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  1. I think the early money has to be on Biden and Harris, with Bernie a dark horse.
  2. If Beto is a top six, then maybe the field is practically smaller than I thought, because I haven’t heard boo about him for months.
  3. I fear you're right, but then again, November 2020 is light years away in the current political climate, so who knows by then.
  4. I'll start: I don't know who I want to be president yet. I know I stumped for Elizabeth Warren eight years ago, but that was before the presidency was a twinkle in her eye. (Or maybe it was, I don't know.) I still like where she is coming from on things, and that she has a plan in mind to get there, but I just wonder what the level of cooperation would be if she actually won, even in her own party. Plus, there are way too many D candidates right now. I know some of the current crop don't stand a snowball's chance, but I'm not sure in practical terms, of those who remain, I'd want to throw my support behind yet. Gun to head, probably Pocahontas still.
  5. The debate tonight is the first official election event, basically kicking off the 2020 presidential race, so this thread has been created to focus discussion on it here.
  6. Many people blue eyes that declaring war on Iran would be an immediate loser for Trump. I don’t think that’s the case. I think war with Iran is an eventual loser for Trump, but it’s a immediate win for Trump because there’s always that honeymoon stage in which the administration and military predict lightning quick victory with minimal or no US casualties, and everybody falls in love with that idea. Plus, the Democrats come under intense pressure to support the troops after a declaration of war, so in the beginning they won’t be able to oppose the move without looking downright unAmerican. So I think the Trump campaign times the announcement of war on Iran so that the election falls squarely within the honeymoon period, which may end up being the October surprise next year.
  7. Is Reyes is so much better than Castellanos that we should DFA Nick to get Reyes playing time?
  8. I was looking at that same thing as was going to post it in the Castellanos thread. If Nick were a mental case who was hitting right now, I'd be a lot more optimistic about moving him.
  9. Perhaps. What am I bid for a 27-year-old minor league lifer who can't talk a walk and has earned a -0.5 lifetime WAR in just under 400 plate trips?
  10. This is a 100% analog to the statement, "This front office is incompetent."
  11. We should, and in principle we do. But when the rubber meets the road, it all comes down to whose ox is being gored, and when we're talking about the egalitarianism you refer to, that ox belongs to white people. That's why blood and soil resonates with too many of them.
  12. That's because capitalists don't regard labor as people. They regard labor as tools.
  13. Because sure, why not? If we're really serious about "overtanking" the Orioles, Marlins, Royals and Blue Jays for that top pick next year, let's get on with it.
  14. I don't agree with the "position be ignored" strategy. We are lousy with eventual third basemen and DHs in this organization. It's in part why our position players future looks so bleak, and I'm not sure I trust this administration to flip all these 3Bs and DHs for the positions we will actually need when they determine it's time.
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