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  1. I would like to think you're right, that people who voted for him and have supported him up to and including today will change their minds and run him out of office once the pandemic completely unfolds, with all the horrors attended thereto. I think that idea would have to assume that these folks made an intellectual choice to support Trump, and I don't think that's how the red hats base their support. I think they support Trump on strictly emotional terms, and that's going make it a lot harder to shake their death-grip support of him come November. Their support of Trump is not just about what they are for. It is at least as much about what they're against. And what they are against is big-city multicultural progressive liberalism, and that's not a policy thing. That's an existential thing. I think the more Trump stays on the course he's on now to deal with this thing, the stronger his hold on the red hats will be, even as many of them and their families die off. Because remember: they're not blaming Trump for this. Not even close.
  2. On this off day for the Tigers, let's take a look at the rosters for all the full season affiliates in the system. Schedules are not necessarily set into stone, so feedback is welcome. The minor league season opens on Thursday, April 9 for all teams.
  3. I'm a 21 beta tester, so I'm using that. They are up to version 21.2.37 as of today.
  4. Honest question: What do you think Trump's goal is, and how do you think he might be falling short on it?
  5. Fixed. 😉 I'm with you: I don't think this is going to hurt Trump, either. He'll take credit when the virus naturally wanes in the summer, and it'll stick, and it'll help motivate people to come out to vote for him, including many of the 40 million or so red hats who didn't bother showing up to the polls in 2016 because voting ain't normally their thing. I also think he will rush people back out of social isolation, and as the virus lingers in the background into late summer and moving into fall, he will take every remaining restriction he can off the table so people will give him credit for "beating" the pandemic and giving them back their liberty, just in time for the election. Democratic governors in swing states will fight back on it, and Trump will use that in his rallies as a campaign point against them. And here's the best part: he will fully understand, and even hope, that by removing all restrictions early, the pandemic will come right back next year. And that will be OK by him, because he likes the pandemic. Because under the pandemic, he gets to be on TV every day, forcing people to pay him homage on TV in front of the whole country, berating the media as enemy of the people right to their faces in front of the whole country, and goosing his TV and approval ratings. And just as importantly, he also likes being the puppet-master in the Lord of the Flies scenario he basically created. He would definitely like to keep that going next year as well. So yes, I will say it out loud once again: Trump likes the pandemic. Because it's helping him.
  6. I don't know, maybe. Isn't it only the guys who are still paying their dues are playing winter ball for the most part? They'll do whatever it takes to get a major league regular job. We have seen where ring winners struggle the following season because they played so deep into October or November. I admit that's anecdotal, though.
  7. Isn't that really what's already happening? Teams adapting to the need to give 100% on every single pitch by limiting starters innings? And over 80% of relievers pitch one inning or less, so that would mean a minimum of six pitchers every team throws out there every game. Speaking only for myself, I don't find that aesthetically pleasing. Because literally every position player can jack a 400 foot bomb on pitches thrown into the zone--and a few hitting pitchers can, too--today's pitchers have to do everything they can to induce swing and miss when they go there, because they can't throw every pitch out of the zone. So either they have to run it up there at 99 and overpower just about everyone, or else they need to violently tork their shoulders and elbows to put such spin on the ball that batters simply can't square it up. What they can't do is just heave it up there and let hitters just hit it, hoping they'll make out, because every hitter can make them pay at any time. There are no Juan Pierres or Cesar Izturises or Rey Ordonezes anymore. I don't believe merely adapting by throwing six or seven or eight pitchers a game at the other team every day is not the answer, because that's not sustainable.
  8. "This recording is a deep fake. I felt it was a deep fake long before it was called a deep fake."
  9. Are they really considering December baseball? Look, I like baseball as much as the next guy, could players really play balls out all the way to December, then be expected to come back in mid-February to prepare for another full season?
  10. Here's something that Trump is not missing his opportunity to do while we are all focusing on the other thing.
  11. OK. My follow up point was merely an unrelated aside.
  12. That is fair, but then, Maryland is a lost cause in November for Trump anyway. Put it this way: if Maryland is even in play, then Trump's getting re-elected by a 45+ state landslide. So there's not there there for Trump to appease even a Republican governor in a presidentially blue state. It's why Trump is falling all over himself simultaneously praising Mike DeWine and blasting Gretchen Whitmer: he needs to mobilize the red hats in Ohio and Michigan.
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