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  1. I agree that if it is just the Israelis, they have better cover to do it. under Trump than they would under Biden. I would also say that the Trump people don’t want Biden to re-enter the nukes treaty with Iran, so they have an interest in this.
  2. If he's Oppenheimer-level, isn't the right play to kidnap him, shower him with money and goods and services, and have him work for you?
  3. How about tweaking Republicans' noses and naming Hunter Biden as Attorney General?
  4. They could exercise their Constitutional rights by holding Zoom services.
  5. Well, we can't achieve herd mentality without spreading the disease around, now can we?
  6. All written records were destroyed during the transition stall.
  7. We never needed Trump to concede. We needed him to cave. We got what we want.
  8. I don’t even care whether Van Langevelde agonized back and forth for days weighing the consequences of either decision on his political future, rather than reflexively doing the right thing immediately in defense of democracy and out of love of country. I care only that he did the right thing in the end.
  9. If we expand the definition of "library" to exclude academic books, papers, and related records, and to include only promotional material, statuary idolatry, and a massive gift shop, then yes, there will be a Trump "library".
  10. Rubio was easy to spot pretty early on.
  11. Seriously, I don’t think he’ll have one.
  12. I really like the six episode max per series (aka season) you chaps seem to have settled on. My wife and I are starting in on BBC's Roadkill tonight. Four episodes, wham, bam, thank you very much, next.
  13. Looks like when it comes to legal marijuana in MAGAland, the police state isn't going to accept it with a fight.
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