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  1. Hot Tigers Roll Over Twins, 5-3
  2. One of my brothers shared with me his fear that armed Trump supporters would terrorize voting sites in Democratic-heavy areas in the 2018 mid-terms. I nodded and internally dismissed it as Alarmist Non-sense. That said, it is 2020, Trump is actually running in this one, the rule of law people are an existential threat to them, so who knows what's gonna happen in the next 45 days.
  3. It might be a long shot, but is there any other possible way? I assume she's not in the race for academic purposes, being resigned to lose no matter what, so if there's any way she can imagine getting a W, unabashedly going after the full tilt boogie red hat vote might be her only ticket.
  4. Yes, I'm sure she is not going to lose all the Democrats who wouldn't vote for her anyway, because they are not voting for her anyway, so there's no votes for her to lose on this. I was going for creative turn of phrase on this one. That said, are you implying Collins will lose Democratic party voters if she supports railroading Mitch's nominee through? Are there a lot of Democratic Party voters who would vote for Collins over Gideon? I would think that number is negligible, if not actually zero. So I don't envision her losing any Democratic voters because of that. They're already lost, are they not?
  5. I know I’m a little late on Collins, but I'm thinking her siding with McConnell to ram a justice through might be her only way to win. Everyone is right that before this, she was a dead woman walking. Now that the world has changed yet again, her choices are to support a quick vote for Trump’s nominee, or don’t. If she doesn’t support the quick vote, she may lose whatever red hat vote she might have otherwise gotten, and Democratic voters are already not going to vote for her because she’s a Trump quisling. She probably loses if she doesn't support it. If she does support the quick vote, it's not as though she will lose all the Democrats who wouldn’t vote for her already, but she might pick up enough incremental red hat votes to put her over the top. She may pick up red hats who wouldn’t have voted for her because she’s hadn’t been Trumpy enough. Supporting the quick vote might solidify her red hat bona fides, if only temporarily enough for the election. Seems pretty clear which route she should take. Far as I can tell, supporting a quick vote is her only chance to win.
  6. We should have known that when the sons of Gingrich constantly railed against legislating from the bench, that was always what they themselves intended to do.
  7. I would think that if Lindsey were revealed as gay, it would be one of the worst kept secrets in DC history. I would think his being outed is already baked into the equation, so whatever the dirt is, wouldn’t it likely be far worse than simply he’s gay?
  8. I don’t think McConnell mentioned anything about November.
  9. So ... she’ll vote for one during a lame duck session?
  10. Tigers Roll Twins, Move 1/2 Game Out of Playoff Spot
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