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  1. it's amazing how many hoops you'll jump through just to be a hypocrite, it would probably be way easier to just admit you're cool with it if your side does it chief.
  2. So now Stan is literally using a logical fallacy to get us to ******* Rush?
  3. no one cares about fact vs opinion in the c suite chief
  4. You should pledge to vote for a candidate who knows the difference between "would" and "wouldn't".
  5. Presidents can declare a state of emergency and do whatever they want.
  6. Stan can be "edgy" fellaz like maybe his vcr won't blink 12:00 later today edgy
  7. Wouldn't Grisham be a better fit for the Judge Jeanine box of wine hour on Saturday nights?
  8. and Obama's ***** that wouldn't go away after 4 hours of watching on repeat
  9. That's not nearly enough bankruptcies to impress you chief
  10. I'm just not sure Nick Mulvany was ever attached to reality in order to return. But you're right, you never know.....
  11. the testimony will just sound like Charlie Brown's teacher b/c his head is so far up dump's ***
  12. It takes a lot of deficit spending to have 2.3% GDP growth.
  13. For sure. That money is meant for housekeeping at Trump hotels that no one stayed in.
  14. Bloomberg is creeping up in national polls too. Here's what I'm seeing on RCP right now:
  15. hooker urine is notoriously difficult to clean, everyone knows that
  16. he also got a lot less votes than his opponent, that tends to hurt a campaign unless it's a republican in the electoral college
  17. dude was here 2 days ago requiring a message board poster to say nice things about a dude with stage 4 cancer, but only requires himself to be nice to someone with stage 4 cancer if they're getting the medal of freedom at the sotu
  18. The constitution literally says the house has sole power to impeach, and we got Trumper here arguing the house doesn't matter in impeachment. What a ******* vortex of ignorance.
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