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  1. what if you back into the wrong lane at the Costco gas station?
  2. It's a close race, he could use all the help you can give! 🤣🤣
  3. Remember that one time Stan spent Valentines Day evening looking for my & Tiger337's message board posts on Michael Avenatti? That was hilarious.
  4. I'm not the originator of it here, that's Chas I believe, but I totally don't think he's going to debate. He's laying the groundwork for it already, which is that the evil media moderators aren't fair.
  5. Avenatti has prolly still reunited more families than Trump has, and it was trump that separated them.
  6. shut it down, the fight just got ended.
  7. It's hilarious that Stan comes here and defends a known extortionist relentlessly and also gets bent that others here used to like a dude before they knew he committed extortion. Also nice to know my posts on a message board are c suite material.
  8. 25m fraud settlement not allowed to run a charity ffs
  9. That thought crossed my mind too. Seems pretty dumb.
  10. No I literally don't give a **** chief. I'm hardly compelled to care about your terrible reading skills.
  11. Dude I'm giving your poor reading skills no time. That's probably the worst possible use of my time chief
  12. You didn't read the words chief. Not my problem.
  13. Washington (CNN)The Department of Justice is dropping its criminal investigation of former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe without bringing charges, it announced on Friday.
  14. jUsT wAit FoR HoRoWiTz and dUrHaM. PAtIenCE mILLeniAL
  15. If we were in a reality beholden to facts, I'd agree.... but alas, we are not.
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