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  1. But there are job openings at the top 10, and they never get rookie coaches. Why is that? Edited to add: If they do get a rookie coach, they don't win the title. Why is that?
  2. I would hate to see Lake Michigan polluted like that though.
  3. There's probably a reason they aren't taking over championship teams... hmmm.... and the reason isn't because there aren't openings at championship caliber teams.
  4. "A reason he would struggle" is much different than "the best coach available" I think acquiring a coach becuase you can't think of a reason why he would fail is a bad approach. I'd like to think that they'd be going after a coach because they know reasons why he would win.
  5. OK, I see what you were meaning now. What I thought was that you were saying he's "moderate on spending" as in doesn't spend much. thanks for the clarification.
  6. Would you mind elaborating? Not so I can argue, but I'd like to learn more about the nominee. thanks in advance.
  7. I don't know if you are questioning Labatt, but I am 100% sure I saw them pedalling that on Sunday. They might not sell Kowalskis there, but I know they have that promo there.
  8. Or he's not as politically powerful as he once was. Considering he said his model judges he'd nominate were Scalia and Thomas, this is appears to be a departure from Scalia and Thomas. It's also unfair to say the left doesn't notice his moderate-ness in nominations when he says Scalia and Thomas are his models.
  9. It is the best they can hope for. I think they are going to be ecstatic, but not show it. From what I can tell, she seems to be much more moderate than what people on the left were expecting.
  10. Where's the credit for going to the WC Finals in 2004 then? That right there makes me think he is a disproven loser.
  11. Yup. Exactly. Its probably the reason he got his name in the mix in NY as well, with Isiah being the GM. Laimbeer = Piston's Assistant Coach, with the prospect that he would be HC at some point in the future.
  12. THat's damn nasty... More from the NYTimes on Clement: "Known as a conservative and a strict constructionist in legal circles, Clement also has eased fears among abortion-rights advocates. She has stated that the Supreme Court ''has clearly held that the right to privacy guaranteed by the Constitution includes the right to have an abortion'' and that ''the law is settled in that regard.''
  13. I don't even think its a responsibility - She has no choice but to follow the SC, right?
  14. They shouldn't fillibuster her. If they don't know what they are going to get, then they shouldn't fillibuster. From the minimal stuff I've read so far, I think the Democrats are going to be fine with the selection. Which is going to anger the hell out of the right.
  15. apparently she was confirmed 99-0 in her confirmation for the most recent justiceship she has had. I've been trying to find the scoop on her, but haven't been able to find much besides that she has not dealt with abortion: she has not dealt, in her opinions, with the hot-button issues of abortion and gay rights; and she has stirred no controversies in her writings or in her speeches off the bench. She did say she wouldn't reverse Roe?
  16. Don't they have those? I know they have the Kowalski Kowality Row, where they give a whole row a dog for free...
  17. To me, "proven loser" is a little harsh - his 2004 season would disprove the "proven loser" characterization. Once again, not excited about it, but think its a better idea than Laimbeer.
  18. Appears he has selected someone... rumor is Edith Clement.
  19. Right, but Ohio encourages marriage between siblings. (sorry, had to slam Ohio... can't turn down the opportunity )
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