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  1. I always thought it stood for "Gay" Gay as in happy, You know Happy Packers.
  2. This is why the Lions need cheerleaders. Something to keep them occupied while there is nothing going on or when we're losing.
  3. Blog Me Granderson What Im still here Inge Credit Card Carbrera Say A, Seay Bronco Polanco Who Sez, Ordonez It's TIMS, not Thames Colonel Verlander Major Minor
  4. I am listening to FreeBird by Lynard Skynard which a little over 11 mins over and over again. When it's over I check the draft board to see who the next team picked.
  5. This pothole repair has been brought to you by KFC.
  6. Is it me or does Detroit have an obsession with the letter M?
  7. I think everyone has or knows our playbook. 41-7 Niners
  8. 0-162. That means i missed the whole season.
  9. If you know who was playing the White Sox during the Disco Inferno and what it was all about.
  10. How about Shane Halter Playing all nine positions?
  11. You bought a Higginson Jersey and still wear it.
  12. It's more like the front office is saying something like this. We have a guy on our team Neifi? Why doesn't anyone inform me of this stuff?
  13. reprap

    84 vs 07

    I was around for 84. I just forgot his first name. And I haven't been around when he was coaching for Detroit either. All I have to follow Baseball is the internet.
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