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  1. How much you want to bet that the same hack Rockwell-wannabe who painted Jesus giving the Constitution to Trump will now paint a picture of Trump with an adoring hunting dog by his side?
  2. I wonder what the "POS" in "POStrategies" stands for?
  3. The main two hardcore constituencies Trump has are the hard alt-right and the Christian evangelicals. The hard alt-right want to see the current world order destroyed and and humanity descend into chaos because they think they can pick up the pieces and rule. Christian evangelicals want to see the world literally end because Jesus. Both of them give less than a s*** about the economy, democracy, rule of law, global alliances, or American status in the world.
  4. I bet you understand why. It's to minimize or even invalidate the inconvenient discussion at hand.
  5. "Some" is a key word here, because that could entail any number no matter how small, but I gotta believe that "some" number is in the tiny fractions of one percent. I would think what keeps the vast majority of people from committing horrible acts against other people is the desire to live within a peaceful community. I don't buy any theory that hypothesizes "dissolve religion, dissolve into chaos". And those people who visit horribleness on others do so irrespective of what any religion tells them.
  6. Trump wants to keep racism intact because he thrives on chaos. Without chaos, he'd be finished.
  7. In before we start seeing the new line of attack on non-Trumpers by the right wing media: liberals are rooting for conservatives to die of COVID.
  8. July 16 (off-day) Nothing to see here.
  9. I think it's a question of loyalty. Get on board with the right, and they demand loyalty on everything all the way down the line. That includes no bad-mouthing Israel, mainly because it is central to the Jesus end plan. Bad-mouthing Jews? That's something different.
  10. Maybe they can get to to play a Trump backer, or at least a Trump apologist. She does need a job, after all.
  11. The average American? Nope. Sure, and Bari Weiss handed them a good excuse to hammer the point again.
  12. Well, they give a ****. Like G said, inside baseball. Everyone thinks their own industry is more important and interesting than anyone outside thinks it is, and the media leads the league in that thinking. Besides, with all the real news about the stuff you cite all going against Trump lately, state media will glom onto anything they can to agitate the red hats. And this will work, because all it really takes is the agitation, more than the actual subject, and the MSM has become a reliable bogeyman.
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