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  1. The difference being that this time, the distinction between them is way, way more pronounced.
  2. Here's a great quote in this morning Politico Playbook, apparently from an article in the Times: "[Chris] Wallace joked about the president's tendency to compare him unfavorably to his father, the "60 Minutes" legend Mike Wallace, who died in 2012. 'He often likes to say about me, 'You know, I was covered by Mike Wallace, I liked him much more,'' Mr. Wallace told the advertisers. 'To which my reaction is always: One of us has a daddy problem, and it's not me.'" NYT
  3. Maybe she's simply not good at it. That happens. Putin will just have to find someone else who is.
  4. Did you see the White House press secretary's tweet in response to this? To which I can answer only, "The helll he hasn't, and the helll he does."
  5. Something we all knew anyway, but this is articulated well. BTW, anyone who thought Trump would "grow in office" wasn't paying attention to anything the guy had been doing for decades before the campaign. It was never only about his bad widdle boy persona at rallies, yet apparently some willfully ignorant right-leaning politicos hoped it was.
  6. It receives too little light because shining any light on it would force a discussion about the role of the gun in our society, and that would be a bridge too far for the 2A crowd. Much more preferable that rando persons be allowed to walk around legally armed so they can be their own vigilante and, I don't know, "take out the trash" or something like that. That's liberty, baby. I wonder how many shootings in this country involve a conceal carry guy who overreacts to the situation in front of him? Certainly hundreds, and I might put a sawbuck on "thousands".
  7. Correct. Definitely not. That's how we make our money in the world.
  8. It's clear that Trump pulled out of Syria as a favor to both Turkey, where he wants to maintain his business interests, and Russia, who have been his general benefactors for decades.
  9. I wonder what Joel Zumaya's money situation is? Piecing together some sources it looks like he made about $4.6 million in major league salaries, plus whatever he would have gotten as an 11th rounder in 2002 (probably not more than low to mid five figures), minor leagues (almost nothing), and whatever endorsement deals he might have gotten both locally and with the Guitar Hero people. So, maybe around $5 million total? Of which he probably kept around 60% of it, so $3 million in the bank. If he was smart with his money he might still have a good deal of it left. I hope he's got some good work going now. Maybe he said as much in his great interview on 97.1, but the News article about it doesn't say.
  10. The screw up always happens because it’s a direct product of our unique culture.
  11. I’m not sure what other kind of police a gun-happy vigilante-loving society would produce.
  12. I will take the traditional "Deep State" over the Trump "Derp State" ten times out of ten.
  13. I wasn’t trying to say that current ownership’s endeavor in District Detroit has anything to do with the Tigers’ performance, and I don’t think I did. And I can’t say with any certainty whether any particular new ownership coming in would put a consistent winner on the field. But I know what we can expect from current ownership, and it’s enough to lead me to wish for new ownership.
  14. I believe ownership is the most important factor in determining whether a team is a perennial winner or perennial loser. Ownership shapes the philosophy of the organization through their front office hires. I don’t believe that there is a random correlation between what the ownership’s philosophy is and what the front office’s philosophy is. I’m not going to do the study to prove whether there is or is not a correlation, but I will hang my hat on this idea unless I see on my own, or someone shows me, reliable evidence to the contrary, because it just makes so much sense that ownership is the main driver behind the long term fortunes of a team.
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