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  1. If Gardy is the right guy why isn't he getting them to play "the right way"?
  2. That's OK, Gardy will clock his time, collect a few million, retire after the season, the Tigers can then bring Clint Hurdle aboard, and we can do the poll all over again.
  3. I was going to say: if ATF added a "doesn't matter" option (which is different from "unsure") that would be the runaway winner.
  4. And yet it appears the only reason Turley made the plea in the first place is that anybody could understand that a few wackjobs scattered among 340 million Americans were going to do or say something, so Turley could make his own political hay over it.
  5. @stanpapi Is Turley suggesting that it was the committee members who inundated his office with threatening messages and demands that he be fired from GW? After all, his plea was to the committee, right?
  6. How about Romad doing Rich White Guy jokes! Politics makes strange bedfellows, indeed! 😅
  7. Susan Collins umms and aahs a good game, but in the end, she's always fallen in line.
  8. What? Jon Heyman might have tweeted an unsubstantiated rumor? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!
  9. The only baseball thing going for Addison Russell is that he’s only 26 and tested positive for elite defense at one time. He does have some pop but there are too many other holes in his stick to top out as anything more than shortstop average. There are suggestions that his off field troubles contributed to his on field troubles, which checks the plausibility box, so a truly fresh start somewhere, like Asia, could be just the thing he needs to salvage his career and maybe come back in a couple years.
  10. They're a package deal. The greater the talent, the less the sins matter. The lesser the talent, the more the sins matter.
  11. Fun fact: when the Tigers were set to pick first in the ninth round of that draft, the guy they had at the top of their board got picked from under them, so Scott Boras called David Chadd and told them about his client Tairk Skubal, saying, "‘Hey, we’ve got Tarik here and we think he’s pretty special, and with our history that goes way back, we’ve had an amazing success rate, frankly. Way above the major league average." And Chadd basically said, good info, I trust you, OK, let's do it. True story. It's worked out so far this time.
  12. Republicans' calculus: Do the right thing and lose their seats and their power. Support Trump against the facts and retain their seats and their power. Hmm, what to do ... what ... tooo ... dooooo ... 🤔
  13. No chance. His lawyers would sooner physically lock him in the Oval Office under armed guard than allow this.
  14. I already assumed that Russia knew more than the impeachment investigators because I've been assuming the whole plot originated in Russia in the first place. Low information people aside, is there really any remaining doubt that Trump is merely a tool, witting or not, that's being used to destroy America's traditional standing in the world?
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