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  1. Or just as likely, how he got what he's got.
  2. All due respect, Trump has already illustrated that literally hundreds of times over the course of the past two years, and yet you're waiting for him to illustrate it just once more as though that will make the difference.
  3. Because saying this exact thing, as ridiculous as it sounds to us today, has a distinct purpose: to eventually erode the expectations of the voters as to what's acceptable and what's not. The more the they hear on television from people they respect (and yes, they respect Rudy ****ing Giuliani), the more people will believe taking help from foreign powers to win American elections is acceptable.
  4. Red hats are guppies. They don't remember anything Trump said an hour ago, let alone two weeks ago. Every time they hear "build the wall! or "lock her up!", it's all new to them all over again. That's why they get so excited.
  5. I have a brother-in-law named Barry. When I see him this weekend I am definitely calling him "Bah-ree".
  6. Also, for what it's worth, even though this one is not my particular bag, I also get that it's cathartic, and cathartic feels good.
  7. Really, what can be said about someone whose always beating their chest, constantly telling the whole world they're the greatest, they're the best, they're the elite, can't take a lick of criticism from anyone, pretending they're oh so patriotic, and all the while grinding the least of their citizens into a pulp to satisfy their nefarious lusts for profit and power, when in actuality they loathe themselves so deeply and so completely, they are so awash in daddy issues because they feel abandoned and unloved, that they set themselves on a willful and ignorant path of nihilistic self-destruction? I'm talking about America, of course.
  8. You have explained it to him all day, which is why five new pages of the thread were layered on in four hours, and it is like speaking to a broken record, which makes it pointless to try.
  9. I ran OCR on my PDF version so mine is searchable. What are you looking for?
  10. I'm not so sure about that. A lot of those red hats are classic rock fans. They haven't minded hearing the same hits over and over ad nauseam literally every day for the last 40 or 50 years, so I doubt they'll get sick of the caravan song.
  11. We're all grownups here, so who would be protected?
  12. Obviously an anecdotal observation, but I don’t recall seeing so many balls clanking off gloves all over the league as I have this year.
  13. I'm not. Gaslighting America is that gang's jam.
  14. OK, but by the same token, with the torrent of narrative flooding out, I don;t see where this will break through now, either, if it couldn't break through four pages of misdirection before.
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