenter was so ****ing on point.
  9. How about showing us a video from the front that shows his hands, rather than a video from the back that hides them? One thing this does show: he stole a kiss off her.
  10. This, and also, every day during the final few weeks leading up to the election, he will claim malfeasance is already occurring. And he'll be right. Just not the malfeasance he'll be referring to.
  11. Nick with yet another bomb at Wrigley. He is hitting his way to a multi-year contract.
  12. Fulmer hasn't been getting enough swing and miss and has been letting too many balls in play to be the 2/3 of a good team, or even to work in the back of a good team's bullpen. This is especially true being a right hander. He has to fix these when he comes back; otherwise, he'll end up only on bad teams except maybe as a 5 or swing/long man. Maybe a 100% knee would help do the trick.
  13. Oh, OK, I see, that makes more sense. Some of those dishes look mighty tasty.
  14. Had some of my wife's family in from Wisconsin on Saturday, including her 78-year-old uncle, dad's brother, such a nice guy, real salt of the earth fella, quick with a smile and a tale. Lives in an unincorporated town of a couple hundred people about 30 miles east of Green Bay. He had been to the Chicago once, to see the Sears Tower when it was built, and almost never goes in to Green Bay, either. We took the bus from my house to the lakefront to see the Air and Water Show, basically a display of Blue Angel-like flying prowess, which he was excited to see. On the walk from the bus we go through an underpass and there is a guy sitting against the wall with all his stuff with him, including three dogs, strumming his guitar and hoping for tips. After we pass by him the uncle says, unbidden, I'm sure that guy gets in his Cadillac and drives home to his mansion. I chuckle and say, yeah, I don't think that's true, looking in his direction. He was not smiling or chuckling. He looked very concerned. Dead serious. He says, well, that's what I heard. I quickly moved us on to a new topic. I promise you this guy is not getting this through his Facebook feed, Twitter feed, 8chan or anything like that, because he has literally never used a computer in his life. He watches Fox News. That's the totality of it. Now multiply this by tens of millions similarly non-tech septuagenarian-and-older voters. That's what we're up against in November.
  15. Am I understanding you right here? Is it $30 a week for 6 x lunch/breakfast/dinner = 18 meals?
  16. I'll be a bit unhappy if we don't turn over the majority of our roster between now and March 26. Not doing so would seem to signal they're cheerfully all in on 100+ losses again. I don't like the front office of my favorite team trying to lose on purpose. Not even Baltimore is doing that. I don't think we see any of the top prospects next year, either, especially if we don't have the offense and defense to support their mound efforts, which we're all but certain not to. People like to talk about seeing Mize or Manning as September call-ups, but I think it's more likely the Tigers got the memo on roster manipulation and will hold them out until at least April, 2021, if not April, 2022. No sense getting the clock ticking if we're not trying to win. We may see Funkhouser and Burrows some time next year, if not this September, especially the former since he'll already be 26 in 2020 and beyond true prospect status, so just throwing him out there won't hurt any long term plan. But I think it's just as likely we see a steady stream of guys like Bryan Garcia, Matt Hall, Gregory Soto, Anthony Castro and Alex Lange shuttling up and down I-75 all next year.
  17. If all we have at the moment for the next winning team is Jake Rogers and bench pieces, than 2021 probably ain't happening.
  18. Don't we already have a pretty good grip on which of the current position players has a decent chance to be on the next winning Tigers team? Jake Rogers. Isn't that pretty much it? And even that depends on him hitting better than a good-hitting pitcher on an ongoing basis.
  19. I'm honored to grant this strong post your thousandth like.
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