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  1. "Trump and his capitalism" I can't believe Twitter is free sometimes
  2. Trump confused "would" and "wouldn't".
  3. Yeah this is what I was tryna say but in better prose
  4. Ed was such a bad *** working class hero, miss him.
  5. I gotta agree bro. This is a classic case of the Democrats trying to win an argument at the expense of winning an election.
  6. Just noticed that's big Ed in the video. He died in 2018 RIP
  7. gotcha sorry. I only watched a few times when the had Big Ed on their station (RIP) That said.... I think it's a bit more tolerable if that video is from 2016 rather than 2020. I think it's intolerable if it's being passed around as if it's from 2020 when it's from 2016.
  8. Old enough to remember when Presidents couldn't have czars, but I'm beginning to think it's that black Presidents can't have czars, but it's cool if Russian Agent Presidents have czars https://abcnews.go.com/Politics/number-role-obamas-policy-czars-spark-debate/story?id=8707503
  9. I saw that this clip is > 4 years old.
  10. You seem to be suggesting that the concern over corruption in Ukraine isn't in good faith.
  11. Yes - that's a crucial distinction. We're basically talking about nationalizing the payers, not health care providers. Medicare currently runs 0 hospitals.
  12. I would argue that not only is there no disincentive, there's incentive b/c of potential legal proceedings.
  13. I haven't had time to read the article yet, but I'm in the belly of this very beast and presumably should be concerned for my job..... I'm not sure if the article mentions this, but huge portions of both Medicare and Medicaid are administered by private insurance companies currently.... at minumum, I think it's fair to assume that all of this will still need to be administered and people need to do that. I don't work at an insurance company, but a company that contracts with them often, and I personally have jumped from federal government to state government to commercial within my company. In my line of work, the skillz are transferable.
  14. I'm struggling with what's not to like in that agenda. But then again, I'm still pissed we don't have taco trucks on every corner.
  15. yep I agree, something is going on there
  16. Similarly, all of the conservative justices should recuse themselves from ruling on Obamacare b/c they didn't support Obama.
  17. If we have a Democratic president, the best Mitch can hope for is blocking the nomination for the entire presidency. Your plan literally gives him that, in an apparent attempt to shame the unshameable into some other course of action. I'm not sure why that's a good idea if you actually want the Democratic president to get an appointment through, but I do realize I'm speaking to the person who has said he was glad McConnell did what he did to Garland. Mitch has no shame. He's already said he would put someone through to SCOTUS in this presidential election year, and then he ******* laughed in all of our faces about his obvious hypocrisy. Yeah, I'm not feeling like urinating into that wind.
  18. If you want the government to not interfere in markets, why do you support Trump?
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