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  1. I think it's easier for the losing team to reconcile if they feel they legitimately lost based on the will of the voters, and I think it's a pretty strong case that if the pluarlity winner doesn't get the nom, that's not a legitimate loss. I definitely have big problems with the whole super delegate thing - I have since 2008 when I first learned about them.
  2. Well.... I'm honestly not certain either way and think that's a good question. I'll say since the overall goal here is to win the Presidency, I'll go with who polls best against Trump, but I also think that if someone is nominated who isn't the plurality winner, that could impact their polling & possibility to win against Trump, so I think it's more complicated than an either/or. Practically speaking, I'm pretty skeptical about making decisions based on polling in July for November. What polls are we talking about? And, it's not like a contested convention is an analysis of polls and the analysis determines who to nominate.... it's a vote by party establishment, which may or may not select the person polling the best.
  3. There's no runoff election for the Democratic nomination.
  4. I think this is probably right too, but I think your second situation will also alienate a lot of people we need in the general as well.
  5. If the other candidates all have less than 30%, they have more even people who didn't vote for them than Sanders does.
  6. Sounds like Collins declined the offer for DNI. I bet the next potential nominee will be even worse and that's saying something.
  7. I think your reasoning is good, but overall, if we go to a contested convention and wind up with a candidate who isn't who the voters chose, I think we'll be in big big trouble.
  8. You're asking the wrong person dude, I am definitely not a defender of the concept of a contested convention. I'm actually the opposite. I don't understand your second paragraph - are you saying giving it to the person with the most delegates wouldn't pave the way, or that giving it to the person without the most delegates wouldn't pave the way?
  9. Hillary was also pretty nice to him in 2016 b/c she was very worried about strongly alienating his voters for the general.
  10. This I agree with. I don't think people are considering just how nice other Democrats have actually been to Bernie....
  11. I think he was wrong in 2016. I don't agree with your premise because if instead of giving the nomination to A, we give it to candidate C, for instance, then 1500>400. If we give it to B, then 1200 > 700.
  12. I'd go a step further, if he gets the most delegates, he should be the nominee, even if it's not over the threshold. I think it would be a complete disaster if the will of the voters was thwarted.
  13. I mean I'd totally dig that, but I hope we win the general after it happens.
  14. Trump and his allies call America not great literally every single day
  15. I don't think most lean left here. I think most lean against Trump.
  16. I think I will go back and watch it, I'm a big fan of hers.
  17. I didn't watch it, so I can't comment like you guys can, but I am seeing a lot of talk on twitter similar to what DC said, which was that Warren didn't only win that debate, it was a best ever seen in any debate kinda performance.
  18. He also violated the emoluments clause when he signed a deal with Netflix after his presidency
  19. I hear yah man, the fact that they aren't already doing this IMO is total political malpractice. I've been tooting this horn for months.
  20. Gotcha, I think what you're saying is logical, but I think he will be able to spin it as he's attacking the media. I definitely have no faith whatsoever that his base would say it's weak.
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