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  1. Avenatti has prolly still reunited more families than Trump has, and it was trump that separated them.
  2. shut it down, the fight just got ended.
  3. It's hilarious that Stan comes here and defends a known extortionist relentlessly and also gets bent that others here used to like a dude before they knew he committed extortion. Also nice to know my posts on a message board are c suite material.
  4. 25m fraud settlement not allowed to run a charity ffs
  5. That thought crossed my mind too. Seems pretty dumb.
  6. No I literally don't give a **** chief. I'm hardly compelled to care about your terrible reading skills.
  7. Dude I'm giving your poor reading skills no time. That's probably the worst possible use of my time chief
  8. You didn't read the words chief. Not my problem.
  9. Washington (CNN)The Department of Justice is dropping its criminal investigation of former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe without bringing charges, it announced on Friday.
  10. jUsT wAit FoR HoRoWiTz and dUrHaM. PAtIenCE mILLeniAL
  11. If we were in a reality beholden to facts, I'd agree.... but alas, we are not.
  12. I think political realities will probably tank even a public option/incremental approach too. I mean, short of declaring a state of emergency and just doing it (which I think the next democratic president should do), it will never happen in the Senate, even if the Democrats take back the Senate.
  13. yeah man I thought exactly that when I typed perfect in quotes.
  14. I think we need to be where Bernie is trying to take us, but I'm OK with getting there incrementally. I did a study on smoking cessation a decade or so back, and while doing lit review, I read an interesting line that has always stuck with me, which I think applies here. I need to paraphrase it, but it was something like: in issues of morality, even seemingly insignificant improvements are huge. I think while it's not "perfect", many lives will still be saved and helped from an incremental approach. But, don't get me wrong, I think we need to go where Bernie is talking about.... just think there are multiple ways to get there.
  15. I think the whole jury thing is hilarious, personally. Do people making this argument realize that Stone basically didn't defend himself in court? https://www.politico.com/news/2019/11/13/roger-stone-trial-trump-070836 Living in a fact-free society is really tiresome.
  16. Yeah I agree. I think it's a totally legit/fair argument that these culinary workers may really like their health care & don't want to lose it. It's very possible that it's better coverage than Medicare, and possibly even better than the more benefit-rich Medicare Bernie is proposing. Broader inequality of access issues aside....
  17. I'm talking specifically about the flare up w/ the culinary union in Nevada.
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