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  1. Ron Gardenhire is your new Tiger manager

    I’ll take that action straight up for $1,000.
  2. Cabrera's mistress wants more child support

    Even if they go the trust route, I don't believe they should put all the money in there. She should be allowed to raise the kids in a comfortable lifestyle, upper middle class at least. She shouldn't have to raise them in the same impoverished circumstances she lived in when Miggy broke his vows with her. Yes, she too would benefit from that UMC situation, but it's not as though she's some anonymous gold-digging conniver here. She's the mother of two of his children. That should count for something.
  3. Cabrera's mistress wants more child support

    Says in this article that Miggy is very much taking issue with the amount: Miguel Cabrera's mistress gets mansion and $12K a month in child support — and wants more Not for nothing, but from the very headline on down, this article is tilted in favor of Miggy's side to a laughable degree.
  4. Cabrera's mistress wants more child support

    I know a lot of people like the idea of punishing mistresses for bearing children out of wedlock with a married man—I mean, golddigger, right? What about the wife, right? I think this kind of thinking lets the man off the hook too easy, though. He is the one who impregnated her, after all, so he had at least a 50% hand in all this, and he is the man of means. Why should the children, who are literally as much his children as any of the children he has with his wife, be punished for it by having to adopt the living-paycheck-to-paycheck lifestyle of the mother? Why shouldn't they be entitled to the same lifestyle as the three other children, or at the very least something that gets them half or most of the way there? The kids came out of the same man, after all. It's not the kids' fault they came out of a different lady. I know, $12,000 a month is pretty good money. That's $144,000 a year. But Cabrera makes $28 million a year, so the support for those two other children is only about one half of one percent of his salary. How is that fair or just for the children? Regardless of whom Miggy fathered the children with, why shouldn't those kids share in the same good fortune of having a wealthy daddy as the children he fathered with his wife? Child support of $100,000/month for two children coming from a man making over $2 million is month seems to me to be more than just fair to him. If that's the number she came up with, he should take that deal and run. For one thing, it will get the story out of the news cycle, because every day it stays in cycle hurts Miggy and the team. But more to the point, $100,000/month won't make any substantial dent in his lifestyle, and it will provide Miggy's two other kids the kind of situation they should be entitled to for being the children of a super wealthy man. Get it done, Miggy, and get this story off my Tigers feed already.
  5. Ron Gardenhire is your new Tiger manager

    That’s fine as far as Gardy (OK, I’m gonna run with this) is concerned, because anything he does with analytics is considered a win since the bar is so low for him—i.e., zero. But is that good for the organization? To have a guy on record against math showing he can understand how OBP helps in selecting top of the order hitters? Wouldn’t we rather have someone who’s comfortable working with the analytics team and using their output to help win games on the field, even if winning games now means nothing to our chances for October? I mean, I get that our next few years are going to be painful and I understand why some here say this managerial hire doesn’t matter at this point in time, but this isn’t all a big brouhaha over nothing. If the Tigers are serious, really serious, about making strides in analytics, then they need a manager who will buy in on it and facilitate its adoption at the diamond level, not someone who will be an obstacle frustrating progress on that front. Is Gardy going to be that guy? That would be completely out of character with his prior experience, but now it’s up to him to show us.
  6. Self Driving Cars

  7. Ron Gardenhire is your new Tiger manager

    That’s demonstrably untrue. I love avocados.
  8. Self Driving Cars

    Imagine if terrorists could figure out how to hack self driving cars so they can run them into crowds without sacrificing the driver’s life. Impossible?
  9. Ron Gardenhire is your new Tiger manager

    It’s kind of a weird article. First off, first thing Gardy (can I call him that now? Too soon?) does is run into the analytics department and say, “I love you guys”? Weird thing to say, as though he’s overcompensating for his documented opposition to analytics. And then to say something boiling down to, aw, shucks, I’m just an old school guy, what do I know from numbers, I guess every old dog’s gotta learn a new trick sometimes? It just strikes me as an oddly defensive reaction to the inevitable analytics topic. I will say I am encouraged a little by his sharing his exposure to analytics in Arizona, even if lack of specificity in his comments makes me wonder how much he really was involved, and even how much he bought into it. This could be an honest statement about him embracing the math, or it could be a case of telling the media what he thinks they want to hear so we can all shut up about this analytics crap already. Bottom line for me is, I will believe Ron Gardenhire buys into analytics when I see or hear about him applying it on the ground. Everything he says about it before he does anything with it is merely lip service. I could also say the same thing for the organization as a whole. Show and prove—then I’ll believe.
  10. Ron Gardenhire is your new Tiger manager

    Everyone has different priorities.
  11. Ron Gardenhire is your new Tiger manager

    You’re more optimistic than I am. The Tigers have been scraping along the bottom on the analytics front for awhile. ESPN identified the Tigers as one of six “analytics-skeptical” organizations, putting them in the bottom eight of Baseball. That was more than 2-1/2 years ago. Maybe they’ve been building the Caesar system we've been reading about—who knows to just what degree of completion—but we do know from Ausmus’s comments that they don’t use data from that system at the field level. So the idea that our investment in and application of analytics will lift us up into the middle of the pack strikes me as very optimistic. Of course you’re right that we’re not insiders, so we don’t have intimate knowledge of exactly what they have in hand now, or where they are in the process. But we are privy to stories about their efforts, the timeline of those stories, and comments being made along the way. When I add those all up and read between the lines, it seems clear to me that the Tigers are practically nowhere with their analytics investment, that they’re losing ground on the analytics arms race with each passing day, and that they are in fact doubling down on eyeball scouts at the same time other teams a re shifting resources to data science. So, I would conclude that once they decide they’ve finally finished their Caesar, they’ll still be in the bottom eight of Baseball.
  12. Ron Gardenhire is your new Tiger manager

    Good post. Your best point is that it’s not only about the data, it’s also about how you use it. That’s absolutely true, and the best organizations know how to do that. The flip side is that it creates another point of failure for an old organization trying to learn a new trick. We have a front office steeped in a pre-analytics mindset trying to do a 180 from flipping prospects for veterans to win now to double dumping strategy: dumping veterans for salary relief, and dumping games for draft position. At least they got that last one down. Given the height of the order and the apparent dearth of progress on the analytics front, I’m skeptical. I mean, really: how far behind does a team have to be where they work on the thing for more than two seasons without getting a shred of actionable data into play? That’s nuts, man. And the thing to remember is that the last two seasons we lost means the industry also got smarter by two years. And we haven’t even been in it? Yikes.
  13. Ron Gardenhire is your new Tiger manager

    While the Astros were running onto the field, reporter Tom Verducci talked about how the Astros used a high speed camera to pinpoint a flaw in Verlander’s delivery. He made a point of saying the Tigers don’t have that. This is the kind of eight-ball we’re behind.
  14. The Presidency of Donald J. Trump

    That's right, and their bleeding-heart smellfare program.
  15. Ron Gardenhire is your new Tiger manager

    I'm not going to get pigeon-holed into saying the Tigers are lying, because for them to lie, that would mean they know that they aren't now, not will they ever, take analytics seriously while they try to mislead us into thinking they are. However, I do think the Tigers can believe they're taking analytics seriously while they are really not, though. They might think they're investing sufficient money and intellectual resources into analytics, while at the same time the investment is woefully inadequate. The Tigers might also believe they are taking the "smart" approach to analytics by also emphasizing the scouting aspect as analytics's "big brother" in the process (i.e., scouting first, analytics only as support) while, in their estimation, other organizations are completely kicking scouting to the curb. I don't think these two concepts—that (1) the Tigers believe they are "in" on analytics, while (2) at the same time they are not nearly as "in" on them as they should be—are mutually exclusive concepts.