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  1. I was thinking more along the lines of turning down 2/30, or 3/40, as unserious offers, believing there might be a 4/60 or better out there. I wonder whether that might have happened.
  2. To clarify, it was Cippilone who in his opening statement said Trump is a "man of his word." The best part is how Cippilone paused for the laugh afterward, to no avail. He must have seen Dennis Miller do that same thing.
  3. Republicans have long gone against the will of the people on issues like universal background checks for firearms, which some 90% of Americans favor yet Republicans fight at every turn. So they obviously don't care who dies on what hill.
  4. I'm guessing Nick won't get his 4/60 anymore. I wonder whether Boras Corporation turned down any long term offers that might have fallen short of that? Nick might end up taking something like Ozuna's deal, for one year, and hope to throw up Cub-like numbers for next offseason.
  5. I'm just proud to still be on this side of ground level.
  6. They are betting on fascism winning out over democracy, and bonus, they'll be will rolling around in untold riches as a result of backing Trumpism all the way to victory.
  7. How many days until the first Detroit Tigers exhibition game?
  8. The Athletic was never intended to be breaking news. The Athletic is columns. It's for people who want in-depth coverage of sports, teams, players and issues, and the Athletic delivers on that promise. Whether the Athletic is actually good enough to pay for is up to the reader to decide, and it's reasonable to say you simply don't like it. But it's not realistic to criticize it for not being a breaking news source, because they never were going to be that anyway.
  9. How many days until the first Detroit Tigers exhibition game?
  10. I meant the question in the context of, "Why should we care what this guy has to say about this subject?"
  11. Maybe it's because Trump shows you exactly who he is when he is coming at you, making him easier to defend against, versus any number of smiling cordial backstabbers you can't figure out until it's too late?
  12. "The United States Constitution and the common law faithfully protect a person's 'absolute' right to an unimpaired reputation." Talk about a liberal reading of Rosenblatt v. Baer.
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