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  1. I see, so good at regular time if you want it cheap, and good faster if you don't mind paying extra for it.
  2. I never really understood that "good and cheap" part of this equation. How is it that working on a project longer to make it good also makes it cheaper?
  3. Trump seeks validation through the approval of others, which he can seek without actually caring about the people he seeks it from. Maybe not love in the interpersonal sense, but close enough for this discussion.
  4. I do not. That’s pure uncut Trump. I used “act” as a general descriptor of behavior, which is the wrong way to describe it. I should have said “authoritarian behavior.”
  5. I agree that are definitely more reasons to hate Trump than that he is a racist. I’m not sure it’s necessarily hard to tell with sociopaths how they really feel, because I don’t think they go to any real lengths to mask that. Sociopaths simply don’t care what you think, and that’s Trump. He knows who’s going to love him and who won’t, and he blows kisses to those he know loves him and throws bombs at those he knows don’t. He’s also very in the moment about how he feels about anything or anybody, and that changes with how those people or things treat him, which is why he changes his mind seemingly all the time. In the end, he cares only what you can do for him. If those working class red hats couldn’t give him votes, he’d have nothing to do with them. Psychopaths definitely lie to you to fool you into trusting them, and I don’t think that’s Trump, who instead basically says, look at me, this is me, love me. It just so happens that his authoritarian act dovetails beautifully into what his fans respect in a leader.
  6. As you say here, his supporters don't have to be bullies themselves to respond positively to his bullying ways. I definitely agree that they enjoy seeing people they don't like being bullied, and I would go so far as to say that they actively root for that.
  7. Trump's openly-displayed racism is something his supporters identify with, and I believe more strongly on that attribute than any other. To your point, they can't identify with his wealth, his celebrity, or his place of origin, so what else could there be? I mean, other than his bullying tactics and basic sense of cruelty, which his supporters appear to share as well.
  8. What they share is the vision of white people being at the top rung on the American ladder, which has been encoded into the DNA of this country from its very beginnings. That's why, when Trump blows kisses at them by using the coded language of racial stratification, his supporters swoon. That's something people of color can never share, and also something they resent white liberals not sharing. It is THE defining attribute they cling to above even their own short term well-being, and is also why his supporters will never abandon him. I believe the only possible way Trump could lose his supporters is if he commits race treason which, really, I can't see him as being even capable of doing. I'm not sure he would even know how to do that, his sense of innate superiority being so natural to him.
  9. When you begin to realize how much Trump and his working-class supporters have in common when it comes to racial and ethnic hierarchy, as well as the idea that his supporters will sacrifice short term personal gain in order to maintain the hierarchy and their position within it, it makes more sense.
  10. The difference with Republicans, or white Americans in general, is that they know on an intellectual basis that racism exists, but they don't feel its existence, since racism is something that happens to other people. Racism has shaped the privilege of being white in America so thoroughly that many white folks are incapable of recognizing it when it happens. Some may say, nobody ever gave me a handout so I'm not privileged. Or maybe, I'm not a billionaire so I'm not privileged. I've heard that one, too. But these are very narrow definitions of "privilege", the first not related to a privilege at all, and the second so remote a definition that practically nobody on the whole planet is privileged. They'll also say, I worked for everything I have so I'm not privileged. And on the surface, that seems to check out. But this doesn't contemplate the privilege of simply living in a system that assumes the inherent good intentions of people who look like them, gives them the benefit of the doubt in most cases, allowed their families to build generational wealth within the system, and that reflects a fairly narrow set of cultural values that people like them share. This is what it's like to be white in America. It's a privilege to be born into a system so supportive of people strictly based on their pigmentation, and something the majority of people not from that background hardly ever get to experience, again because of their pigmentation. Here's a thought exercise: next time someone you don't know, like a store clerk, a manager, a government employee, a cop, whoever, gives you a break on something based strictly on your own recognizance and nothing more, replay the incident in your mind a couple times. Then ask yourself: if I were black, would they have given me the same break? Be honest and fair about it.
  11. That's the advantage of being white men: we don't have to think about how our race affects our everyday life. People of color have to think about how their race affects their lives all day, every day.
  12. The core of all politics in America is racial, and COVID wasn't politicized for nothing.
  13. By blaming Asians for inventing it, by blaming Latinos for crossing the border with it, by blaming African Americans for dying of it, by excepting white people from all this.
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